Baseball Baseball will be here soon, even though right now it feels like we'll never see baseball again.The long, cold, heartless, baseball-less winter is almost over, and the glorious sights and sounds of spring are slowly on their way to your eyes and ears, ready to fill your heart with warmth after the hot stove again failed to register on any thermometer. MORE: Spring training reporting dates for 30 teamsThe first exhibition games are about three weeks away. Sure, we'll get bored with them quickly — like we always do — but they'll also be the greatest reminder yet that baseball will be with us every day for a long time. And that's a great thing. Speaking of great things, there are lots of reasons to think baseball will be great in 2019. Here are 19 of them, none of which have anything to do with the DH possibly coming to the National League (which would be great):1. We’ll get to see real games earlier than ever. The regular-season officially starts on March 20 — the earliest start in history — when the A’s and Mariners begin a two-game series at the Tokyo Dome in Japan. You'll have to wake up super early to watch the games live (first pitch is scheduled for 4:30 a.m. ET), but baseball-starved fans are known to embrace extreme measures. Meanwhile, Opening Day for the rest of comes March 28, also the earliest mass Opening Day in history. The takeaway: Not having to wait as long as usual for Opening Day = gr[......]