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Posted by Go to the Maldives on 07/27/2019

Paradise on Furaveri Resort Maldives

Paradise on Furaveri Resort Maldives

Getting to the Maldives

I’ve always been daunted by long haul flights and consequently the longest I’ve ever flown has been 9 hours to California. I was truly dreading the long haul flight to the exotic Maldives and was apprehensive about the boredom, the pain from sitting that amount of time and not having WiFi!

Well it was such a pleasant experience on Turkish Airlines - not an airline I would have necessarily associated with flights to the Maldives, but the price was right and it was a pleasant experience all round! For the first time in months I was able to unashamedly watch back to back action movies with no interruptions! We left Tullamore in the heart of Ireland at 11:15, arrived in the Maldives the following day at 12:15. We were met at the main airport in Male by a representative from Furaveri Resort who took all of our bags and checked us in. A short flight to another Maldivian Island  Dharavandhoo by the ever so attentive Manta Air, then we were expertly guided to a private speedboat transfer to our final destination - the stunningly beautiful island of Furaveri. I expected to be shattered, grumpy and ready to collapse with 3 suitcases, a handbag and laptop bag in tow, plus my business partner Heidi and our two 11 year old girls, but I was bright as a button to my amazement!

Traditional arrival at Furaveri Island Resort

Upon approaching the island, we could see a row of people lined up waiting to greet us. As we disembarked, we were so warmly greeted by the General Manager, Spa Director and a team of their staff. Beautiful wreaths of exotic flowers were placed around our necks. We all walked up the jetty to the main hotel reception as we were treated to Boduberu (Traditional Maldivian Big drum), a local musician playing  this  energetic music which traditionally helps to break the ice - what a unique and wonderful start to our adventure! We truly were treated like visiting royalty!

Check in to the Villa

Breathtaking is probably the most apt word to describe our beach villa with a private pool. Exotic outdoor showers, beautiful bathroom with huge centre bath, queen size bed, private pool, private entrance to a deserted pristine beach, exotic fully enclosed outdoor showers, outdoor bed to sleep in...the list goes on and on!

Furaveri Resort

The maintenance of the villas is second to none. Each morning, someone was there to clean the pool, rake up any stray leaves, replenish the complimentary fruit and water, replace towels… don’t forget that we are all trying to do our bit for the environment and reduce our carbon footprint, so make sure when you travel that you don’t ask for your towels to be replenished every day unless necessary. 


We chose a full board package so all meals were included. There was such an array of food in each buffet, something for everyone. From delicious fresh homemade breads, to eggs any way you like, fried potatoes, chicken bacon and sausages (no pork products available in The Maldives) plus a range of beautiful hot dishes, fish, chicken, beef, various rice, noodles etc. The selection of fresh fruits, salads and desserts was divine, catering to every taste. All of the waiting staff were so pleasant and genuine, we were made to feel really welcome. 

Furaveri Resort maldives

One of the nights, we took a short walk up to the tapas bar called Amigos at Farumathi. Set on the edge of the island over the reef edge in an overwater pavilion,   the open air casual restaurant serves delicious tapas, margaritas and corona beer  As the waves crashed below, a beautiful breeze on our skin and  watching the setting sun, it felt like it couldn’t  get much better. As we walked up, we could see a romantic table for 2 set in the distance overlooking the beach, surrounded by candles and a beautiful gazebo...most likely set for a couple of love-struck honeymooners.

Another night we ventured to, Raiyvila, A Taste of Asia with impressive decor, views and ambiance, the food was nothing short of spectacular. I ordered spring rolls and tiger prawns, not hugely adventurous when there was an array of Sushi, Sashumi and Japanese fish on offer, but it was the perfect choice for me! The tiger prawns were so big, they nearly ventured on lobsters! Delicious, fresh and beautifully presented, I wish I had gone earlier in my stay! After a few prosecco and all the gorgeous food, we called reception to book a complimentary “buggy” to bring us back to the villa, why walk at that stage of the evening!

Furaveri Resort Maldives

What’s to do at Furaveri

 I started off each day by wandering out of my villa and straight into the aqua blue sea for a swim. I hardly saw anyone on the beach my whole time here,  how utterly blissful to swim on my own in safe shallow clear waters with nothing but blue sea, blue skies, and sandy beaches in my line of sight? 

There are loads of water based activities here everything from scuba diving, to standup paddling, snorkeling, boat trips, jet skis, windsurfing and even swimming lessons! Surrounded by a coral reef, it was really safe to snorkel as the current gently just brought you around the island.

I had two trips to the stunning outdoor spa and both massages surpassed my expectations! These therapists are at the top of their game and the sense of well being after the massages was just beautiful. For more details on the spa check out my <<spa blog here>>

There is a great sense of connectedness to nature here at Furaveri. Outside of the beautiful tropical sea waters, the island is lush with vegetation, birds and exotic plants and trees. There was even a banana plant in my outdoor shower area! The little walkways through the trees to go to the restaurants/gym/spa are mainly sheltered from the sun and are  tranquil and peaceful to walk along.

I wish I could say I used the air-conditioned onsite gym but I will not lie. When I arrived I did go in and admire the gym equipment and free weights area and thought how great it would be that I will be able to get my workout in every day....but there was just always something more pressing to do...like eating or relaxing by the pool or going for a swim, or snorkelling...I really didn’t have a chance to! No matter, I got plenty of exercise walking around and my daily sea swims!


The night before we left, look at how the wonderful waiting staff in the restaurant adorned our table. 

Furaveri Resort Maldives

This attention to detail was ever present throughout our entire stay and to be truthful I’ve never experienced on any other holiday. 

On the day of departure, as we walked down the jetty, we again had an entourage to wave us goodbye. Like where does that happen! Our trip to Furaveri was without doubt, the holiday of a lifetime for me, my business partner Heidi and our two 11 year old daughters. I truly can’t wait to come back again.

Furaveri Resort Maldives

To make a booking contact Furaveri Resort <<HERE>>

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