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广州水磨SPA水疗JFGLogin register United States of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to offer China " clear " : of origin of existence of military affairs of Nanhai problem escalate? Be not?2014-02-07 08:5 of north of the larva of a tapeworm or the cercaria of a schistosomeEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 1 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel [summary] the near future with respect to Nanhai problem, american government warns China not to delimit from Feburary 1 set Nanhai air defence to identify an area, to the assistant Secretary of State of responsible East Asia and Pacific Ocean general affairs Danny Lasaier says 5 days, china does not accord with law of nations to the dominion view of Nanhai, should undertake " clear " or " adjust " , it is the bottom line that places oneself to China apparently.

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The near future with respect to Nanhai problem, american government is infrequent give out " continuous firing " the strong statement of type. From Feburary 1 admonitory China does not delimit set Nanhai air defence to identify an area, to the assistant Secretary of State of responsible East Asia and Pacific Ocean general affairs Danny Lasaier says 5 days, china does not accord with law of nations to the dominion view of Nanhai, should undertake " clear " or " adjust " . The expert expresses, the United States makes known his position on Nanhai problem continuously, it

is the bottom line that places oneself to China apparently.

Occupy Afp 6 days to report, pull Er of a place of strategic importance 5 days to say when give evidence of committee of congress Boule diplomacy, according to law of nations, ought to be based on to marine dominion pretend have terrestrial dominion, "China any marine dominion requirements that serve as a foundation without terrestrial dominion, do not accord with law of nations " . Lasaier still alleges, china is in Nanhai " vague territorial claim " had brought inaccuracy to decide between neighbour, insecure and not stable.

Reuter says, the area identifies in air defence of refer the East China Sea, and when the problem that in concerning, square likelihood delimits in Nanhai fortify sky identifies an area, lasaier expresses: "China delimits in the East China Sea fortify sky identifies an area is stepped one pace to wrong way, we already made clear to China, should not fulfil already the air defence of delimit identifies an area, the other place that should avoid to be in this area at the same time takes similar action. The other place that should avoid to be in this area at the same time takes similar action..

Lasaier says, although the United States is being advanced,with guest of Japanese He Fei law the military affairs of ally of these two Asias cooperates, but do not hold position to the territorial dispute between Asian country. Nevertheless, public opinion notices, lasaier's footing looks like evenhanded, actually still two countries of deflection Yu Rifei. Reuter expresses, although pull Er of a place of strategic importance to allege,peace solves dispute of Asian territorial sea to accord with American interest, but as " Asia-Pacific is balanced again " one part of the strategy, american escalate the military affairs that is in this one area exists. Afp thinks, lasaier's opinion on public affairs is alluded, the United States is becoming more and more active in the attitude on Nanhai problem.

Local time 5 days, the United States " Washington times " publish a problem to be " American need is strong treat Chinese offensive " article. Traditional foundation of article author, United States is advanced scholastic Jim · Heermusi wantonly the United States should maintain apply colours to a drawing in Asian area strong position, how to defy " Chinese offensive " action. The article says, be opposite through strong statement dominion of whole Nanhai area, china forces the United States to be between China and American ally " make a choice " , search dot of an optimal antagonism to let the United States abandon ally, affect situation of whole area situation finally. But East Asia involves the United States to weigh golden eggs, not due to its " a bit is barratrous " , the United States should reveal his clearly to plan to the outside with power position " stay in the Asia " . Accordingly, the United States is necessary to stop " give the impression of weakness " .

Face this to plant " confront the tough with toughness of appeal United States " sound, analytic personage thinks, lasaier shows certain tough to Hua Jiang stance when congress attest, also have the consideration that answers congress standpatter pressure. Outside Boule appoint meeting Asia general affairs is divided appoint conference chairman Steve Xiabaite says 5 days with respect to criticism, be Aobama the government gives out " confused signal " let China be behaved more boldly. "The White House needs to adopt measure to dispel the worry of Asia-Pacific country now, let them believe firmly the United States will stay in this one area. Let them believe firmly the United States will stay in this one area..

The United States is in of Nanhai strong gave Philippine president Ajinuo a rare chance however, in " new York Times " interview at what 4 daily newspaper ascend local time in, a Jinuo becomes Chinese metaphor the Germany before World War II. Afp says 6 days, chinese media is commented on, this one opinion on public affairs shows A Jinuo he is only " an ignorant to the history and reality spare politician " . Website of American rich guest " Quartz " 5 days of analysises say, do the Germany before China and World War II relative opinion on public affairs has " 100 kill without one benefit " . The United States blocks the article that asks an institute 5 days to also think, a Jinuo is given out " harsh expression of one's political views " need thinks over.

However, japanese respect is given out to Ajinuo's opinion on public affairs however " the sound that assentation " . On the press conference that magisterial Jian Yiwei is in room of Japanese ministerial official 6 days, to Ajinuo afore-mentioned opinion on public affairs express to understand. Jian Yiwei still alleges, relevant country is in the principle that law of nati

ons must follow when territorial to Nanhai executive sovereign rights asks.

Director of research center of United States of institute of relation of international of Chinese people university Professor Shi Yanhong tells 6 days " round-the-world times " reporter, those who pull Er of a place of strategic importance is strong made known his position to mirror what the United States reachs southeast Asia area to Nanhai to take seriously, especially the importance that Nanhai just faces the United States in strategic safety and economy, no matter be cold,war period still does not have a change now. Washington regards Nanhai as main strategic thoroughfare, and look in its, outward to future of Chinese military strength patulous as a result and United States form Nanhai argue is crucial.

In addition, shi Yanhong thinks, because China delimits before this,set air defence of the East China Sea to identify an area to make Washington a little open-eyed, so two days of United States were aimed at Japanese media rumor once upon a time " China will establish Nanhai air defence to identify an area " also make strong make known one's position, play the statement of Er of a place of strategic importance to now, it is the bottom line that thinks as soon as possible shows the United States to go up in Nanhai problem, so that form a kind of deterrence to China. After all the United States is in still need to cooperate with China economically, look in the United States, the position that indicates oneself can avoid Sino-US clash produces in Nanhai.

Hong Lei of spokesman of Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs ever expressed 1 day, china and east alliance concern grows foreground light, arrival just was not experienced in from east the safety in the sky of allied country home is minatory, overall to the relation of as circumjacent as Nanhai country and Nanhai area condition feels hopeful.

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Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored



Original title: " east alliance observes " Singapore is announced transition of economy of finance budget proposal did not forget the people's livelihood of show solicitude for 2014

According to " People's Daily " stalk of grain only, singapore congress was announced recently 2014 finance budget proposal. The gist of this budget proposal is " create an opportunity to future, provide safeguard for elder " , among them the most conspicuous content is: The government will be dialed 8 billion new yuan (1 dollar closes about 1.263 new yuan) establish " found a state generation " fund, 65 one full year of life and above found a state for Singapore 450 thousand this year the Singaporean that makes contribution will enjoy lifelong medical treatment to take care of accordingly.

Gu Qingyang of associate professor of public policy college tells Li Guangyao of Singapore state-maintaineding university the reporter, the finance budget proposal this year has Singapore 3 keys: Enhance social security system, encourage the enterprise innovates and continue economic transition. This body reveals Singapore government the design carrying a layer on the head to developing way.

Singapore this year the most prominent place of budgetary proposal, strengthened the investment to social progress and safeguard greatly namely. Be in 56.66 billion new yuan of budget total spending is medium, social development spending has 27.03 billion new yuan, among them the culture with the oldest amplitude, community and spending of young department budget increased 44.6% .

Singapore Vice Prime Minister holds f

inance minister Shangdaman concurrently to say, "Found a state generation " the cost of project form a complete set is about 90 much newer yuan, 8 billion new yuan the accrual aux will be able to that fund increases prospective accumulative total pays this expense. He says, this sets fund to no matter,will ensure only prospective economic situation how, the government can cash right " found a state generation " the acceptance of this special group.

According to this plan, 65 years old of all above are accorded with " found a state generation " conditional old person, when reaching integrated dispensary go to a doctor to clinic of hospital specialized subject, all can obtain 75% to the outpatient service cost of 85% subsidiary; will join social security planner at present, already joined planner to will obtain more and subsidiary; each annual 200, 800 new yuan deposit of additional health protection spends in accessorial; and spend deformity to be able to plan to fall in this again lifelong and annual obtain 1200 new yuan cash aids financially: In lifelong health care, can obtain by the age 40% , the; of insurance cost allowance of 60% increases sanitarian deposit allowance, 80 years old of above person insurance cost buys whole amount sheet by the government, 70 years old person need to pay only arrange an in part.

"Found a state generation " the plan was obtained in Singapore extensive reputably. Singapore " associated morning paper " signed article says, need not raise debt, with respect to the social expenditure that can answer year after year to increase leisurely, this should be attributed to the accumulative total that the country lays in and cautious finance policy. This year " found a state generation " fund, it is to give not only on generation person offers medical treatment to take care of, also be hit to theirs go all out and of self-made spirit approbate.

New budget besides appropriate gigantic endowment establish " found a state generation " outside fund, still take care of a society other level, be like 50-65 year old the accumulation fund capture of elder is handed in rate increase 0

.5, 1.5 percent;55 year old above cannot be enjoyed " found a state generation " form a complete set person, future can be obtained 5 years annual 100, 200 new yuan sanitarian allowance. In addition, increase the scope of derate of incidental expenses of water and electricity of low income family further, raise what deformity reachs a household to decrease the amount of tax to be paid to spend etc.

Gu Qingyang says, since Singapore founds a state, put development country economy in the first place all the time, social security respect is deficient in somewhat. In recent years, the government realized this problem, policy tilts energetically to the people's livelihood and social security, this complies with common feelings of people.

Encouraging innovate and deepen economic transition respect, budgetary proposal will be thrown 2014 3.6 billion new yuan. Shang Daman says, efficiency the taller, company that innovation develops interest, more support will be won when transition.


The company is judged to reported a few days ago in occupying, the incident of American listening whole world still is fermenting at present. This week, american country installs director Jisiya old general of all previous hill accepts ask for an explanation on beautiful congress hearing.

Recently, hong Kong " Na Hua morning paper " publish orgnaization of strategy of future of Japanese Osaka university to teach Kevin analytic sex article of Lafudi. The article thinks, be being monitored each other between the country is an open secret originally, but this so large-scale exposure, enough weighs the international credit of defeat United States, send soft actual strength to glide. This is Aobama the government is current ought to the problem of straight face. This article compiles as follows:

A lot of before New Year, still be in when me of Malaysia when daily becomes editor in chief, receive dark newspaper to say, the information branch of this country undertak

es listening to the phone of my office all the time, I feel what still be honoured quite at that time.

The mobile communication in those days returns not very to develop, can in Malaysia such state is selected to come out to monitor by information branch, still calculate a special honour really, because occupy my line person to divulge, big Ma Qing of be confined to signs up for the ability with limited section, choose listening limits to only 100 come at that time ministry phone.

Why I in chief editor room the fudge of babble can be taken seriously by a certain orgnaization, this has what kind of value to them, my unknown. However, after leaving old horse when me, be informed again, in leave the following in 10 months, my phone continued to be dogged at least 10 months, since then, I begin to despis

e the information of information branch and their collect.

This a week, american country installs bureau director Jisiya old general of all previous hill accepts ask for an explanation on congress hearing, base the following seize access that Si Sheng weighs him with 100 million plan phone record and mail, it is to avoid to spread terroristicly, ensure the safety of American people. Zhanmusikelabai indicates chief inspector of American state information, the phone of head of listening foreign country can help governmental Bing see those people what thinking.

Information collect activity is companion of as the development of human civilization gradual progress. Nowadays, the swift and violent development of network and technology, make personnel of in that way traditional like Zhanmusibangde information faces unemployment, the state that has powerful technology background to, the sort of hero in needing to resemble the movie far from slips into battalion of ground enemy phalanx, embedded listening equipment or it is to entice hostile secretary to come filch the information of his country, instantly, need to make great efforts on electronic information only, can grab the amount arrives more cannot metric mail and communicate.

We should not be the United States monitor and surprised, bainadesi of director of total bureau of the information before France of no less than boast Er strange Buddhist nun with respect to place character: The United States is in all the time grab our commerce and industrial secret, but we also are in at the same time filch their, because of national interest, both sides uses up his to be able to protect the interest of native corporation. A country mastered high-end skill, this kind of technology can maintain national interest, that why need not it? But, this meets at the same time derivative a series of problem:

According to saying, infiltration of American state security bureau the data center of Gu Ge and Yahoo, make common people must suspect, besides American, whether does the every act of the whole world lie under the surveillance of elder brother? The technology of place control achieves information orgnaization of the United States why to be planted degree, make them OK the data message that handles such magnanimity, search that just a little without the wheat tanaka of border from length and breadth of land with respect to seem useful Mai Li. Besides, those potential terrorist are to use code communication necessarily, and the phone that American country installs bureau criterion to connect convention is mailed and communicate to also be monitored, can numerous innocent victim feel the intention that astonishs the United States wheres of course? In addition, whether American is the same as the foreigner is same, ought to be labelled to monitor an object? On the hearing somebody ever asked, monitoring is to be on guard horrible assault, still hitting cover collect the trade of his country is secret, the country is installed the bureau is not right this replies, but even if is such, german premier Mokeer is not terrorist already, also not be the person steer a boat of transnational corporation, , does the United States just want to play play her?

In the backside of these problems, the old issue that let me remember that is aimed at ancient Roman if the woman hand in chastely will protect by bodyguard, who supervises bodyguard then again? American people should ask Aobama seriously: On the thing of listening Mokeer, whether did he hide a fact, it is his neglect one's duty after all, be still he was cheated by at hand really not know the inside story?

In was captured after soft costal region, aobama and his at hand must the consequence that straight face will draw a few times, er of thunder of law of Henry of no less than (HenryFarrell) with Martha Mo Er is in fragrance Buddhist nun newest first phase " diplomatic general affairs " in mention, what listening incident disclosed the United States is goody, the bottom that makes its can resemble having the renown act with justice in that way in the past no longer is angry.

Goody, it is to make the United States alive the bound develops his the crucial essential factor of soft actual strength, and the doing that passes through Aobama and at hand can see, they had not cared about this piece of goody mask, also pay no attention to that bit of credit that the world retains to them.

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The whole world is the the most expensive, ritziest price of England of thin pancake made of millet flour 800 pound [graph]

 New Zealand reef adds Laisipeilangsi coastal waters region produces 6.6 class earthquake

 Husband and wife of Yi of heart of head of Hamas military affairs be died by scamper in air attack demonstrate of 1000 people parade



Comprehensive report, american respect announces 10 days, armed in the helicopter of Afghan down U.S. Army, Taliban that causes 30 people death recently revolti

ng element has been shot dead. However the shadow that U.S. Army helicopter causes to American army by down incident did not drop off quickly accordingly, the investigation of the Pentagon still is continueing.

According to the report, in the center of former U.S. Army allow headquarters assistant commanding officer, newly to be stationed in Afghan U.S. Army supreme comman

der makes an appointment with writing Allan (John Allen) says to the reporter in the Pentagon, "Be in about on August 8 midnight, was stationed in Afghan allied forces to shoot dead announce to call the Taliban that is in charge of to should have assault revolting element " .

The U.S. Army encounters " black on Saturday " 30 people be killed in battle

Local time 6 days of before dawn, be stationed in Afghan U.S. Army to encounter " black on Saturday " , one carries the CH-47 of arms of special type of 22 U.S. Armies and 7 Afghanistan soldier " raise a slave to work " large helicopter is in Waerdake saves Afghan the eastpart part meet with down, include aircrew personnel inside, cause officers and soldiers of at least 30 U.S. Armies to die, since creating the United States to start Afghan war, the U.S. Army dies of the number most. This also was 1987 U.S. Army special type fights after headquarters holds water, incident with most heavy casualties.

The Pentagon respect is after those who pass two days is silent, just confirm to media, "Jinuke " helicopter is aided to push shrapnel down by a rocket truly, cause 25 special type to fight in all unit team member and be killed in action of staff of unit of 5 air force, an a the member that include observation of 3 air force, mouth dragoman, army dog person, in addition still an army dog dies.

The message says, among them soldiers of 22 be killed in battle come from the United States the pickeddest " seal commando " , but the Pentagon was not judged to buy of this one message.

Some earlier this year moment, the officers and soldiers that comes from same branch group slips into Pakistan, shot dead " base " leader of constituent number one Benladeng. Nevertheless, beautiful official says, officers and soldiers of this second be killed in battle was not participated in shoot dead pull the martial operation that scale.

Ever since, mujiaxide of spokesman of class of Afghan tower benefit publishs written statement to say, this organization crashs to this incident is responsible. He says, armed organization personnel uses Taliban " rocket " down this " raise exert to work " military helicopter.

The Pentagon investigation

The report says, the Pentagon will be examined around a series of crashing problems, include Dalibanru why to constitute menace to the U.S. Army, the U.S. Army is entered " Jinuke " the instruction that when helicopter executes special mission, receives.

In the center of the U.S. Army headquarters commander Ma Di this (James Mattis) appoints division spy (Jeffrey Colt) general is in charge of investigating the work this. It is reported, investigation will analyse a lot of and main problem, because American army believes helicopter by down, investigation will remove the objective issue such as such as weather, landform and mechanical failure possibly.

American army still will be investigated " Jinuke " the flight height that helicopter enters battle area and method.

Investigation still will involve other a series of problems, such as: Why to choose this group to execute the mission, how much do they understand to area terrain, they wait to once suffer ground attack,taking what safeguard beforehand.

Taliban " please army into earthen jar " the U.S. Army is trapped

According to the report, do not wish the official of government of Afghan high level of sign one's name tells Afp, taliban organizes a commander Daxier gives off a message, someplace of class of benefit saying a tower holds the meeting, with this the U.S. Army that entice falls into the trap of elaborate design.

He also says, 4 Pakistanis assist Daxier to carry out this plan.

This official cites to say from the information of local collect, taliban knows this wears helicopter to meet flying where a channel. This is an only course, so they are in the valley chooses good place on two side hill. Fly when helicopter close when, they use rocket and other contemporary weapon launchs attack, helicopter is in be hit the several crash after playing.

The analysis points to, as a result of Afghan churchyard much high mountain, special be helpful for armed element concealing, often want to rely on large helicopter to finish plus the work that carries an U.S. Army to head for war zone, this arms to Taliban use pallet equipment to started sneak attack to offer an opportunity. There ever also was an U.S. Army in the past the example that large carriage helicopter is fallen by ram of ground armed fire.

In the meantime, this crashing incident happens in nightly and special fight in the task -- Yu Ji of nightly task benefit is raided, but mountainous landform, condition of rare air lamp is excellent to driver and machine for the guest, very dangerous also. The assault team member on helicopter at that time is to hurry to army of aid friendly forces, they are in shoot dead 8 rebel army nearby from capital Kabul, helicopter flies low slow, inside the range that drives shrapnel in the rocket.

It is reported, helicopter crashing incident occupies 10 years to come the U.S. Army dies in Afghanistan 10% of 1725 people, among them because,great majority is mechanical failure or crewman error, gunfire of enemy of and rather than.

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New Zealand government issues the findings report of the first phase that pollutes incident to condensing serum albumen 11 days, in affirmation New Zealand is produced in food and the whole world of safe domain precedes position while, point out lack of various superintendency branch has New Zealand to dairy produce is machined and superintend the talent of special skill, study in the food security that includes dairy farming inside the respect throws inadequacy.

In findings report, the date from ability that independent board of inquiry suggests the government promotes pair of dairy produce and its raw material, carry out more milk powder of recipe of the recall system of standardization, modification infant superintends code.

Findings report is superintended to dairy produce put forward 29 to improve a proposal. Is New Zealand primary Nathan of industrial department minister? Guy and Nai of minister of food safety ministry triumphant? Triumphant Ye expressed on the press conference that day, the government accepts all improvement to suggest, affirmatory and annual allocate funds 800, 12 million new yuan (1 new yuan add up to 0.81 dollars about) with Yu Xiangzhong the burgeoning export market such as the country adds a group trade commissioner, increase dairy produce treatment and a job such as superintendency ability.

The dairy produce with current to New Zealand findings report is produced and superintended ability to also offer sufficient affirmation. Professor of Rayleigh of · of Allan of the member that findings report is investigated independently emphasizes, department of body of New Zealand inspect is perfect. He expresses: "I agree with the conclusion that investigation group makes, the superintendency framework of New Zealand dairy produce from come up at all saying is perfect and reliable, with the food of any other countries on the world the canal accuses systematic photograp

h to compare none inferior. With the food of any other countries on the world the canal accuses systematic photograph to compare none inferior..

Is constant natural and presiding apparitor on the west abstruse? Shi Bigen thinks of pair of findings report to express to welcome. He expresses: "The findings rep

ort that the government issues is we rebuild of fame important one pace.

 Libyan opposition approachs government of martial town of military importance to deny place to razzia

 广州水磨SPA水疗JFGColombian president visited American desire and beauty to build new ally to concern a few days ago


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