Baseball null null null NEW YORK — CC Sabathia was just being CC Sabathia on Monday night.That was the explanation the veteran pitcher provided when asked whether he said something to Josh Reddick after the Houston outfielder slammed his helmet down in disgust after making out to end the sixth inning during the Yankees’ 8-1 win in Game 3. Sabathia appeared unappreciative of the gesture. Prone to NSFW trash talking from time to time, the left-hander shouted a mouthful in what looked to be Reddick’s direction.   “That was just me being me, man,” Sabathia said after the game, amused by the observation. Really, though, Game 3 of the ALCS was about Sabathia being himself — his old self — on the mound. He doesn’t throw in the high 90s anymore and it’s been years since he’s gone the distance, but Monday night was as vintage as it gets for the 37-year-old.With New York down 2-0 in the series and in desperate need of a win at home, Sabathia blanked baseball’s most lethal lineup. He went six strong, allowing three hits while striking out five. He issued four walks, but Sabathia gave the Yankees everything he had, hurling 99 pitches — just short of his se[......]