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Posted 03/02/2017 in Things To Do Maldives

Secret Paradise Maldives

Secret Paradise Maldives

I had the pleasure of meeting Ruth Franklin when I was in the Maldives on the February 2017 trip who owns Secret Paradise. Myself and Ruth connected online via Twitter when Ruth said ‘we might have what your customers are looking for ‘and she wasn’t wrong.

Secret Paradise was founded by Ruth in 2012 and her passion for the local culture in the Maldives. She was a regular visitor there on her vacations and eventually made the dream move of living in the Maldives running her own business.

Myself and Ruth have a real passion for the local people, the culture and the sheer beauty of this ‘Secret Paradise’.  Needless to say we hit it off straight away.

I was privileged to be invited on one of Secret Paradise local day tours that they offer (click here for more details https://secretparadise.mv/tour/local-day-tours).

See below the tour explanation:

4 Hour Villimale Walking Tour

Discover the quieter side of city life by exploring the smaller island of Villimale, located south west of Male. Our guide will meet you and travel with you by public ferry to Villimale. Wander the quiet streets, learn the names of local trees, visit the spice factory (subject to opening times) and learn more about the conservation work being carried out by Save The Beach. Sample traditional ‘hedikaa’ at a local café on the beach and enjoy the beauty of a Maldivian sunset.

I met Thanzy from Save the Beach, Maldives who had so much information about the conservation and environmental effects on the Maldives and what action her organisation is taking. I defy anyone not to want to take action after meeting her. (A separate blog will be added soon with more information). http://www.savethebeachmaldives.org

Villimale is a wonderful little island where the only transportation are a few battery powered vehicles. Everyone else must walk or cycle. I love that idea. I visited on a Friday (which is a holiday in the Maldives) so it was a sheer delight to see local families enjoying family time together around the island.

Kokko was my tour guide who looked after me from the minute he arrived at the hotel to when he returned me safe and sound back to the hotel at the end of my tour. I loved the chats we had where I could ask him about living in the Maldives, the islands, just about anything; he had so much knowledge and was delighted to share it with me.

Here’s a brief explanation about what Secret Paradise offers:

“Since 2012 Secret Paradise has been at the forefront of the Maldives local island tourism industry, promoting and supporting guesthouses, dive centres and activity operators based on locally inhabited islands throughout the Maldives archipelago. Secret Paradise tours are designed to allow guests to engage with local people and experience the best from a paradise generally known as a luxury resort destination.

The basis of our daily and multi day tours has always been to allow guests to learn about the Maldives, its culture, beliefs, and traditions and what better way to do this than to see the country through the eyes of a local and experience daily life by travelling by public ferry, staying on a locally inhabited island where the local community benefit directly from the income gained from local island tourism, sharing breakfast with a family in their home, exchanging stories of daily life, relaxing with a coffee in a local café with their local tour guide.”

For more information please contact the team here https://www.gotothemaldives.com/maldives/hulhumale/activity/secret-paradise

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