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Posted 04/25/2017 in Maldives blogs

Affordable Holidays in the Maldives

Affordable Holidays in the Maldives

Going to the Maldives on a holiday for most people is a dream that probably will never become a reality. It’s for the rich and famous right? It’s for the celebs who lounge around on luxury yachts, skimpy bikinis and over water villas.

Well yes that’s one part of the Maldives experience. But there is also many more on offer thanks to the Maldivian government changing the law where tourists can now visit the local islands.

You can now stay in a guest house at amazing prices and still experience all the luxury of a dream holiday in the Maldives.

The problem at the moment is that not many people know about it and because of that people are missing out on a gorgeous vacation break. With flights for as little as €600 each it is as cheap if not cheaper than visiting places much closer to home like Spain or Portugal in peak season.

The guest houses usually offer a per room price including breakfast for two people. Can you image waking up in the gorgeous tropical paradise like the Maldives and only paying €80 for two people? The guest house prices are as little as €50 per night for two people, depending on the time of year. There are also packages that are all inclusive and some that even include excursions and water activities.

Imagine snorkelling with turtles and manta rays. Visiting white sand banks in the middle of the Indian Ocean. This is not a dream any more this is a reality.

At Go to the Maldives, we are helping these gorgeous guest house owners promote their businesses online. We will promote the different islands, what packages on offer and all you need to do it choose where you want to stay.

It’s time to Go to the Maldives – Affordable Luxury for Everyone.

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