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    Flower archives announces thousands of to UFO witnesses incident to report or offend doubt

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    Login register Jin Zhengen of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian first is absent court supreme didn't condition of health of peop

    le conference doubt show his face many days 20 origin: ? ?2014-09-26 08:1 of huge rock of dazzle blade contractionEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 9 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel [summary] Huang Bing oath is elected for vice-chairman of national defence committee, become delicacy of this in one day to provide real power orgnaization most " 2 handle " .

    Jin Zhengen first absent is discussed toward top person witenagemot, many days 20 did not appear, doubt health condition gives an issue.

    Korea will hold witenagemot of the 13rd top person to view the meeting the 2nd times on September 25, oath of Huang Bing of director of people army total politics is elected for vice-chairman of national defence committee, replace Cui Long Hai, become delicacy of this in one day to provide the 2 handle of real power orgnaization most. Top leader Jin Zhengen did not attend Korea the conference, but the occurrences in human life that the conference makes is adjusted all out his offer.

    Jin Zhengen first absent discusses doubt health condition many days 20 to did not appear toward top person witenagemot data chart

    National defence appoint influence shuffles

    The conference in smooth soil hall of discuss official business of station of 10 thousand birthday was held that day. Offer according to Jin Zhengen, the conference elects Huang Bing oath to be vice-chairman of national defence committee, li Bingzhe of commander of air force of Xuan Yongzhe of minister of people armed strength, people army is committee member of national defence committee.

    The conference decides at the same time, because the post is brought into play, discharge the duty of vice-chairman of national defence committee of Cui Long Hai, discharge the duty of committee member of national defence committee of Zhang Zhengnan of minister of forefathers civilian armed strength.

    Cui Long Haiceng is Korea army people army total the Political Bureau grows 2 number people, in the 13rd conference of first time of top people conference will be duped this year in April choose vice-chairman of national defence committee, but be replaced by Huang Bing oath namely at the beginning of May official post in the army, turn a secretary of Korea labor the Party Central Committee, chairman of committee of national sports guidance is held part-time after. According to Korea government TV station in June the report of the last ten-day of a month, xuan Yongzhe replaces Zhang Zhengnan to take up the post of the minister of people armed strength that is equivalent to a defense minister.

    Combine the view of news agency according to Korea, the Huang Bing oath that is 64 years old replaces two important post that Cui Long Hai holds the position of continuously, proving its is the core character of system of Jin Zhengen's guidance undoubtedly.

    Those who serve as Jin Zhengen is main follow in person, huang Bing oath go up at top speed this year, the undersecretary that will organize a branch from labor partisans thing in March rises for the first undersecretary, and be elected as acting assemblyman of top people conference first; In April the middle ten days of a month, he wears a military uniform to attend public activity, adorn epaulet of 4 stars general, be maintained by Korea media already rising general; With lunar base, korea media reports, council of war of labor the Party Central Committee and national defence committee carry relevant decision, award Huang Bing oath second Shuai Jun is held.

    Conference of Jin Zhengen absent

    The picture that Korea nation TV station broadcasts shows, jin Zhengen did not attend the meeting, his seat is empty. Jin Zhengen is in office near 3 ye

    ars to attended plenary session of top people meeting 4 times, this is him first absent.

    Regard Korea as top authority gear, top person witenagemot views every 5 years of votes acting assemblyman, hold a plenary session every year, can hold the meeting the 2nd times when necessary. This year in April, conference of the 13rd top people holds first time meeting, jin Zhengen is attended and be elected as national defence committee again the first chairman.

    From this month day and 3 wife plum snow advocate since watching peony peak philharmonic society to make a concert newly in smooth soil together, jin Zhengen already had 20 many days to did not appear in open circumstance. And body of Korea labor party signs up for " labor news " report 23 days, jin Zhengen still holds to dog days forced arch below torrid weather. Add Korea TV station to broadcast before a few pictures that when Jin Zhengen inspects, walk, these circumstances cause Korea media to guess.

    Nevertheless, korea unites an one renown official to accept Korea " Korea daily " when interviewing, mention, jin Zhengen was mixed 2012 respectively 23 days did not appear publicly with 17 days 2013. A few analysts think, disappear in Korea media coverage to Jin Zhengen, need not excessive unscramble.

    Korea network journal " daily Korea " Kelisigelin points out Korea problem expert, former Korea is highest day of leader Jin Zheng also is not attend top people meeting, and, top people conference is not the decision-making orgnaization with true Korea.

    12 years obligation is taught

    Additional, the 2nd times the conference passed top people conference to make compulsory education 12 general years about be being carried out in the round that day, raise the resolution that teachs quality considerably.

    Piao Fengzhu of Korea cabinet prime minister made the working report that makes compulsory education 12 years about carrying out on the conference. He says, teach the task that the branch faces to include: Should expand further and strengthen pedagogic team, raise pedagogic level greatly, enhance their action; Do high school of technology of good run an enterprise the preparatory job of category of school of this one new learning; Drive secondary education actively to develop to higher administrative levels; Consolidate the research force that teachs scientific research mechanism, aggrandizement its responsibility and action.

    Witenagemot of the 12nd top person discusses the Korea that held in September 2012 the 6th times the conference issues a decree, begin to carry out 12 years to make compulsory education.

    Read related: Photograph of Mao Xiaofeng wife: 80 hind did two people of 4 lines young star marry 2012 (pursue) 2015-02-02 2015 year before pop chart of the popular in January smartphone that install eminent 10 do 10 optimal mobile phones recommend 2015-02-01 Mao Xiaofeng does setting data uncover secret to be investigated? Xiamen of Zhangzhou of city of spring of Fujian of 2015-02-02 news recreation

    Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

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    Air defence of my the East China Sea identifies content experience area

    Dispatch occupied the net austral Fujian on January 27 Japanese media coverage, 25 days of evening, the Japanese prime minister that visitting in India brings times advance 3 talk all right with Indian premier Xin Geju, intercurrent watch combines statement.

    The statement content that after talking this, publishs includes: In economic respect, undertake to help India infrastructure is built, japan borrows money the yen that offers above of 200 billion yen to India.

    In safe domain, day imprints both sides will build the mechanism; that ensures adviser of bureau director and Indian state security to begin a dialogue regularly by Japan home security this year before the end of the year, both sides will carry out the 3rd combination that by Japan maritime militia and Indian navy have to train in Japanese coastal waters.

    Notable is, mention in statement, china delimits in the East China Sea fortify sky identifies area be related, day imprints both sides all says, the flight that is a foundation with p

    rinciple of law of nations and voyage freedom have very i
    mportant sense.

    Air defence of concerned the East China Sea identifies an area, fang Jiang is moved in, extremely individual country delimited early 1969 established division of air defence identifying, in be opposite without the qualification at all square reasonable and legal action makes carding comments. Extremely individual country must meditate seriously oneself practice, other concerned side also answer speak and act cautiously, do not suffer its bewitch abet. (in new)

    Recommend read: How times visit imprint " break money " meaning of large sheet of autograph army carry out is in contend China [graph]

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    One subway station produces Egypt capital Caire explosive assault sends 12 people to get hurt

    2022年01月18日 09:30 广州98场推荐JGD
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    The United States shoots dead Ben Ladeng exposure of photograph of seal commando team member is pulled ascend get killed by 3 guns

    2022年01月18日 09:30 2020东莞桑拿蒲友
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    Kaniliuhu of spokesman of American the White House needs butter small unripe change " a tough guy "

    2022年01月18日 09:30 全国茶资源信息
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    Logging onto the high official that registers text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to love to see play is good actor! Abstruse cling to did footman Fu ever gues-star: of origin of beautiful theatrical work? Qu Xian?2014-02-21 17:3Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 6 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

    The beautiful high official that loves to see play is good actor!

    Abstruse cling to footman Fu is beautiful theatrical work is confused, still had gues-starred; of beautiful theatrical work to do obeisance to ascend genius of performance be havinged by assist

    Aobama ever gues-starred beautiful theatrical work 2010 " gossip terminator "

    The net austral Fujian dispatch is beautiful on Feburary 21 drama " card room " with Han drama " come from star you " be being held in both hands by heat of Chinese network audience, a lot of people not hesitate even stay up late seek theatrical work. Actually, a lot of politician, for instance abstruse cling to footman Fu is beautiful theatrical work is confused, and also do not reject to gues-star. 2012, the vice president before the United States is done obeisance to ascend in teleplay " park recreation " in the movie and TV that gives oneself " maiden show " , be had to perform endowment by assist. Politicians " get an electric shock " early not curious. Accompany increasing president, premier to join in the film, teleplay is made, people can'ts help plainting: Star politician is good actor mostly!

    Do obeisance to ascend, Lai Si ever also gues-starred

    American president Aobama ever gues-starred beautiful theatrical work 2010 " gossip terminator " . Pass editing and rearrangement, aobama is in the performance get sth done without any letup of this drama. Michelle ever also had a few times gues-star experience. March 2010, michelle is in cartoon " Xinpusen " in brief " appear " . Move free edition " Michelle " in Pianzhongyi body purple dress, wearing pearl necklace and earring, be exactly like her herself about. On June 13, 2011, michelle serves as gues-star a honored guest to be in the beauty drama " Aikali " in showed a face. March 2012, michelle appears in beautiful theatrical work again " thin body amounts to a person " in.

    2011, lai Si of the Secretary of State before the United States also is in the beauty drama " I am comedy mad " in gues-starred. 2008, "God " because Ba Fei spy gues-stars soap opera " I all children " took 700 dollars remuneration. Hollywood science fiction piece " 2012 " in, shiwaxinge also showed the A Nuo · that American California bey holds the post of when face. The bey of giant star of this one's previous experience acts rising is handy more.

    The person ever made up Saqieerfu to act oneself oneself

    Man of simple of springlet of the premier before Japan participated in Aoteman film edition " the battle of big strange animal -- Aoteman is galactic and fabulous " make, for piece in regnant Aoteman is familial abstruse special king d

    ub, become the first to take on the premier before the Japan of dub actor.

    BBC TV station r

    olls out drama " be, premier " going up century when 80 time broadcast, once caused accept visual field scale hotly, allegedly British assemblyman becomes warped even to watch this opera the class comes home. Because saw,be probably " be, premier " so large force, the talent wants the Saqieerfu that British premier holds the post of when gues-star this drama show. In news secretary Bernard Yinhaimu's help falls, herself holds a knife to be " be, premier " created a small play to act his. (the law is late)

    Read related: " sacred child " the person that devil is acted is exactly like Aobama its show share deletes Xiamen of Zhangzhou of city of spring of news recreation Fujian

    Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

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    Long Hai of oath of Korea Huang Bing, Cui, Jin Yangjian visits Han to will attend Renchuanya now carry closure

    2022年01月18日 09:30 目前番禺各大zj地点
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    IMF president or be faced with misuse of authority to investigate a response to say to won't resign

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    Russian intermediary: Yanukeweiji or already flew to Muscovite occupy medical treatment to go vacationing village

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    Will come 7 days on May 6, philippine make disturbance in Nanhai early or late with Vietnam: Philippine sea alarm the fisher that I work normally in maritime space of reef of Nanhai half moon reachs illegal distrain 11 China fisherman.

    To this, abroad hands in department spokesman Hua Chunying 7 days to emphasize in, china is right include half moon reef inside The Nansha Islands reachs his to add coastal waters region to have incontestable dominion, at present Chinese sea alarm the boat has driven an accident to the spot, just ask phenanthrene just gives out to this in logical explanation, and put a person instantly put a ship. Philippine respect also just is warned not to adopt any provoking to act again in.

    " Chinese youth signs up for " the reporter understands through relevant channel, philippine production disturbance has political objective already, also have the specific consideration of aggrandizement Nanhai defence. Ding Zhile of chairman of association of fishery of door of pool of Hainan sea fining jade also appeals when accepting our newspaper reporter to interview, the government should increase the strength protecting fishing to Nanhai further.

    Philippine sea alarm shoot fisher of strong capture China

    On May 6 10 when the left and right sides, fine jade 09063 of sea fining jade, fine jade two 03168 fisher are in sea fining jade when maritime space of reef of Na Sha half moon works, encounter gun of He Ming of intercept of unidentified armed ship browbeats. Fine jade 03168 fisher withdraw sea fining jade successfully this maritime space, another fisher and 11 fishermans break couplet.

    Philippine nation police station is maritime group always alarm Siwajiasi expresses 7 days through Reuter, phenanthrene sea alarm 6 days in the morning 7 when the left and right sides arrests fisher of a China around reef of half moon of The Nansha Islands, there is peace treaty of 11 Chinas sailor on this fisher 350 chelonian. Wajiasi says, phenanthrene just discovers the position of Chinese fisher is located in Philippine exclusive economic zone: This fisher is pulled at present of Philippine southwest cling to pull visit an island, philippine respect will reach concerned personnel to lodge a complaint to fisher over. 7 days afternoon, wajiasi discloses again say, still have a Philippine fishermen with what Chinese fisher is arrested at the same time, aboard discovered more than 70 chelonian. He says: Breed of a few chelonian belongs to protective ocean species, catching hunt is illegal.

    Station of Philippine GMA news the word of Philippine naval officer says 7 days of quote, another China fisher was at large to suffer the intercept of another armed ship from spot hind, but the armed ship that is not us then.

    Door of pool of city of Hainan sea fining jade presses down fishing politics fishing port to supervise Wang Qizhen of control stand deputy stationmaster 7 days to say to media, fine jade sea fining jade 09063 fisher go to Na Shahai region to produce at will declaring at customs from fishing port of pool door center on April 24, will reach sea area of reef of Na Sha half moon o

    n April 29. On May 6 10 when the left and right sides, philippine armed personnel is ascended forcibly fine jade 09063 of sea fining jade, and to celestial airing of views 45 guns are warned, this boat and its personnel control, fine jade 03168 boats discovery drives fishing of sea fining jade instantly after the circumstance the boat leaves, the ship that a doubt appears to be like Vietnam fisher again when should opening door of reef of half moon reef to be in undertakes intercept to this boat, fire a shot warning. Final, fine jade 03168 boats left of great capacity fining jade successfully this maritime space. And fine jade the north of 09063 fisher fights sea fining jade accommodation monitoring already on May 6 10 when be shut 12 minutes, pool door presses down fishing politics fishing port to supervise control stand loses connection with its.

    Ding Zhile of chairman of association of fishery of door of pool of Hainan sea fining jade is being accepted 7 days late " Chinese youth signs up for " when the reporter is interviewed, express, up to 7 days 20 when stop, fine jade sea fining jade 09063 had not gotten in touch with them, 11 fishermans that break couplet all come from 3 villages that door of pool of city of sea fining jade presses down, among them the age is 64 the biggest years old, 19 the smallest years old. According to Introduction Ding Zhile, guard of door of pool of city of sea fining jade still has 339 ships to work in Na Shahai region now. The fisher that works every year toward Na Shahai region before pool door exceeds 160, involve 5000 people of piscatorial to control, take ship of exercise of Na Shahai region 7 into above.

    This the half moon reef of accident ground is one of insular reef of Chinese The Nansha Islands, be located in north latitude 8 degrees 52 minutes, the east longitude 116 degrees 16 minutes, atoll, the ministry is flooded by seawater southeast its, form buccal door, accessibility 300 tons of fisher. Fishery of half moon reef is resourceful, and the berth that has had and natural port bay, our country fisherman often comes here exercise. Half moon reef belongs to Chinese territory since ancient times, half moon reef has the rock that gives dew all the year round, can enjoy 12 sea mile territorial sea borders with 12 sea mile area.

    Publish Nanhai defence to plan to cope with China

    Accident that day, philippine officer of an advanced army passes Japanese joint company outward bound is cast gave defence of a so called Nanhai to plan, and phenanthrene just is in of late the big movement of Nanhai maritime space is more consecutive.

    Allege according to this phenanthrene army officer, to protect Philippine national interest, should resist China is right of Philippine exclusive economic zone inbreak, the ado to Philippine fisherman, and the Chinese ship of ceaseless aggrandizement. This official says: China still thinks occupational ceremony happy beach. For this, philippine army casts a Nanhai defence formally to plan, the budget of this plan will be in Ajinuo's president reached the designated position entirely before lieutenancy end 2016.

    According to the plan of this Nanhai defense of newest exposure, phenanthrene square specific content includes: In in island of course of study instantly deploy patrols twice boat and two maritime scout; Preparative clique patrols joyous island of boat permanent horse, reef of another resident commanding officer; The card that establishs dimensions of brigade of a land battle pulls Yan Qun team of insular spy dispatch; Instantly the airport on island of the course of study in repair, add propose the dock establishment that can hold ship of the sea, air force and plane. In addition, philippine island of the course of study in still considering to be in is circumjacent occupational island reef builds its pl

    ace satellite communications base station, the setting has direct and the radar monitoring system that control capacity; This year before the end of the year, in the Ma Huan that Philippine place occupies insular place belongs to 9 all islands marine surveillance and scout are built on reef systematic radical stands, among them Yang Xin alluvion, the construction project of lunar island is the 2nd echelon formation on the west, predict to was finished 2016, the project of reef of the island that expend a letter, commander and Na Yaojiao will be finished 2018. Meanwhile, philippine still plan to start information war inside global limits, the authority that attempts to publicize Nanhai place to belong to insular reef through the system is belonged to, acclaim Philippine dominion view.

    In plan of defense of so called Nanhai, strengthening its to reach those who add coastal waters region to patrol to reef of island of Na Sha embezzlement is phenanthrene square one big move. To this, hainan fines jade Ding Zhile of chairman of association of fishery of sea pool door expresses to the reporter: Philippine patrol strength is strengthened apparently recently, and its sea alarm often masked execute the law, carry a weapon namely but do not wear uniform, by official business of fisher and rather than the boat reachs close China fishermen. As a result of Nanhai armed pirate appears from time to tome, work in Nanhai plus Chinese fisherman sea area is vast, hope government enhances the strength that protect fishing further.

    In fact, philippine the big movement in Nanhai is latter continuous: On May 3, the leatherneck on shabby to kindheartedness reef landing boat has phenanthrene air man airdrop supply; 4 days, 5000 United States and Philippine soldier begin to be in draw near the land sea area of Nanhai holds code name to be shoulder to shoulder massive exercise, one of practice headings in an account book are those who answer a likelihood to inbreak; 6 days, philippine before senatorial Lamosisahani is advertised avowedly should let the United States offer martial base on kindheartedness reef and Huang Yan island.

    On May 7, philippine " the star signs up for " return a report to say, this month 10 days come 11 days be about to at Burmese the 24th held Dong Mengfeng is met on, sansei of Philippine president A Jinuo will drive Nanhai code of conduct again.

    Phenanthrene authorities thought to obtain American protection

    Warm up again to connecting recently Nanhai condition, 7 days of reports say station of Philippine GMA news, because week visit is Philippine on American president Aobama,this is later, let Manila in feel he obtained American protection.

    Not come singly but in pairs, vietnam also is in of late Nanhai motion is constant. Yesterday, china and Vietnam ship produce conflict in Nanhai controversy maritime space.

    The Nanhai problem that warms up again causes international media attention, many Philippine a man of insight expressed intense be anxiousing. Philippine before senatorial Lei Ni expresses when accepting Philippine ABS-CBN TV station to interview, the basis is Philippine the 7th chapter provided charter the 2nd times 1987, philippine the diplomacy that should pursue independence, is not to depend on the United States overly. Lei Ni says: We sign the spirit that the U.S. Army withdrew Philippine base agreement 1991 should be not forgotten. We should not become American colony, we are in early became independent 1946, can look now, did we become independent what? !

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    Iran western produce 5.6 class aftershock to more shake feeling strong shock already caused 50 people injury

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    Login register name of A of Reynolds of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to draw " accept of a place of strategic importance - does Ma En save riverside scene " : of origin of flea market showing a body? Qu Xian?2014-01-14 15:5Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 6 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

    American woman

    7 dollars buy picture of name of have things stolen to be sentenced to return art gallery

    Reynolds A name is drawn " accept of a place of strategic importance - Ma En saves riverside scene "

    Occupy American media 12 days to report, the A of French painter Reynolds that a woman of American claims to be bought so that value likelihood is as high as 100 thousand dollar with 7 dollars in flea market is drawn " accept of a place of strategic importance - Ma En saves riverside scene " , but was stolen 1951 because of this picture, the judge gives orders 10 days spoil must not be made over, and should return sth to its origin owner -- Maryland city Baltimore art gallery.

    This woman is called Maxiya Fu boast, come from Virginia city. Blessing boast with a ha spilled the flea market of ferry dock in Xi Fuji Ni Yazh

    ou 2009, bought this picture that paints a name without designation to make. She says, because like the frame of this picture. But she does not know this canvas at that time is to be tasted really, the discard of conveniently general is in two years in the garage half. Until hold the position of art teacher and the mother that is a painter urged her to draw rate for this in July 2012, blessing boast ability is corroborant this picture is to be tasted really. Blessing boast and Baltimore art gallery engage in a lawsuit old. Fujiniyadong judge of court of area federal ground is Boer base the horse rejects blessing boast 10 days to have this to draw droit, adjudication is spoil as a result of this picture, droit cannot be made over. Baltimore art gallery ever expressed, this picture from November 1951 have things stolen comes what job produced between the body now afresh, still be a mystery up to now. (In new network)

    Recommend read: "Santa Claus " pass through Jesus of Napoleon of Venus of plan of group of originality of world name picture changes along with the heart

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    uncover secret to be investigated? Xiamen of Zhangzhou of city of spring of Fujian of 2015-02-02 news recreation

    Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

    2022年01月18日 09:30 武汉夜生活论坛网027
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    The brigade of passenger car of open of abstruse Ba Ma drive special change one's costume or dress can suffer shrapnel to atttack

    2022年01月18日 09:30 上海龙凤419论坛
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    Wife of Zu Ma of south Africa president exposing to the sun rapes bad news public money in the home 140 million long illicit curtilage

    2022年01月18日 09:30 上海贵族宝贝论坛
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    Service of provide for the aged of attention spring city makes happy and senile living

    The net austral

    Fujian rolls out special subject report, the form such as to in an attempt to, article, video, show fontal state filling career of neat provide
    for the aged is brief board, promotion provide for the aged is taken

    2022年01月18日 09:30 东莞桑拿蒲友 广佛街 论坛
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    France character of one children book is completely naked content interest explodes cause violent scold battle

    2022年01月18日 09:30 上海龙凤419论坛
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    register text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian are Harry prince and model cummer high-key is hearsay of beautiful conjugal love meddlesome near (graph) origin: ? Travel hill?2014-03-11 18:2Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 1 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel [summary] British Harry prince and model cummer after Bonasi is in love all the time very low-key, high-key recently beautiful conjugal love.

    Data chart: Harry prince and accept of its cummer rich this

    According to Hong Kong " civil report " report, england breaths out li of prince and model cummer after Bonasi is in love all the time very low-key, but after afterwards attends the activity of open circumstance together first last week, 9 days watch Chinese olive ball game together again, the outside believes two people beautiful conjugal love represents amour stability, likely even and meddlesome near.

    In October 2010, williams prince invites the cummer at that time Kate and its family, the private fire group that joins Scotland Ba Ermo to strap Er fort is right, a lunar hind announces to be engaged. The message points out, harry plans to take rich accept Si Jinxia to arrive visit Baermoleerbao,

    the woman or first with flower queen meets, harry of your outside conjecture is fast will announce marriage dispatch.

    In addition, harry's uncle, Andrew prince of 54 years old was patted a few days ago with inferior base curious kiss, the red that makes two people is heard be troubled by bubbling with noisely. In this sensitive hour, 34 years old inferior base curious and abrupt one Zhang Ding marriage uploads to get picture of Buddhist monastic discipline in gregarious website, offend come many people guess they already were engaged. Andrew clarifies through the spokesman ever since, his friend also expresses Andrew and inferior base curious acquaintance evens more 10 years, it is a friend only.

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    Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

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  • 武汉夜盟

    Service of provide for the aged of attention spring city makes happy and senile living

    The net austral Fujian rolls out special subject report, the form such as to in an attempt to, article, video, show fontal state filling career of nea

    t provi
    de for the aged is brief board, promotion provide for the aged is taken

    2022年01月18日 09:30 0757佛山飞机按摩论坛
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    Before Malaysia army personage announces Ma Hang MH370 to be missing, whole voyage circuitry pursues

    2022年01月18日 09:30 广州悦来香pm之家是真的吗
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    According to Russia new network reports, russia emergency department releases alarm 12

    days to say, 12 federal main body of 4 federal districts have Russia 13 days produce the superlative degree to fasten- - the danger of 5 class fire.

    Forecast says: "Release Siberia federal area, the Volga coastal and federal distric

    t, southern federal area and north are Caucasian federal district (12 main body, 73 areas) future may produce fire of urgent Gao Wei one day (top level, 5 class) urgent forecast. 5 class) urgent forecast..

    Responsibility edits: Hdwmn_zqy

    2022年01月18日 09:30 上海各区gm资源汇总推荐 西安绿茶spa曲江
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    Day desire and engine of tank of Turkey research and development increase martial security cooperation

    2022年01月18日 09:30 爱上海贵族宝贝论坛
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    is this page list page or home page? Did not find appropriate text content.

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    Lin Jun of Canadian China student studying abroad tries open a court session 29 days by dismemberment case

    2022年01月18日 09:30 武汉洗浴桑拿网
  • 上海千花宝贝

    Indonesian president carries a wife to queue up to deal with board the plane sit tourist class goes abroad win support

    2022年01月18日 09:30 上海外菜会所
  • 西安最新kb吃牛

    Now international news

    2022年01月18日 09:30 夜上海最新论坛 西安品茶工作室
  • 爱上海贵族宝贝自荐shlf1314

    Aobama sends 475 U.S. Armies to go to Yi to enlarge Syrian churchyard to ISIS air attack again

    2022年01月18日 09:30 武汉狼盟武汉夜生活网
  • 阿拉后花园

    Malaysia airline and carry 239 people plane to break couplet 7 hours

    Malaysia loses couplet plane newest video

    According to Reuter report, rescuing official of a Vietnam shows 8 days, heretofore of airliner of Malaysia airline MH370 still did not get any signal.

    The officer that exceeds Nanhai thing to rescue cooperative center expresses to Reuter, still fall below search plane, but any signal

    that had not gotten a plane. (Malaysia loses couplet plane discovery of newest video Vietnam misses couplet plane signal)


    his official still says, report about what discover signal of the plane that break couplet around province of Ou of Vietnam south gold and not accurate. (legal evening paper)

    Recommend read:

    Malaysia is missing airliner reason analyses boat oil extinct or blame is horrible assault

    Malaysia breaks couplet plane Chinese 160 announce the public to connect a telephone call

    2022年01月18日 09:30 武汉夜网狼盟sz027
  • 上海花千坊1314

    Japanese Boule election brings times advance from civilian party triumph 3 will continue be in office 4 years

    2022年01月18日 09:30 武汉红场海选DG
  • 龙凤交友419

    Integrated Xinhua News Agency and report of China News Service, british department of defense announces 16 days, will send two fully armed Azrael to head for middle east area without man-machine, extreme of churchyard of executive blow Iraq arms the reconnoiter task of Mohammedan country.

    The deploy before these two Azrael do not have man-machine to look is in Afghanistan. Fahlen expresses Er of Michael of chancellery of British national defence, unmanned aircraft of England will help Iraqi government and the international united army that the United States leads undertake scouting acting. He did not show the specific time of unmanned aircraft deploy, but state unmanned aircraft will begin very quickly participate in the action i

    n Iraqi churchyard.

    Mohammedan country is organized a paragraph of video was made public in Syria recently. One comes from German north the holy battle of power city person in the appeal in video its compatriots joins a battle, and to this country premier Mokeer gives out menace.

    It is reported, this a target of video conduct propaganda that grows ten minutes is main be aimed at the United States. But this terrorist says in video German premier Mokeer supports the United States to have air attack to Mohammedan country, must treat as American. He still browbeat in video the leader of the western country such as France, England, Russia.

    Occupy Turkey media additionally 16 days to report, turkey added car of clique for military use to head for area of as attrib border as Syria border on that day, with enhancing border security further, answer the menace that comes from Mohammedan country.

    (Original title: Silent gram Er meets with battle of German Mohammedan emperor person video

    is minatory)

    2022年01月18日 09:30 上海千花网论坛
  • 东莞0769桑拿论坛

    France courtyard of one domestic discipline exercised by the head of a feudal household rules 4 days, whether is misuse of authority suspected of when approve of investigates Christina Lajiade to hold the post of French finance minister. Lajiade denies relevant accusation, call even if investigation, also won't resign post of president of international Monetary Fund.

    Forensic approval

    Courtyard of French republic fair execute is in charge of handling the criminal case that involves governmental member. It says, whether does forensic board of inquiry need the decision with witness identity interrogatory Lajiade or formal investigation she.

    Dow Jones news agency reports, function of this one board of inquiry is equivalent to inquisitor, can decide to reject accusation at the same time.

    Be in charge of choosing the Relaer Palisi of application committee chairman of legal contentious case to think, courtyard of republican fair execute shows level is to indicate intention only. He says: "Without more detail, I can tell you, that is the decision that approve of asks to investigate only. That is the decision that approve of asks to investigate only..

    Lajiade will be exposed to the sun to go out this year in May be suspected of incident of misuse of authority. That month later on, she announces presidency of contend international Monetary Fund.

    The case is answered put

    A few inquisitor point to admit, after Lajiade took up the post of French economy, finance and industrial minister 2007 before long, be suspected of misuse of authority, command battalion of one family property arbitrates the orgnaization solves famous entrepreneur Beiernade Dapiye and country of the one France before the home charge a conflict between the bank.

    Dapiye is one of main Maecenas when France currently holds the post ofpresidential Nigula Sakeqi to ran for the presidency 2007. Press check side argument, dapiye's lawsuit already was pestered old. French supreme court adjudicates he loses a lawsuit before, however he refuses to obey.

    Then the home arbitrates the orgnaization is maintained finally, the bank sold 1993 Adidasi operates under one's name of tower skin Ye when sprotswear brand undeserved, need to compensate for Dapiye 558 million dollar.

    Supreme court inquisitor lets - Louis · accept amounts to Er to oppugn Lajiade why to decide to give orders to arbitrate, is not to seek settle dispute by the court; Face compensation of a huge sum, why does Lajiade decide not to appeal.

    Lajiade denies misuse of authority. Her counsel thinks, that country before the home accuses a bank to had been registered become commercial entity, arbitration of completely applicable by settles the way of dispute. In the meantime, make clear Lajiadeben without evidence the person is benefited from inside this one incident.

    "Embrassing "

    The BBC is stationed in Kelisidian Fraser of French Paris reporter to think, french respect 4 days make known his position to make Lajiade " embarrassed " , after all she just took up the post of president of international Monetary Fund just a month.

    Fraser says, even if investigation, in view of judicatory system of France, month of duration of likelihood general bad news, count even year.

    Le Pikai of · of lawyer Yi husband says, the law decides just to won't affect Lajiaderu today t

    he job, "This one proceeding and responsibility of president of international Monetary Fund are none contradictory " .

    Lajiade is 55 years old, law and politics major one's previous experience, before France presidential Jacques Xilake is in office the ministerial class delegate that evening takes up the post of ministerial and responsible foreign trade.

    After Sakeqi appeared on the st

    age 2007, pull add cabinet of heart remain in office, hold the position of agricultural minister. Of the same age in June, sakeqi changes inter block cabinet, lajiade takes up the post of economy, finance and obtain employment minister, become 8 states female money of the first place in group member country is long.

    This year on June 28, lajiade is elected for international Monetary Fund new allow president, assume office formally on July 5, become this to organize person of door of chief woman strike with the palm of the hand.


    Qualitative likelihood changes

    Forensic ruling has 3 kinds of likely outcomes, it is Lajiade does not have be involved in any cases, 2 it is to launch formal investigation, 3 it is to continue collect information, the decision is made after delaying. Total inquisitor of French supreme court expresses, republican court may be mixed with accessory defalcate accomplice forges file accusation to launch investigation. This is meant, of investigation qualitative happening change. This year May, total inquisitor asks republican court launchs investigation with respect to misuse of authority. The measurement of penalty that accessory defalcate and accomplice forge file blame should compare blame of misuse of authority one times more serious, if accusation holds water, will be sentenced 10 years to imprison, be in the fine with 150 thousand euro.

    Responsibility edits: Hdwmn_ctt

    2022年01月18日 09:30 东莞桑拿推油 上海贵族宝贝龙凤