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Posted by Rasdhoo Dive Club on 07/13/2018

Excursions Rasdhoo Dive Club



Try Scuba Diving

Our professional team will guide you through your first steps underwater and ensure that you have an excellent first diving experience. The entry-level course is Try Scuba Diving for Non Certified Divers. It lasts just two hours, but you will discover the amazing appeal and wonder of scuba diving – the feeling of weightlessness, breathing underwater, and swimming with (and like) the fish!

Scuba Diver Course

For students who don’t have time or aren’t ready to complete a full Open Water course, this is an entry-level course, which certifies you to dive with a PADI/SSI professional to a maximum of 12m. This course can be done in as little as two days. It covers half the theory of the Open Water course as well as half of the confined and open water skills. This course is perfect for guests who want to get a certification so that on the next holiday they do not have to start as a total beginner again. This qualification is valid as a stand-alone certification without any time restriction and of course the possibility exists to upgrade in two days to the Open Water Diver.

Open Water Course

For people who want to get certified to dive anywhere in the world, to a maximum depth of 18m. The course takes three to four days and includes dive theory and a theory exam, as well as the in-water lessons. The course begins in very shallow water to get you comfortable with the basic skills, before moving into progressively deeper water where you practice the skills and learn to dive independently as part of a buddy-team.

During your course, you will have a great opportunity to see turtles, rays, sharks, morays and numerous other reef fish.

Advanced Open Water Course

For divers who want to go beyond 18m and build their diving skills and knowledge, the advanced course is a mostly practical course with a small theory component and knowledge reviews, but no final exam. The course consists of five dives. A deep dive and a navigation dive are mandatory. The three other dives can be chosen depending on your interest, from learning greater buoyancy control, diving from a boat, drift diving, night diving, wreck diving, fish identification… Each of these dives is the first dive from that specialty course and can be counted towards achieving the specialty certification at your instructor’s discretion.

Specialty Courses

Please contact us for information.

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