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Posted by Go to the Maldives on 07/22/2019

Mind blowing was the only word when I saw.........

Mind blowing was the only word when I saw.........

I’ve hit the jackpot...I’ve won the lotto...I’ve died and gone to heaven...all perfectly apt expressions to describe my life at the moment. I’m here on the stunning Furaveri Island Resort in the heart of the Maldives , private pool, private deserted beach, luxury villa, indoor and outdoor queen bed...the list goes on and on...my gratitude journaling over the last few days has reached new heights!

Yesterday I wandered past the Spa and peeked in. Mind blowing was the only word when I saw the outdoor treatment rooms! Coming from the temperate climate of Ireland, this was so exotic, I couldn’t wait to book in. I decided to book a treatment I had never had before so straight away I checked out their Ayurvedic offering. 

I settled upon “Shirodhara” an ancient Ayurvedic Ritual promising to nourish and restore my nervous system, reduce stress, relax and balance my Body, Mind and Spirit. Yes I could do with a bit of that!

When I arrived at the Spa, I was given a freezing cold towel to freshen up with as well as a beautiful cold ginger tea...simple but such a lovely touch in 30 degree heat.

go to the maldives

After filling out the consultation form, my beautiful Balinese therapist Hani collected me and walked me through the lush gardens and ponds to our outdoor treatment room. Surrounded by nature, wind and the distant sound of the sea, I was already starting to thoroughly relax.

Go to the Maldives

She started the treatment with a foot ritual by bathing and exfoliating my feet. Then we moved onto the full body massage which was nothing short of absolutely wonderful. Have a listen...

I have to re-iterate the feelings of love, peace and calm that were flooding my mind as the hot oil was being poured over my forehead. I didn’t know what to expect really but I never anticipated that. It was an absolutely wonderful combination, the deep pressure massage working on each and every muscle group, followed by this gorgeous, unique, never ending sensation of being cocooned in a pure love bubble.

I couldn’t believe that the treatment had only been an hour in total, the massage itself felt like a 90 minute massage and then it felt like the oil pouring was another 20-30 minutes! Just shows when you have a really good massage therapist, each and every massage stroke connects with and works on the muscle in question.

After the treatment, Hani brought me to the outdoor relaxation area where I sceptically tried the hot ginger tea that she brought me. I’m not great at trying new drinks, but this was a gorgeous hot spicy but sweet ginger tea...that’s my best description of it!

Go to the Maldives

I didn’t make time to use the Sauna and Steam Room but I did have a peek in and they looked lovely. The calibre of therapist here at Furaveri is outstanding if Hani is anything to go by. The design of the Spa being predominately outdoors is so exotic and unique, it’s an absolute a must try for any guest staying on the island, a truly unforgettable wonderful experience. 

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