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Posted by Go to the Maldives on 08/10/2019

Meet Our Wonderful Spa Managers & Directors in the Maldives

Meet Our Wonderful Spa Managers & Directors in the Maldives

Introducing the wonderful Luh Ramiadi, Spa and Wellness Director of Furaveri Resort, Maldives.

Tell us a little bit about your Spa, where your therapists are from, what treatments do you offer?

My vision is to mold an extraordinary holistic living experience to all our guests. To do so, I am incorporating different nationalities to cover each elements of holistic living through various  field of expertise and specialization. To do so, I have hired 3 nationalities :Thai, Indian and Indonesian at this stage. However I am planning to have at least 5 nationalities by adding Moroccan, Filipino or Nepali on my team. We are planning to launch our  “Wellness Village ” brand on November 2019.  We offer only authentic massages and treatment from around the globe added to our signature authentic and state of the art treatments or massage which is incorporated into Maldivian strokes and techniques while using available resources around the island or within Maldives itself.

What is your favorite treatment and why?

My personal favorite treatment is the 7 days Spa journey Massage. Because it is an overall package that I badly need. And I am confidently sharing thoughts and advises to our beloved guests who are enthusiastic in a holistic lifestyle.  This is a complete Spa Journey that should be in one bucket list when visiting us here at Wellness Village at Furaveri. The journey starts with a Balinese Massage then a body scrub of your choice and Alhibondi Signature Experience  (Alhibondi is a vine shrub that contains a unique healing capacity that can be found around in Maldives Islands) followed a combination of facial treatment and shiatsu massage, and then a choice of Pedi, Mani or hair treatment which is perfect for me and the final touch is calming and soothing procedure by a body mask  and a wonderful bath ritual.

What’s the best part of your job?

My passion is in Beauty, Health & Wellness industry to provide personalized and customized services with highest quality standard of services, products, treatments, class program and retails to exceed guests/ clients expectations. I like to challenge myself, I started my career in the spa industry since 2003 working as Therapist, Receptionist, Supervisor, Assistant manager, Spa manager and Cluster Manager. Studying in Spa Management, Development and diploma in Thai Massage & Anatomy Physiology  from Chiva-Som Academy Bangkok, Ayurveda & Panchakarma from Relax institute of Kerala India and Beauty Therapy from Mexico International spa Academy Bali Indonesia. I combined my experiences & education together. One of the best things about my life is that “ I never stop learning new thing ” There are always new skills to learn and techniques for us to adopt. Self-growth is key to living a fulfilling life and having a successful career. My best part working as Director of Spa & Wellness is being persistent towards uplifting the overall Wellness Village experience and promote restoration, relaxation and holistic living. Above all these vision, profit comes in terms of achieving wow figure and wow guests holistic living experiences.

 Why should someone choose your Resort over your competitors?

Because we are unique in a way that we are the first resort to venture Wellness Village concept in the Maldives. We do not only focus on body relaxation but overall spa experience but we also has Fitness and Gym (Tennis, Gym, Badminton and various fitness class) Yoga classes for couple or a group , Wellness Cuisine that guarantees the freshness and healthy food and drinks ingredients . On top of this we promote unique authentic treatments which are incorporated with Maldivian style of hand movements and natural product ingredients and most of all, our team is guest service oriented specialists of this field.

Have you any special offers at the moment?

We are onto Festive Christmas Special for everyone's need, from honeymooners, Family (Mum and Daughter, Father and Son)for individual guests, we customize our Special offers to cater for every guest, including our young guests.

 Luh Ramiadi (Luhadi)

Director of Spa & Wellness

M. +960 7885620

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