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更新时间:2022年01月18日 02:02

上海龙凤自荐区The United States gets Kesasi city city announces Dalasi epidemic situation ends Aibola


 Han intermediary: Korea launchs 7 bazooka face one day to just was not made confirm

 German police is suspected of killing feeding cadaver to be arrested to be acquainted with the dead sexual cruel website

Singapore lifts ceremony of baggage brilliance state funeral to discharge funeral to will be held at 29 days beforehand

In report will occupy new network on March 27 central company report, the funeral of Singapore ex-premier Li Guangyao will be held on March 29, of ceremony of its state funeral discharge beforehand, from local time 27 days of before dawn 12 when to early morning 5 when undertake, police closes ministry. . .

2015-03-27 11:36 origin: ? Huge rock of discharge  contraction?
A bus is in Wu Kelan colliery happening explosion already was sent 4 dead 21 injuries

According to France " Feijialuo signs up for " cite Afp will report on March 26, district police of Wu Kelan will express on March 26 local time, a bus bursts in a colliery happening near Aerqiaomofusike, already caused 4 people death at present, . . .

2015-03-27 11:31 origin: ? Blame Nao?
ring case Tibetan drawer cummer makes development groups small show only scrip: Amuse you to play

A boy of American is washing clothes day hides the ring case of a velvet into the drawer that puts a stocking, already was pregnant after the cummer of 8 months discovers, open look inside actually a piece of scrip is writing Hahaha ~ amuses you to play.

2015-03-27 10:20 origin: ? Qu Xian?
Accident of barge against of Thailand happening train sends 52 people to get hurt 6 people still are accepting treatment

In report will occupy new network on March 27 outside intermediary report, a senior official says Thailand National Railways 27 days, thailand is mid the accident that produces 2 trains barge against, bring about 50 more than person to get hurt, among them 2 people the condition of an injury is serious. The report says, accident happening is being become. . .

2015-03-27 10:03 origin: ? Huge rock of discharge  contraction?
Country of sanded special grade installs exposure of picture of spot of target air attack to Yemen capital Hu Saiwu

The country such as the Saudi Arabia installs a target to launch air attack to Yemen Hu Saiwu, opportunity for combat to capital Sa that many targets fire missile.

2015-03-27 10:01 origin: ? Salary  ?
One small-sized boat of Japanese produces on capsize boat 6 undergraduates to fall the sea is saved to rise

In new network report will report 27 days according to Japanese media on March 27, the sea area around involves in rat of city of hillock of crane of county of Japanese hill form, the small-sized boat that is in charge of supervising ministry of houseboat of university of new county to practice (about 6.6 meters long) produce capsize, on the boat 6 average per capita fall the sea. On the boat. . .

2015-03-27 09:52 origin: ? Huge rock of discharge  contraction?
Luxembourg is become formally inferior cast an intent virgin member country

On March 27, via having intention virgin member country agrees, luxembourg becomes Asian infrastructure formally to invest a bank (the following abbreviation inferior cast row) intent is virgin member country. Up to now, inferior cast an intent virgin member country is added reach 28, bag. . .

2015-03-27 09:34 origin: ?  of general  guest?
The person that Holand of fleshy body figure of Buddha collects: If figure of Buddha belongs to China to be willing to remand (graph)

The person that collect emphasizes, the figure of Buddha in the picture of Fujian figure of Buddha that sees through media up to now and his hand is similar.

2015-03-27 09:32 origin: ? Salary  ?
Pan Jiwen: The negotiation just is the only alternative that resolves Yemen crisis

International is online message: U.N. secretary-general Pan Jiwen makes a statement 26 days through the spokesman, the just ensures civilian reachs humanitarian worker each safety that appeals to Yemen executive military affairs intervenes, emphasizing a negotiation just is final those who resolve Yemen crisis is exclusive. . .

2015-03-27 09:02 origin: ? Does  try know well?
New York Manhadu building fire cause: Leak of doubt natural gas causes explosion

Xinhua net new York on March 26 new York of electric United States Manhadu several buildings produce insular southeast ministry 26 days afternoon fire, bierdebulaxiao of new York mayor says, preliminary investigation shows natural gas leak causes explosion, cause fire then; . . .

2015-03-27 08:55 origin: ? Salary  ?
Sanded special grade 10 countries allied forces starts move of the same night of diplomatic mission of martial action China to Yemen

The Saudi Arabia leads 10 nations 26 days the war that allied forces starts code name to be decisive battle storm to Yemen acts, the war of this troubled country escalates abruptly. Claim especially dene, this action is for defend Yemen president what Hardy leads is lawful. . .

2015-03-27 08:53 origin: ? Be not north of the larva of a tapeworm or the cercaria of a schistosome?
Pilot of German wreck plane is locked up outside cockpit deputy drive refus opens the door in cold blood crash plane

Pilot is passed communicate implement to cockpit inside deputy drive the response did not get when the requirement enters cockpit.

2015-03-27 08:50 origin: ? Discharge  felt?
Global airline adjusts flight regulations: Plane cockpit must hold at least two people

On March 27, according to the BBC (B

BC) message, the airline of world each district has begun a requirement, plane driver's seat always must carry member of at least two unit inside cabin. Be in Canada, Norwegian, Germany, and England, each. . .

2015-03-27 08:46 origin: ? Huge rock of dazzle blade contraction?
One woman of American grows a beard " female fellow " obtain marital support to wear long beard

Marital Davy does not mind Hakeerman is " female fellow " , after she marries, shave no longer.

2015-03-27 08:27 origin: ? Salary  ?
New York feed house produces Manhadu explosive accident causes at least 8 people to get hurt

Whole building that explosion brings about dining-room to be in by burn down, cause at least 8 people to get hurt, among them 2 factitious firemen.

2015-03-27 08:21 origin: ? Heir Lian?
Install times: Chinese armament dilate exceeds expect Japan to want to make good budget step

Future gives cloud number sure won't go to sea alone fight, deploy 2-3 at least submarine, 3-5 naval vessel of time Si Dun and frigate, because this can master field of large-scale sea empty sky. Once aircraft carrier battle group of Japan is entered alone. . .

2015-03-26 17:55 origin: ? Be not north of the larva of a tapeworm or the cercaria of a schistosome?
Vietnam helicopter of a military falls proper motion of on machine 8 people flees for his life from airframe

In report will occupy new network on March 26 central company report, helicopter of military of a Vietnam falls to visit island of riches and honour at smooth-going 26 days morning local time, authorities confirms say, on machine 8 people have 3 people to get hurt. According to local media the report says, . . .

2015-03-26 17:12 origin: ? Huge rock of discharge  contraction?
Preceptress is pointed to to seduce student father meet with on classroom its wife assault is cruel dozen

In report will occupy new network on March 26 outside intermediary reports 25 days, mexico a preceptress is shown the father with a student has catch, the wife that annoyed a few days ago on classroom by the man is cruel dozen. Attendant teacher and student are absorbed in looking on however, without person mediate. . . .

2015-03-26 17:11 origin: ? Huge rock of discharge  contraction?
Police of unripe fire of hair of building of one municipal government judges France or meet with intended arson

In report will occupy new network on March 26 outside intermediary report, local time 25 days of early morning, by mayor of party membership of French countryman alignment advocate politics dust south - building of municipal government of Bo Meng city produces fire. Police judgement is probable it is to meet with intended arson. . . .

2015-03-26 17:09 origin: ? Huge rock of discharge  contraction?
Day criticises Chinese development turns over aerospace weapon to ask to explain missile des
troys satellitic fact

Occupy day of intermediary 25 days to report, destroyed the fact of an orbiter at firing a missile in July 2014 in the light of Chinese army, china of Japanese government demand is right this makes a specification. To this, bureau of general affairs of news of Chinese department of defense asks ask 25 days in response reporter. . .

2015-03-26 16:42 origin: ? Comfort cangue  ⑼ ?

 Colombian man is sham Lebanon ambassador fools local official attends university speech

 Korea is intense Long Hai of Cui of culture of control Japan pornography by because depose sees Han play


 Login register text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian Aobama " love on " is green jade held high this? France " dog young " : of origin of whole world driving scald thin slices of meat in boiling water? Qu Xian?2014-02-13 10:3Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 1 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

The rinse of a fun of Luositan of dog young reporter French media

Si Xian of Shi Biang of 2 lieutenancy inaugural ceremony sings Aobamadi

The net austral Fujian a volatile red will hear dispatch 11 days to lift shock wave in field of world public opinion on Feburary 13, leading role is American president Aobama and green jade of Queen of heaven of Eura

merican and popular music are held high respectively this. Explode makings person is the first pats French president Aolangde new " carry on a clandestine love affair " the France of the photograph is famous press photographer, drag in of media of law beautiful mainstream among them. Nevertheless, be less than 24 hours, the person that so fierce makings expects because of exploding is only " joking " and carelessly ends. But Aobama already was borne fruit by law intermediary it seems that ground hole.

Renown dog young expects law intermediary signs up for madly suddenly

According to England " Metropolis Daily " report, the month is kicked on explode the French cameraman Pascal that French president Aolangde is carrying cummer and female star tryst on the back Er · Luo Sitan claims, the United States " Washington Post " hold the green jade after publishing Aobama and popular song high this the news that has one leg, cause French mainstream media to dispute photograph report. The first broadcasting station of French Europe most broadcast

first to Luositan interview. Ever since numerous the medium that has weight very much, for instance " Feijialuo signs up for " , " viewpoint " weekly in succession follow-up. Formed the agitation that a heat fries.

"You know, at present is about to have important matter happening in the United States, " when Luositan accepts French media to interview, say, "Photograph and TV appearance show, there was a space apparently between Aobama and Michelle, everybody very naturally can generate question, the case between this and Aolangde and Walaili is same. The case between this and Aolangde and Walaili is same..

Switzerland " 20 minutes of newspapers " think, law intermediary explodes expecting is be convinced making a person it seems that, because explode,makings person is to explode the cameraman that gives French president carry on a clandestine love affair, aobama and green jade hold besides high the gossip between Si Zhi is ceaseless all the time.

Beautiful newspaper and green jade are held high this deny

This message immediately is held high by green jade this spokesman and American media are denied. " Washington Post " express not to have this news absolutely, this message is simple belong to a rumor. And green jade is held high this also express through the spokesman, feel quite absurd to this hearsay, deny with abstruse cling to the relation of Ma Youren He Bulun.

Because pat actress of Ao Langde carry on a clandestine love affair to add Ye, luo Sitan's word lets media believe thoroughly. Can be that day later on, when media seeks testimony to its again, ground of not speak in detail says Luo Sitan, that is only " fun " . And United States of after the event " politician news network " say, luo Sitan often publishs a few volatile disloyal opinion on public affairs. But play this apparently big.

Is fierce makings to be move line of sight?

French president Aolangde goes to the United States 10 days alone, have state visit.

"The absurdest red on the world is heard " , " the reporter of French dog young of demagoguery " ... similar dissatisfaction diffuses American media and gregarious website. The United States " recreation is online " the website says, strange is not low common media casts a what rumor, however other France media did not deny concerned report consistently.

The United States " play skin Hollywood " website analysis says, this rumor is fried to heat up in French media actually very interesting, the personal relationship exposure that because Aolangde is,taking oneself sets foot on American brigade. This may be a French society of intended dispersive international is right " affection cheater " Aolangde's attention.

Aobama is green jade is held high this vermicelli made from bean starch

□ link

Actually, aobama of 52 years old and green jade of 32 years old are held high this the concern is not common really, aobama is green jade is held high this with her husband the faithful vermicelli made from bean starch of outstanding · Z. During the president enters into an election contest, Aobama still asks them to be its raise the wind. Twice presidential inaugural ceremony all invites Aobama green jade is held high this sing add to the fun. Last month Michelle when 50 years old of birthday, green jade is held high this also the spot is displayed sing.

American magazine " the countryman asks ask " Ceng Kan article says weekly, the green jade that controlled axial performance on presidential inaugural celebration 2009 is held high this adore Aobama very, be the same as with Aobama every time when field, she looks at the other side ceaselessly. Malcontent to this Michelle discovered the husband is on activity of a raise the wind 2007 hold high to green jade this fix eyes on, more on forward the other side asks for autograph. Michelle is held high to green jade this issue a warning, want her to keep low-key, fear stepping the White House again hard in the future otherwise half pace. (information times is round-the-world)

Recommend read: "Red hears Aobama " wind up the matter hastily green jade is held high this with " absurd " refute a rumor

Read related: Young of the dog that uncover secret takes line of skill cloth look secretly Xiamen of Zhangzhou of city of spring of Fujian of recreation of news of be all-pervasive of wait for windfalls

Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

After American part area breaks the hundred years lowest air temperature that come to record, the blizzard that lasts many days and freezing weather alleviate 8 days somewhat eventually, the traffic that the United States breaks down more almost also is restoring stage by stage. But continuously blizzard and ultralow temperature weather already created 5 administrative divisions of American 22 people die.

Since close a week, polar vortex sweeps across powerful arctic cold air continuously the United States, bring about the ministry of American Chinese and Western, much ground northeast to appear infrequent ultralow temperature is freezing weather. 7 days, complete beauty had 50 cities to break record of lowermost air temperature, air temperature of new York lowest drops to - 16 ℃ , break the microtherm atmosphere record that place comes to 118 years. Same day, the air temperature of lowest of city of Xia Luo spy that is located in north of American southeast ministry to block city of collect Lai accept falls to - 14.4 ℃ , broke place the lowermost lukewarm record since 1884.

American center-west region just was experienced - the ultralow temperature weather of 35 ℃ , 8 days alleviat

e somewhat, but lowermost air temperature still under all the year round ℃ of 15-25 of air temperature of the corresponding period. 8 days, the air temperature of American southern region also is in pick up, atlanta city from a day before - of 14 ℃ record-breaking microtherm picks up came 5 ℃ .

5 days since, american blizzard and extremely cold freezing weather already caused muc

h person death. The news that the government announces shows, american Michigan, Illinois, Weisikangxin city, Missouri, Yindian 5 cities have the state 22 people die at microtherm blizzard weather. In Mixiegen city, 4 people shovel the contingency when snow at outdoors to death, in Yindian city, 6 people die at soup.

8 days, the United States still is issueing microtherm weather warning more, and the air temperature of greater part area still is under freezing point. But as most of soup state alleviate, the traffic that completely beautiful much ground breaks down almost also is restoring stage by stage. 8 days, up to the dusk complete beauty has airliner of harbor of pass in and out of 860 more than sortie to cancel, incur loss through delay of airliner of 4500 more than sortie. And 7 days, suffer soup effect, complete beauty has 2700 sortie airliner to cancel, 6 days of complete beauty have 4600 sortie airliner to cancel. (Be over)

Recommend read: North America lot comes 20 years extremely cold blizzard resembles extremely catastrophic film setting

 Korea sets man-made fish reef to prevent Chinese fisher to catch illegally in small Qingdao maritime space

 上海龙凤自荐区Service of provide for the aged of attention spring city makes happy and senile living

The net austral Fujian rolls out special subject report, the form such as to in an attempt to, article, video, show fontal state filling career of neat provide fo

r the aged is brief board, promotion provide for the aged is t

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