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西安品茶工作室Han day change identifies area manner to allow civil aviaton freedom to report flight plan

Yesterday, korea land the Ministry of Communication and province of Japan ground transportation are made early or late make known one's position, allow freedom of respective country airline to make the choice that whether submits flight plan to China. But Japanese respect expresses, in the air defence knowledge that is aimed at Chinese government set. . .

2013-12-13 11:02 origin: ? ┗  north?
Spanish apothecary is collected so that netizen of Han of 12 kilograms of one gigantic dawdle exclamations infrequent

Gigantic mushroom diameter occupies Korea for 65 centimeters " Asian economy " report, an apothecary discovered Spain recently 12 kilograms of heavy tremendous dawdle, han netizen exclamations infrequent. According to coverage of Spanish place media, an apothecary discovered a few days ago " Pang Ran. . .

2013-12-13 10:42 origin: ? Qu Xian?
19 years old of boys of United States and young associate build switchback to be spent only 1.5 days oneself 50 dollars

Switchback is 15 meters long, the function is complete according to American media 10 days report, heart of dimension of 19 years old of boy spy of American and mother bet successful, with the others 3 boys together, inside a day of half time, spend 50 dollars only (about 304 yuan of RMBs) build in oneself backyard. . .

2013-12-13 10:38 origin: ? Qu Xian?
Korea official announces: Still cannot affirm Jin Zhengnan is in where personally at present

Korea continues 11 days to spread out large-scale critically Zhang Chengze to move. The young student that the graph is university of industry of Korea gold strategy makes a pledge to support cacique Jin Zhengen (round-the-world times) Korea media coverage points out, korea because 2 characters Zhang Chengze tries to overturn Jin Zheng? . . .

2013-12-13 10:32 origin: ? Qu Xian?
Japan releases new edition islands to publicize a Sino-South Korean gravity to make known one's position footing

Omit the activity that its the video language that Diaoyu Island concerns on the website increases to 9 kinds in the light of Japanese foreign affairs, hong Lei of spokesman of Ministry of Foreign Affairs expresses 12 days, japan just objects be being adopted on Diaoyu Island problem stoutly in another provoke the action. And Korea? . . .

2013-12-13 10:26 origin: ? Qu Xian?
Personnel of diplomacy of two countries of broken ice of hopeful of beautiful age-old relationship already secret talks about 6 months

Dispatch will occupy the net austral Fujian on December 13 England " daily Post " report, on the memorial meeting of Mandela of the president before the deceased south Africa that held recently, leader of American president Aobama and Cuba handclasp has shown Laoer Kasiteluo, cause international society attention. . .

2013-12-13 10:20 origin: ? Qu Xian?
Argentina explodes rambunctious one China citizen dies supermarket of much home Chinese is robbed

Mob loot supermarket creates the network austral panicky Fujian on December 13 dispatch from this month much tile of Er of family of the 2nd big city produces 4 days of Argentina since large-scale disturbance, the police goes on strike and fool incident of the shop that grab trade to begin to spread to Argentine whole nation. ? . . .

2013-12-13 10:14 origin: ? Qu Xian?
Thailand politics condition lasts queasy soldiers and police just rejects to interview opposition

12 days, thailand national flag is raised after a person that oppose governmental put on a show of force mounts enclosure of premier government office. The net austral Fujian of hair of Xinhua News Agency on December 13 prime minister of government of dispatch Thailand guard flower pull

12 days to be stridden in Qing Dynasty publish televised speech, invite Thailand each political party and delegate of social all circles 1. . .

2013-12-13 10:04 origin: ? Qu Xian?
Philippine catch buckle 78 Chinese to check a passport to already had 52 people get-off [graph]

Philippine immigration office is in capital Manila area 11 days dash forward investigate two Chinese market, catch buckle 78 Chinese, in order to check them resident. Phenanthrene intermediary says, immigration office official says, this the action is not in the light of Chinese citizen.

2013-12-13 09:13 origin: ? Qu Xian?
Graceful heart plays a memorial meeting translator of pinchbeck sign language: I just break out mental disease (graph)

Message of the intermediary outside occupying, be shown graceful heart helps advanced president on the memorial meeting careless " sign language is translated " he saying when the man accepts a visit 12 days is not cheater, just break out mental disease to bring about cannot work normally.

2013-12-12 17:45 origin: ? Travel hill?
The rarest orchid shows Europe body fire ridge already disappeared nearly 2 centuries (graph)

Inferior there is numerous orchid species on fast Er archipelago. The graph attachs most importance to the butterfly that goes up in archipelago now orchid, had disappeared two centuries. The intermediary outside occupying reports, europe's most unusual orchid species is heavy now inferior Su Erqun island is in on volcanic backbone. This kind is called. . .

2013-12-12 17:44 origin: ? Huge rock of discharge  contraction?
Hearing of Han Ya aviation accident holds foliaceous dream circle to meet with actually twice grind as scheduled pressure

Data chart: On August 2, the ashes of the dead that family member of victim of Han Ya aviation accident is taking a victim will to Zhejiang save bury of cemetery of a depressed place of country Home Cao. In July in July before dawn, han Yahang is empty 777 planes are in a Boeing the crash when American san Francisco descends, in coming from country. . .

2013-12-12 16:30 origin: ? Qu  ?
Demonstrate of drive of Wu Kelan police person encounter block to meet with demonstrate person " water prepares Chinese medicine by roasting it in a pan " nick

Demonstrate of drive of Wu Kelan police person encounter block to meet with demonstrate person " water prepares Chinese medicine by roasting it in a pan " nick confronts each other through nearly 10 hours, wu Kelan police 11 days of before dawn try to drive out many days gather at the capital base complementary the demonstrate of downtown square and municipal government building person, control this afresh. . .

2013-12-12 14:42 origin: ? Qu Xian?
England plans to be opened wide to Chinese company " nuclear reactor " construction operation gate

Fahlen accepts the · of Er of state secretary Michael that British the sources of energy and climate change ministry are in charge of general affairs of the sources of energy " peaceful interview person newspaper " say when the special interview, england will allow Chinese company to be in England native land construction and operation nuclear reactor, this shows British government is in to in. . .

2013-12-12 14:37 origin: ? Qu Xian?
England edition of true person of 9 a period of ten days " energetically jack-tar " still can start 30 kilogram heavy thing

Had seen cartoon " energetically jack-tar " the person is opposite certainly hero wave admire loves to have spinach impressive. John Fanwoweike of British old man is called true person edition energetically jack-tar. He already 90 years old of advanced age, still hold to fitness, can raise the clog of 30 kilogram. . . .

2013-12-12 14:34 origin: ? Qu Xian?
Position of establishment of military affairs of Russia deploy arctic has arctic area dominion

Beijing of Russia president general makes an instruction 10 days to the department of defense, the demand increases Russia to exist in arctic military affairs, in order to defend national interest and safety. And a day ago, canadian official confirms big arctic area that selects the view inside to including arctic. . .

2013-12-12 14:21 origin: ? Qu Xian?
Kidney failure of within an inch of of woman of Ying Changjian body is constant fitness wrong also?

Common saying says " a minute cultivated, a minute of results " , a woman is in England also think so when fitness. According to British media coverage, this woman of 30 years old has effect for fitness, add a quantity to be maintained to death on the first fitness class, because of,do not think however muscle. . .

2013-12-12 14:16 origin: ? Qu Xian?
American scientist considers to show: Wei elder brother conduces to slow down dysmenorrhoea

Occupy media 11 days to report, wei elder brother will be the male no longer special, according to American scientist one considers to show, the basis of Wei elder brother can be valid the dysmenorrhoea of slow do

wn female. Ligeluo of professor of department of gynaecology of institute of medicine of American guest city is considering to say in the report, this. . .

2013-12-12 14:14 origin: ? Qu Xian?
Newest research: Take a picture cannot raise people begin to remember things to be just the opposite to what one wished instead

One studies the report shows, take a picture to cannot help people begin to remember things possibly, be just the opposite to what one wished instead. Law intermediary reports 10 days, beautiful jade of psychologist of university of heart of Er of humble of American cost Er amounts to · go smoothly to overcame Er to do a test. She arranges a few students to be in the school rich. . .

2013-12-12 14:10 origin: ? Qu Xian?
Beautiful emeritus old person is used " ground channel is oily " develop elegant soap [graph]

The price of every toilet soap comes in 4 dollars in an apartment that silent of lay mines of American Washington state pauses between 6 dollars, fatigue of emeritus old person pulls · Nai Yibu to making manual toilet soap. See she pours a pail of amber oil into matrix slowly only, sweet? . . .

2013-12-12 14:05 origin: ? Qu Xian?



Xinhua net is Mohammedan fort Pakistan Ministry of Foreign Affairs will say report 12 days on October 12, cling to premier state security and A Qici of external affairs adviser sent letter U.N. secretary-general that day Panjiwen, condemnation India makes conflict send a large number of civilian casualties in area of two countries border.

Say in the letter, from this month 1 day arrives 10 days, imprint just had started the operation that violates cease-fire agreement 42 times in all in border area, cause cling to square 52 12 civilian death, civilian and 9 Mingshi troops are wounded. Stem from self-defensive consideration, cling to square square to imprinting provoke behavior to give fight back, main

tained utmost at the same time exercise restraint.

A Qici says, cling to governmental sincerity hopes Yin Fangshen weighs a consideration, avoid condition out of control. Cling to just solve to peace cling to imprint the acceptance of the problem keeps changeless. Pakistan believes U.N. can be in facilitate main effect is produced in this one target.

Past a week is much, imprint cling to two countries is in Kashmir border land mutual bombard. Both sides criticises the other side destroyed cease-fire agreement each other. Imprint just say bombard causes 7 to imprint at least civilian death, 60 much people are injured.

After cent treated India and Pakistan 1947, two countries heretofo

re already erupted 3 times war, it is two to contend for Kashmir area among them. 2003, imprint cling to two countries government is taken in the actual control line of Kashmir area reach cease-fire agreement, but after this both sides criticises the other side violates cease-fire agreement for many times.

(Original title: Pakistan sends letter U.N. to condemn India to create border land conflict)


Pan Jiwen of electric U.N. secretary-general will be in U.N. of China News Service 1 day local time on March 1 headquarters of new York U.N. makes a statement through its spokesman, railway station of Kunming of strong condemnation Yunnan " 3 · 01 " violent horror assaults incident.

Pan Jiwen is in statement express, with " the strongest language " condemnation happens in Kunming railway station " make a surprise attack in the light of person of civilian be astonished " . He is right die in an accident person the family member expresses to mourn, the hurt person in hoping to assault incident can recover as soon as possible.

Pan Jiwen points out, be without reason in the light of innocent civilian kill. The person that he hopes to make those this have the responsibility of serious and violent horrible incident at the same time try sb.

Beijing time on March 1 21 when make, square of Kunming railway station produces unconscious face thug to

chop person incident, up to Beijing time 2 days 6 when, already caused 29 people death, 130 more than person to get hurt. Police shoots dead 4 thug on the spot, arrest 1 person. Current, the case detects the job to undertaking in insecurity. Get hurt masses already was found a place for be in much
home hospital respectively, branch of various medical treatment already assembled keen-witted and capable force, the wounded of main bring a patient out of danger.

Kunming city government discloses, accident scene evidence makes clear, this is the serious force that engineers an organization by skill of Xinjiang division force together horrible incident.

Relevant news:

List of the person that victim of horrible assault incident hurts force of Kunming railway station (graph)

Kunming railway station assaults incident border alone molecular banner commits the crime lethal weapon (graph)

Malaysia cateran encounters kongfu daughter to be pressed cruel on the ground dozen (video)

 Flower man and one's own daughter are incestuous have sex 16 years for many times be delivered of 3 children


This morning 9 when the left and right sides, in G15 Shen Hai high speed goes to Zhejiang direction, stand by Shanghai elder brother to stand hand in a section

of a highway, 7 cars pileup, among them 2 cars are damaged badly. This a section of a highway suffers expressway for a time.

As we have learned, zhejiang is gone to in high speed of G15 Shenyang sea when the accident on directional driveway, stand by Shanghai elder brother to stand hand in a section of a highway. Car of road of the ahead when the accident relatively, wagon flow decelerate stops. Because follow a car the distance is close, cause pileup of 7 car happening. Among them 2 cars are damaged by around converging attack serious, 1 person is by card inside the car. Policeman, fire control, 120 drive the spot to processing, rescue them, misfortune of the person that affirm dies. 7 cars that pileup is damaged a string big of askew, held 2 driveway, on area of many meters of 10 around area besprent crash relic of car a r

eplacement and cullet. The accident brings about this a section of a highway to embrace.

Dense fog day, fog is thick recently, visibility is poorer, car chases after end accident ceaseless. Speed is fast it is the main reason that causes traffic accident accident. The policeman reminds driver friend, dense fog day put slow speed to make sure drive a vehicle is safe certainly recently. (reporter Lin Heping)