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Posted 03/31/2017 in Maldives blogs

Should Katie Price Face Charges For Going Topless in the Maldives?

Should Katie Price Face Charges For Going Topless in the Maldives?

“Katie Price ‘facing police investigation’ for going topless in the Maldives where nudism isn’t allowed”

Hitting the media at great speed is the news that Katie Price could face charges for going topless in the Maldives.

So as a dedicated site for guest houses in the Maldives, we decided we need to clear a few things up for people wishing to travel there.


3 Facts/Myths of the Maldives

Fact or Myth?

The Maldives is known as one of the most gorgeous places on earth

FACT - The Maldives is one of the most beautiful places on earth with about 1,200 islands this paradise in the Indian Ocean is a dream for any traveller.

Fact or Myth?

The Maldives is only for the rich and famous

NOW A MYTH - The Maldives used to be only available for those who had a generous bank account. Boasting beautiful, luxury, private resorts on private islands once upon a time tourists were only allowed to visit the Maldives if they booked on to one of these private islands, often costing $10,000’s. Since then the Maldivian government made some changes to the laws allowing local islands (with guest houses and hostels) to open their doors to the public; allowing tourists to experience local life with the local people. Now it has become far more cost effective for people to visit the Maldives with guest houses costing as little as $50 per night B&B for 2 people! Amazing value and superb hospitality.

Fact or Myth?

You can drink and wear your bikini anywhere in the Maldives (a total myth)

MYTH - As for having your frozen cocktails on the beach on these local islands, this is not possible. The Maldivian local islands have a strict no alcohol zone. They also do not allow women to strip off to go to the beach due to it being an Islamic country. But the locals were very clear to us when we visited that they refer to themselves as an Islamic country where the women are not forced to cover up, but they choose this due to many factors including their religion, respect of their family and also just good fashion sense! As for the bikini issue, well the Maldivian people also understood and appreciated some of us poor tourists who might not get much sun or beach time at home would miss out on these gorgeous islands. So on many islands they created a bikini beach where tourists can enjoy some beach time on their tropical island holiday without offending the local people.

However take note that the rules and restrictions are not so tight when you are staying on the private islands, where you can walk around the private resort you are staying in your bikini and alcohol is served. However Go to the Maldives is promoting the local guest houses on local islands.  We visited the Maldives for 10 days as a family and did not miss a glass of wine once.

So as for Katie Price wanting to not only flaunt her XXX boobs in the Maldives and breaking the local law, she is also foolish enough to flaunt it on social media. None of us want to see it in person or on social media regardless of whether she is in an Islamic country or not!

Our words of wisdom Kate “People don’t know the half of it, but they don’t need to know either”.

Keep your top on next time Katie!

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