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Posted 05/02/2017 in Maldives blogs

Swim Like a Fish in the Maldives

Swim Like a Fish in the Maldives

Swim Like a Fish in the Maldives

With an economy based on tourism, the Maldives have found that the conservation of its natural beauty is key to maintaining its attraction to visitors.

Saved from the geological changes brought about by the ice age by it equatorial location, the Maldives has maintained a diversity of wildlife that is unmatched by most places in the world.

The rare polytonal mix of sea-creatures and coral is both extraordinary and precious, so efforts to protect it are a priority for the government of the Maldives.

As a tourist you will find many opportunities for guided swims, hosted by professional divers, in the Maldives. They take you under the startling blue ocean, and in amongst the wondrous coral and the creatures who call it home.

The Ocean’s Eclectic Wonders

Hidden beneath extraordinary undersea cliffs, the diversity of wildlife here boggles even the most knowledgeable of marine biologists.

Want to swim with a pod of dolphins? You might just find yourself on the same current. Think turtles move slow? Just watch them scoot past. Though you might come face to face with the Blotcheye Soldierfish. And then there’s the shoals of Lemon Meringue Wrasse and Golden Rimmed Tang.

Become Friendly With Sharks

What the Maldives is really famous for are its visiting sharks. There are a wide variety of these ancient creatures in the waters around the Maldives. Whitetip, hammerhead, and tiger sharks are some of the most common.

On a professionally led diving trip there will be no danger from these sharks; the ones that come close to the coral are no threat to human swimmers.  

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