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广州桑拿信息论坛KFDService of provide for the aged of attention spring city makes happy and senile living

The net austral Fujian rolls out special subject

report, the form such as to in an attempt to, artic
le, video, show fontal state filling career of neat provide for the aged is brief board, promotion provide for the aged is taken


 Electron of German Han Nuowei exhibits 10 days of opening robots to display art jump greatly steel tube dance

 Login register text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian is first airborne exercise of Japanese little 2014 do 5 allusion visit wild temple spot origin: ? Qu Xian?2014-01-14 16:0Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 0 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

Day is high-key hold seize insular army to act

Fasten; of field of New Year head to defend chancellery visits spot view and emulate

Japan seizes insular army to perform the spot

Small wild temple 5 allusion

Be called " ace is airborne round " the first sky holds out Japanese onshore militia the group was held 12 days in 1000 leaves county 2014 first airborne maneuver. The low-key processing that with sky of land of large-scale last year in November sea militia seizes insular army to perform the Japan when holding is contrary, this second army in acting, japanese defensive minister is young 5 allusion visit wild temple spot view and emulate.

This kind of Japanese practice that shows off an armed strength browbeats already badly the safety of the area and stability.

Airborne troops fights from the island

According to Japanese media coverage, maneuver undertakes fighting from the island giving priority to a problem with airborne army, team member of 300 defend oneself and 20 planes participated in this maneuver. The report says, the maneuver that day is with airborne fight from the island for the theme, 300 airborne team member are mixed in the gunship of chariot covering below, airborne to the hypothesis " from the island " on carry out recapture fight.

Japanese defensive minister is young wild temple 5 allusion show up technically watch exercise. He expresses to self-defensive team member in the assembly room, "Below austere security environment, will stand fast domanial territorial sea " . After maneuver ends, he emphasizes technically still saying to media, "(in square) enter repeatedly (Japan is so called) the behavior of territorial sea nots allow to ignore, (Militia) as will pointed as beefeater of collaboration of hall of maritime security personnel cabinet (Diaoyu Island) . (Militia) as will pointed as beefeater of collaboration of hall of maritime security personnel cabinet (Diaoyu Island) ..

Last year on January 13, japan also was held identical " seize an island " maneuver, just the small wild temple of go to one's post 5 allusion also show up inspect. However, after this although Japan also is held for many times seize insular army to act, but official processing is relatively low-key however, especially at the beginning of last year November, japan ever dispatched 34 thousand person holds the massive exercise that seize an island, not on

ly not curule visit the site, defensive province also reports to media make a lot of limitation.

Absurd approves Chinese Nanhai statute

5 allusion are attending small wild temple 12 days still say when militia drilling, the code that China asks foreign fisher enters Nanhai to need classics approval " minatory international order " , still say " this is my individual not only, and the view that is whole international society " . And as intense as China in Nanhai controversy opposed is Philippine express, do not admit this code of China, urge this nation the fisherman continues to fish to Nanhai, "Will provide protection when necessary " . Land of village of dean of academy of Xiamen university southern Asia expresses 12 days, in the international public opinion that is aimed at Chinese Nanhai code this, american criticism than usual more intense, and Japan follows the United States to make carding comments on Nanhai problem, have quite blend Sino-Japanese Diaoyu Island conflict, farther push tall " Chinese menace is talked " intent.

Receive go down maneuver is ceaseless

On Feburary 7, japan and United States still will hold associated manoeuvre providing disaster relief. Meantime, the United States' advanced conveyor MV-22 " osprey " will appear first. Pres

s a plan, beautiful day is returned will in Feburary with will be in respectively in March new , group two counties hold the horse again two a sham battle.

Since New Year, japan reveals martial muscle often, this is Japanese government does it of purpose it seems that. Paradigmatic be, the report says, 5 allusion are visitting small wild temple before this when India, ever asked actively to join a name to be " Malabaer " routine a sham battle.

On one page reads related indication full text of 12 one page: Photograph of Mao Xiaofeng wife: 80 hind did two people of 4 lines young star marry 2012 (pursue) 2015-02-02 2015 year before pop chart of the popular in January smartphone that install eminent 10 do 10 optimal mobile phones recommend 2015-02-01 Mao Xiaofeng does setting data uncover secret to be investigated? Xiamen of Zhangzhou of city of spring of Fujian of 2015-02-02 news recreation

Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

Service of provide for the aged of attention spring city makes happy and senile living

The net austral Fujian rolls out special subject report, the form such as to in an attempt to, a

rticle, video, show fontal state filling career of neat provide for the aged is brief board, promotion provide for the aged i
s taken


In report will occupy new network on October 13 Australia is new fast net cite " the times signs up for " report, australia drafts the proposal that offer according to board of inquiry of a parliament, the person that the foreign country that violates property right statute buys a house will face more severe punishment, still will be stripped to make work in addition room profit, authorities still examines across their emigrant record.

It is reported, foreign housi

ng investment is the object that investigates this, investigate by allied party assemblyman Aodeweier (Kelly O'Dwyer) leader. Consult to strive for more time and state government about establishing the matters concerned of registry office of owner of a whole nation, board of inquiry wants when end ability will submit a proposal in November.

Aodeweier expresses, this investigation considers to increase pair of punishment strength that violate compasses foreigner, the house property value that makes punish amount and them to buy is proportional.

The highest punishment that can carry out now is 85 thousand yuan about. A lot of people say, they regard this money as only trade cost. She says.

Board of inquiry still may suggest to strip those, already was confiscated the foreigner of house property is being bought room and during selling a house, with the money that house property obtains. Present system allows them to preserve this gain, aodeweier thinks this is a kind of wrong drive apparently, urged bad action cause.

Aodeweier criticizes a foreign country to invest juror to meet again (of FIRB) execute the law efficiency and foreign data, sa

y its information thinks erroneously, all foreigners can abide by code submit the application that buy a house when buying a house.

Law asks to hold temporarily the house property that the dweller of visa should sell them after leaving this country. But the foreign investor amount that the Ministry of finance that FIRB place belongs to represents that he cannot handle house property of one's own accord certainly inside limited time.


According to Afp report, hold water by the army " defend national safety commission " the sp

okesman released 4 coup 25 days to make, announce urgent dismiss Alan of Thailand police commander in chief. Fill model compose, special case investigates hall hall to grow tower profit. Peng Di, buddhist nun of subaltern of department of defense handkerchief. Tung kind, all posts change to be held the position of by other. In addition still announce to disband the national upper house that has democratic sign, all legislative general affairs will change to be in charge of by army henceforth. Thailand army announces 24 numbers to disband senate, take-over congress senate has work with commons place. Army message still says, the army commander in chief that launchs coup cling to Yo admiral plans to ask Majesty of achieve Thailand king with respect
to Thailand politics state of affairs.

Thailand politics condition is long-term and troubled, support and object the dogfight of two politics force that he believes Thailand ex-premier endlessly, bilateral conflict is increasingly intense. May 20, a got-up affair of army intervening interpose, announce to enforce martial law; 22 start military coup d'etat; 23 detain him to believe ex-premier of afterbirth younger sister flower pull, the Song Cai of younger sister's husband that he believes (Thailand ex-premier) reach its madam; 24, army lightning dismisses the soldiers and police is advanced personnel. A series of movements explain the Thailand politics condition after military coup d'etat is not stabilized as before.

In the light of Thailand recently turn over military coup d'etat to protest an activity, coup leader cling to democratic election resumes after Yo admiral acceptance will carry out large-scale politics to reform to the country.


 Malaysia aviation breaks couplet plane to be missing place longitude and latitude is announced (graph)

Beautiful department of defense urges Japan to improve neighbour relation to cancel to communicate with small wild temple

 Wife of Zu Ma of south Africa president exposing to the sun rapes bad news public money in the home 140 million long illicit curtilage

 广州桑拿信息论坛KFDRussian Vice Prime Minister sends " missile greeting card " Zhu Bei makes an appointment with friend Happy New Year!


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