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Posted 03/03/2017 in Things To Do Maldives

Bodu Beru , Maldivian Traditional Music

Bodu Beru , Maldivian Traditional Music

We experienced a wonderful evening of music and song, courtesy of Thoddoo Guest House. Boduberu is performed with a group of male performers, including 3 drummers and a lead singer. There were amazing dancers (dancing two at a time) who kept the wild beat of the drums – they were mesmerising.  The costumes are sarongs with a shirt.

Boduberu  is similar to some of the songs and dances found in east and south west Africa. It is likely that the music was introduced to The Maldives by sailors from the Indian Ocean region. It may be said that Boduberu first made an appearance in The Maldives in the 11th Century AD, or possibly before that.

The video is a little dark by my photos came out clearer.

By the second song the guests were up dancing and having a ball. A wonderful night to remember for all our family and friends.

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