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Posted 03/01/2017 in Category 1

Visiting the Maldives on a Budget

Visiting the Maldives on a Budget

Travelling to the Maldives is a magical experience, whether it is your first time or not.

The sheer beauty of this country never ceases to amaze me every time I return.

The Maldives was once only known for the rich and famous. Now there is affordable travel for everyone. With 1,200 island in the Maldives, there are only 200 that are inhabited; and guest houses are in abundance on the local islands. If you want to experience the local culture and pure beauty of this country, this is the best way to visit the Maldives.

For our family we all like different things when travelling so choosing a holiday that suits everyone can sometimes be tough. However the Maldives offers this. My daughter who is 9 loves being in the water, so every day she was swimming down the local beach especially set up for non Islamic tourists to enjoy. My partner loved just to relax in or out of the sun. It was after all averaging 30 degrees each day with 70% humidity and being from Ireland where we are severely vitamin D deficient that was tough to get used to! For me and my daughter we loved the snorkelling organised by our hosts at Thoddoo Guest house. Iku from the guest house would take us there each day and show us around the coral near to the beach. With my daughter being new to all this I wanted her to stay in her comfort zone until she was ready to explore more.  As a family we loved the boat trips and the cycling around the island to explore. A boat trip to picnic island was like heaven on earth. It's like the pictures that you see online and assume they are photo shopped. Well let me tell you, they aren't!

picnic island

Travelling to the Maldives staying in the local guest houses is the most affordable way to travel and still be able to enjoy pure bliss of a tropical island. The standards we have experienced so far in the guest houses have been top rated.

So what are you waiting for? Take a look at the guest houses offering amazing deals just for you to visit.

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