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Posted by Go to the Maldives on 08/21/2018

The Real Maldives Exposed

The Real Maldives Exposed

Experience the REAL Maldivian Marine Life – No Enclosures, No Tanks – Their Natural Environment

We better clear this up from the start – we are not dissing places like zoos, aquariums and theme parks. Many are doing very important work to rescue animals and marine life as well as save many from extinction. But we do like to brag about the fact you can visit a NATURAL theme park here in the Maldives where there are no tanks, no enclosures – you get to see marine life in its natural habit.

To us as a family (the Go to the Maldives family) is it important that we drive awareness alongside our Maldivian partners like Secret Paradise Maldives to increase awareness of about how important eco tourism is to the Maldives, sustainability and improving the environment for not only our marine life but also local island families for years to come.

When you visit the local islands in the Maldives you won’t have to pay for fancy marine life shows, seeing dolphins perform tricks, see sharks, mantas, and even sea turtles behind a glass screen – you get to see them in their natural habit behaving in the most natural way they know.

We are really fortunate because we get to travel out a few times a year to the Maldives we get to break away from the urban element to our lives where it's busy, fast-paced and a lot of pressure. We are in West Cork so we are lucky to be close to the water but there's no sea turtles when we do go for a rare dip and there is no need for any snorkeling gear because we're not going to see anything in any way near spectacular to what we would when we walk 5 minutes away from our guest house on the local islands.

When we visit the local islands we don’t have to venture far from our guest house to experience the most spectacular things. Popping on our snorkelling masks around the home reef we see the most beautifully coloured fish just gliding through the water, depending on where you snorkel sea turtles can be hanging around too. Be sure not to try and touch them though, you are in their play ground now and they like their own space!!

If you want to see a little more, head out on an excursion organised by your guest house hosts where you will go past the coral reef into deeper waters and you will see even more beautiful fish, manta ray, small sharks, even more spectacular coral reef formations as well as beautiful coloured sea life. The islanders have grown up around all of this, they know the ocean like the back of their hand – no scripts, nothing taught in a school these are real authentic experiences and it doesn’t get better than that.

Remember we are not describing luxury resorts, we're there on a budget, we're not millionaires, far from it. I can describe the local Maldivian people similar to the Irish; family people and very hospitable. It is quite possible that you will meet their family; you'll meet their friends and maybe like us make lifelong friends.

Alongside these most memorable experiences we are creating for our family and introducing to you, we have also become so inspired by their passion to clean up the plastic pollution on their beaches and in the ocean, and protect marine life including initiatives like replanting coral reefs!! It’s such a spectacular place that the team and family at Go to the Maldives have pledged to help increase the awareness as much as we can.

This includes the #strawarMV initiative implemented by Secret Paradise Maldives. They asked local island partners to work with them to pledge to ban single use plastic straws in their guest houses. In return they will:

  • Collect any remaining straws from them.
  • Dispose of them in an environmentally friendly way.
  • Provide a certificate for each business to display and use to promote their support.
  • Provide information that can be shared with both staff and guests as to why the plastic straw should be no more.
  • Request all their guests to refuse the straw.

Have you visited the REAL Maldives yet? Because if you haven’t you are truly missing out. All ages, all abilities, all adventuruers and best of all, ALL BUDGETS!

Want to know more? Drop us a message and we will guide you on how to find the best budget vacation on the Maldives for you.


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