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 The United States plans to prevent prohibit Turkey uses beautiful capital to purchase system of Chinese missile defense


According to Taiwan Dong Senxin hears Yun Yuan to bring Indian media to report, in Xibusajiaer (Sibsagar) prefectural accept Qi La (Nazira) the Kendriya Vidyalaya of an administration school of the town, many 10 student when 4 days classes are over is taken receive send special to want to return the home, the upper part of the body is touched to divide unidentified gangster however in road, hold a gun hold sb under duress. At that time driver by threatening drive in the wallop between different dorp nearly 1 hour, the people ever also tried to bar in different spot during ca

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mes demonstrate.

Driver later brainwave easily, sail the car into gully card lives child, gangster situation is urgent under, pull the schoolgirl of a 2 class piece when hostage, the schoolgirl summer Ma of 8 grade sees shape jumps out immediately, volunteer to become hostage, be taken then hide into the forest; After a few hours, come to help to be arrived at eventually, "Hear the name that someone is making me, he fills in the gun into my mouth, say in a low voice ' fasten phonate, killed otherwise ' " .

Xia Ma says, oneself should hear the voice that father exclaims from time to tome, but cannot answer, after flounder changed conceal location, the gangster is indicated " stay in place to forbid to move, wait for me to come back " , she is asleep insensibly, when awaking already day break, the gangster also disappears, after she ran nearly half hours later, come up against other person eventually, end the 14 captivity of the hour, take off smoothly tired.

After the event, pleasant of benefit of long library of prefectural police station (Bijoy Giri Kuligam) point out, the gangster is Gu Li of Lu of Ceng Zaixi horse (Simaluguri) town and person affray, chase after after kill, after escaping to place simply school bus of hold sb under duress, catch Xia Ma to become a person fleshy shield, still be at large at present in dying.

Xinhua net Shanghai on August 10 report (reporter Pan Qing) come from Chinese foreign currency to trade newest data of the center shows, the RMB is right on August 10 price rises among dollar exchange rate broken 6. 42, with 6. 4167 achieve again collect since changing new tall.

Foreign currency of China of accredit of Chinese people bank trades the center is announced, valence was among exchange rate of RMB of market of the foreign currency between the bank on August

10, 2011: 1 dollar is right RMB 6. 4167 yuan, 1 euro is right RMB 9. 2067 yuan, 100 yen is right RMB 8. 3236 yuan, 1 HK dollar is right RMB 0. Eighty-two thousand two hundred and nine yuan, 1 pound is right RMB 10. 4567 yuan, RMB 1 yuan to 0. Forty-six thousand seven hundred and seventy-six Lin Ji spy, RMB 1 yuan to 4. 6025 Russia ruble.

Day trades before, the RMB is right valence signs up for among dollar exchange rate 6. 4335.

Beautiful couplet store 10 days of before dawn announce interest rate resolution, continue to keep interest rate at low-level. Add breath all up your international collects city dollar to encounter undersell, the US stock rebounded to also improve market risk preference greatly considerably. Suffer this effect, the RMB is right price takes litre of more than 100 base point considerably among dollar exchange rate, rise br

oken 6. 42 adapt once more collect since changing new Gao Jilu.

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The punish that Euramerican country brings to bear on to Russia energy field is developing effectiveness gradually. Personage of the analysis inside course of study thinks, short-term and character, punish measure will bring industry of Russia oil gas a lot of uncertainty, and will for a long time look, the capital that punish causes and technical vacancy may help crop of low Russia crude oil, your Russia is immersed in the corner that does not have oil to sell.

Crude output or glide

Russia i

s the 2nd old oil of world exports the natural gas with country and the greatest whole world to export a nation, energy industry is Russian home main economy lifeblood. Go 15 years, the crude output of Russia grows considerably, drive Russia economy implementation to span type develops. Data shows, since 2010, the crude daily output of Russia has exceeded 10 million pails, force continuously big boss Saudi Arabia.

However, analyst of a few industries thinks, cast the instant impact of Euramerican punish, in light of the development tendency that has from Russia energy industry, the crop of traditional oil field that is Siberia at the same time glides increasingly, the uncertainty that is taxation policy at the same time makes investor arctic to development area new oil field flinchs, the negative effect certainly will that both overlay generates makes the growth momentum of Russia crude output puts delay somewhat.

Vice president of oily company of Ke Shi of Lu of look forward to of the 2nd lard lists Russia Angnidefeidui issues a warning recently, the crude output that weighs Russia may begin from 2015 downhill. This week casts handle by proxy of international the sources of energy, the crude daily output of Russia next year will reduce 90 thousand pails.

Does punish influence have how old?

According to the viewpoint of industry analyst, western punish restricted financing of industry of Russia oil gas and the channel that get new technology, and to crude oil exploitation character is crucial this at 2 o'clock.

Euramerican punish measure strengthened Petroleum Company of industry of natural gas of transport company of pipeline of oil of Petroleum Company of Russia of company of the oldest to Russia oil, Russia, Russia to wait for tycoon of the sources of energy to enter the limitation of capital market financing; And go up in project of shale oil of exploration of development of deep water oil, arctic oil, Russia, the European Union will be offerred no longer about drill, try the service such as well, logging.

As time elapse, the limitation of financing respect will pull low investment level, bring about crop to drop, russia invests cafe to study Geligelibierge tells company banking analyst Afp reporter independently, nevertheless, what we say is number after year (the circumstance) that appears possibly, is not (punish) the effect that can show instantly.

Bierge says, siberia tradition oil field needs to come from the modern technology that enterprise of western country oil gas offers, in order to defer the impetus that crop glides.

Company of grade of credence of Hui Yuguo border is warned before, the limitation that waits for a technology to Petroleum Company of industry of Russia natural gas uses a level to drill can reduce life of traditional oil field not only, still will postpone the plan that Russia is developing the project such as arctic area new oil field to go up.

Nevertheless, russia Petroleum Company says, current and character, this company and the collaboration that American dust overcomes Sen Meifu company and British Petroleum Company had be notted affect, will mix in August there still is mount a horse of many new projects at the beginning of September.

Self-made it is an outlet

Industry analyst thinks, crude oil exports the half of country that holds Russia state income, if crude output appears atrophy is a bad news undoubtedly economy to Russia.

We are right Iran (problem) consider to make clear, russia revives capital bank analyst says, compare the punish of financial domain, the punish of energy i

ndustry just is to make Iran finally make what policy adjusts shove a hand.

Face western sanction, russia also is in consider actively making step instead. Analytic personage guesses, russia may turn and seek strengthen with the cooperation of system of a few burgeoning economy in energy field, develop the effect that touchs western punish to be brought to Russia economy.

Additional, analyst of firm of capital of bank of Russia foreign trade says, russia may choose own or as new as other country joint development drill equipment, cast off the dependence of oily to the west on the technology look forward to thoroughly. (Yan clean Xinhua News Agency stalks of grain especially)


Beijing of China News Service on March

8 report (Dong Guanyang Li Xiaoyu) miss couplet event in the light of plane of airliner of Ma Hang MH370, the latest news that Chinese sea police station releases 8 days says, already dictated the Chinese sea that executing the mission around alarm boat, drive toward the likelihood instantly wreck maritime space, preparation executes rescuing mission.

8 days of before dawn, 777 planes lose a Boeing that Malaysia airline flies to Chinese Beijing by kuala lumpur contact.

According to the information that this airline releases, 227 passengers that come from 1

4 countries and area and 12 unit member are shared on machine, among them Chinese passenger 154 (contain a baby, ) of passenger of Taiwan of a China.

Recommend read: Ma Hang announces accident plane waybill and citizenship detail: 154 Chinese

Ma Laiguan just denies airliner of Ma Hang MH370 already the message of crash