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Care of can of state of European Union corruption causes pecuniary loss to amount to 120 billion euro... [阅读全文] 栏目:龙凤419贵族宝贝


U.N. Educational will announce on October 31, educational protects the 8th meeting of the committee between government of immaterial culture bequest to will be in Azerbaijan at the end of the year cling to the library is held, include Chinese reck

oning by the abacus inside 31 projects are chosen fully include " blame involuntary discharge of urine " catalog.

Reckoning by the abacus is undertake digital calculative for the tool with a

bacus a kind of method, be known as the 5th big invention of Chinese, already was included Chinese state form directory of immaterial culture bequest.

U.N. chooses list to say fully, reckoning by the abacus is the great invention of Chinese ancient time, companion experienced 1800 old long years as the Chinese, it manages with handy computational tool and distinctive number connotation, be known as " the oldest computer on the world " .

Up to now, educational of Chinese selected U.N. " blame involuntary discharge of urine " project gross already amounted to 37, become the world to go up selected " blame involuntary discharge of urine " the country with most project. Among them acupuncture of Kunqu opera, Beijing opera, traditional Chinese medical science, shadowgraph, paper-cut 29 include the mankind list of immaterial culture bequest, tradition of typographic, the Li nationality spins letter catch the craft that knit embroider to wait for 7 to include be badly in need of protecting " blame involuntary discharge of urine " directory, education of talent of succeed of Fujian puppet show plans to include " blame involuntary discharge of urine " outstanding practice register.

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Crazy change of weather of the sound after cerebral concussion of beautiful epileptic boy just connects 13 kinds of musical instrument oneself... [阅读全文] 栏目:0769东莞蒲友网


Login register China of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian " Xue Long date " suffer tired antarctic beauty " Polaris date " join: of the origin that break ice? Be not?2014-01-06 08:5 of north of the larva of a tapeworm or the cercaria of a schistosomeEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 4 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel [summary] " Xue Long " number succeeds to be opposite before this " Shaokalisiji academician " suffer those who strand a passenger on date 52 times to come to help, make oneself are immersed in floating ice besiege however in. The United States " Polaris " date icebreaker sets out 5 days from Australia, rescue toward antarctic before by the China of thick ice besiege " Xue Long " date and Russia " Shaokalisiji academician " date division inspects a ship.

Snow dragon date is stranded

Icebreaker of date of " of American " Polaris

By a lot of outside intermediary is called " c

ome to help to make fun of greatly " polar rescue an activity to be performed continuously in antarctic maritime space. Newest those who join is the United States " Polaris " date icebreaker, "Have the world to destroy glacial ability the most by force almost " " Polaris " date sets out 5 days from Australia, rescue toward antarctic before by the China of thick ice besiege " Xue Long " date and Russia " Shaokalisiji academician " date division inspects a ship. "Xue Long " number succeeds to be opposite before this " Shaokalisiji academician " suffer those who strand a passenger on date 52 times to come to help, make oneself are immersed in floating ice besiege however in. Plainting antarctic in a extremely dangerous state while, also somebody cannot help criticizing " cause trouble " Russia division inspects a ship: A tourist and researcher mix those who join a rank " rash " cause a so big trouble, in bay wait for the division with real country to take an examination of mobile agitate to fizzle out. Australian respect still leaves piece be as high as 400 thousand bay yuan " rescuing Zhang is odd " . Come to help through this, have many outside the polar footmark that intermediary sees China expands ceaselessly: Although " Xue Long " date rescuing suffocate suffocate, but the border that China explores is wider and wider however, the hope becomes the China of powerful nation of science and technology, enlarging antarctic division to take an examination of won't be to study penguin better only absolutely.

As subarctic big country, russia is one of states with most icebreaker are had on the world. " round-the-world times " the reporter ever was had been to so-called " polar capital " Maermansike, the mother harbor of all Russia icebreaker is almost over there, include the world among them the biggest " arctic " icebreaker of class nuclear power. Over, the reporter still sees icebreaker of the first nuclear power of world " Lenin " date, although already enlisted in army 50 old, but the huge body anchor that it has strange appearance then is raised in the Ba Lun of bleak maritime, make a person impressive.

Russian new network says 4 days, at present the power on the world exceeds the icebreaker of 10 thousand horsepower to have about 50, russia amount is maximum, it is 18 about, have icebreaker of 6 nuclear power among them, they are the edge tool with Russian arctic development. Although Russia has the most advanced nuclear power icebreaker on many world, but be in arctic are

a activity, beyond the reach of one's power.

"The abrupt move that a Russia division studies a boat studies the family of so multilateral home unexpectedly icebreaker pose, the dangerous gender that this indicates antarctic maritime space and the complexity that carry out aid of close emergency treatment in antarctic, a few scientists are right ' needless division is taken an examination of ' behavior offers criticism, raise a real question: So much country dispatchs so much boat, who will bear rescuing cost? " France " cross signs up for " doubt represented many people to be opposite " cause trouble person " manner. Afp says 5 days, the Russia that is stranded " Shaokalisiji academician " 4 26 22 scientists, tourists paying fee, reporters and 22 crews carry on date. Rescue the action to cause a few criticism. Besides " Xue Long " date, of Australia " australis " of date and France " star dish " date icebreaker also interrupts antarctic division to take an examination of the task to come rescue. France is polar Reynolds expresses institute director Yifufu, this comes to help big play forces French scientist to abandon by a definite date two weeks marine division studies an activity. He says: "Nevertheless we still calculate relatively luckier, whole family just must cancel to study a plan in, australian person of the same trade is very angry, because they are whole,summer was finished. Because they are whole,summer was finished..

" Australian person signs up for " with " polar rescuing cost 400 thousand bay yuan " say for the problem, the scientist that taxpayer will take an examination of a boat to go up to rescue Russia division, tourist and reporter pay 400 thousand bay yuan large sheet. Hunter of Australian environment minister says: "This thing reminds all people in activity of antarctic maritime space, no matter be personage of whaleman, demonstrate, believe what climate changes to perhaps hold different point of view, must will safe park is other over all things. Must will safe park is other over all things..

To the criticism of the outside, "Shaokalisiji academician " date division takes an examination of Xin Nawei of chief, Australia Kelisiteni of professor of change of climate of Er person university rises fight back, he is in England " observation home signs up for " on write civil say, what this division studies an activity and do not say like some people is relaxed and lively travel activity in that way, mobile be thwarted basically is luck not beautiful, is not factitious error.

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"Xue Long " date gets area of tired antarctic and concentrated floating ice overnight starboard shows big iceberg

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Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

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Dispatch will make the net a

ustral Fujian Argentine on December 22 the Chinese is the afraidest hopeful will be spent calmly on December 20. Since last week, argentine government adopts a variety of methods to should grab the disturbance of the supermarket to fooling. Federal and each province government compromise to constabulary system in the round, acceptance giv
es military police, water alarm, empty alarm, federal police, province belongs to constabulary raises. At present arm of services of countrywide each police already mount guard. Argentine government already carried out constabulary system to arouse, cancel entirely off.

At the beginning of this month, have Argentine incendiary on gregarious network " grabbed a Chinese, cross a good Christmas " , so-called want to be in 19 days, rob Chinese shop two days 20 days, for a time 4000 much people express to be willing to attend, 17 thousand person pays close attention to. In mass organizations of Chinese colony, overseas Chinese urge below, argentine police department captured two finally incendiary the suspect that robs a Chinese. The supermarket that the Chinese runs is very much do business in 20 days of 19 day, time-out.

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Argentina explodes rambunctious one China citizen dies supermarket of much home Chinese is robbed

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Jakarta of China News Service report is Indonesian on March 14 politics, law and safety plan as a whole ministerial spy assist expressed a few days ago, evidence shows, already had doubt of 514 Indonesian citizens and Mohammedan state up to now the organization has connection. Their doubt because the element such as economic problem, the decision joins in ISIS is organized.

Local media the word of assist of 14 days of cite spy reports, according to the data of bureau of Indonesian state informati

on and police, because want to search better life to join ISIS thereby,have 514 Indonesian citizens.

He points out, to already reaching the Indonesian citizen that joins in ISIS is organized in Syria habitat, authorities still is having statistic, in order to determine its number. Unless they had become foreign soldier, the government is cannot what they hold cancel some Indonesian citizenship and passport.

Special assist says, these citizens had sold off their belongings in Indonesian home.

Be aimed at the 16 Indonesia citizen that is arrested in Turkey border land, special assist says, indonesian authorities still is communicated with Turkey authorities, in order to determine their status.

It is reported, when the month on these 16 citizens joins the tourism group of Smailing travel agent, divide when arriving at Turkey to install card to pull group, miss subsequently. The basis is conjectural, doubt of these 16 citizens enters Syria through Turkey border land, in order to join ISIS organization.

Indonesian whole nation fears orgnaization director Shawutewusiman appealing a society a few days ago instead each vigilance is Mohammedan country the horrible extreme thoughts of mobile element diffuse, point out came 2000 between 2014

Indonesian plan 950 people involve terroristic activity. (Be over)

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According to personage of high level of court of London of capital of England of report of Xinhua News Agency to be in the public security court of justice with judicatory elementary system to send note, when case of the person that the directive tries disturbance need not constrained at foregoing a few regulation, can consider aggravating penalty.

Last weeks get court of justice of public security of London much home this memorandum, 15 days disclose detail by media. Memorandum says, in view of rambunctious dimensions big, public security judge is sentenced regulation of measurement of penalty can be ignored when the case, right the person that riot imposes weight punishment.

The Kanbaiweiergelin that is located in London south Nuodesi says presiding judge of public security court: "Our street be immersed in an anarchy last week, basic structure of the societ

y suffers risk. If anybody has any embroil, should be dealt with severely as far as possible. " he says: "Our guidelines is, box up the person that riot... have take into custody only talent is suitable. Box up the person that riot... have take into custody only talent is suitable..

The court of public security of London of follow the lead of of public security court that Pi Sen of Clay of member of the Conservative Party of committee of Wu of the government affairs inside the courtyard below British parliament appeals other area, need not constrained at sentencing proposal provision before. He says: "The court should realise, law and order break down, we need to see the measurement of penalty of more severe exacting, in order to be on guard recurrent henceforth similar violence. Of sadness making a person is, many people must enter a prison. Many people must enter a prison..

Many legal group pu

blic figures are afraid, if forensic measurement of penalty is too light, will not be on guard effectively the happening of similar incident.

British premier blocks Mei Lun 15 days to express, rambunctious incident protruding shows British society already " broken " the current situation, and the first job of him politics program repairs this namely " broken society " . The disturbance that blocks Mei Lun to deny this to count a day continuously reachs governmental finance to cut down measure be caused by because of racial conflict, and the environment that end of will rambunctious reason grows at disposition of rambunctious maker oneself and them.

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Ba Si area pauses toward Wu Kelan before Russia sends humanitarian rescuing motorcade once more... [阅读全文] 栏目:2020佛山按摩论坛


Indonesian president carries a wife to queue up to deal with board the plane sit tourist class goes abroad win support... [阅读全文] 栏目:0769东莞蒲友网

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