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阿拉后花园Sinuodeng requests the United States good-tempered absolve the White House to respond to refus to close to its go back to the motherland

Flash: The White House: The United States just won't consider to absolve Si Nuo ascend video: The White House: The United States just won't consider to absolve Si Nuo enter source: CCTV news Si Nuo is ascended (data chart) report 4 days according to dispatches from foreign news agency, american the White House and leader of Committee on Information refus. . .

2013-11-04 17:18 origin: ? Huge rock of discharge  contraction?
Indonesian organization to Australia more than 100 websites initiate a network to atttack protest to monitor

Occupy dispatches from foreign news agency to report, "Faceless Indonesia (AnonymousIndonesia) " the organization claims 4 days, to Australia more than 170 websites launched network attack, undertake in order to protest this country listening an activity to its neighbour and ally. This groups? . . .

2013-11-04 17:15 origin: ? Huge rock of discharge  contraction?
German airline publishs new regulation to flee for his life by air need to increase fund near the door

Original title: Want to flee for his life by air an around seat? Heart boat new regulation asks to add money to take the passenger of the plane not less, hope to sit in the flight to flee for one's life a seat on. Other place is compared not only here more capacious, once produce an accident also? . . .

2013-11-04 17:11 origin: ? Huge rock of discharge  contraction?
In bay next year of hopeful of free trade agreement is signed bay square welcome investor

Original title: Bay industrial minister wheat overcomes flange: In bay next year of hopeful of free trade agreement signs Yi of minister of Australian industry ministry flange is in En Mack " congress of mining industry of 2013 China International " on divulge, in bay hopeful of free trade agreement is in bright. . .

2013-11-04 17:07 origin: ? Salary  ?
Muerxi of the president before Egypt today be on trial be on trial defends for its without the lawyer

In be v/LITTed dismiss from office after nearly 4 months, mu Erxi and other can senior leader will accept 14 solemn elder brother now adjudgement, the person that they are accused to be suspected of incendiary in opposing Mu Erxi put on a show of force force and killing demonstrate. As Egypt the first civilian elect a president, mu Erxi. . .

2013-11-04 17:05 origin: ? Huge rock of discharge  contraction?
Solomon archipelago lifts World War II to search treasure to heat up Microsoft patriarch Allan to be in row

Paul · Allan (the data pursues) in south archipelago of Solomon of Pacific Ocean insularity, hearsay has insular a of intertropical around this country maritime space heavy boat discovers valence to be worth -1494072448 pound (about one billion nine hundred and eighty-nine million one hundred and forty-four thousand seven hundred and four RMBs) gold, be Japan allegedly 2? . . .

2013-11-04 15:07 origin: ? Does nobeliun send?
Aobama aids Maikaolifu to enter into an election contest bey approves tea party to hijack congress

Flash: Aobama goes to Virginia to aid choose the party that approve tea to hijack congress to send a government to close Aobama goes to Virginia to aid choose the party that approve tea is hijacked, to enter into an election contest of bey civilian. . .

2013-11-04 14:53 origin: ? Nobeliun Song Lang?
Korea plans to purchase 4 " global eagle " unmanned aircraft signed a contract 2014

Reported on November 3, 2013 according to Reuter, official of orgnaization of purchase of Korea national defence affirmed recently, does this country prepare to invest 900 billion Han yuan (add up to 848 million dollar about) to American Nuo Si Luopu? Ge Luman company purchases 4 " global eagle " (GlobalHawk. . .

2013-11-04 14:49 origin: ? Does discharge   pull duckweed to place bank ⑼ ?
Russia signs fear a law newly instead: Terrorist causes a loss to be compensated for by relatives and friends

Original title: General Beijing signs the acoustical website that turns over terrorist fearing a law newly to cause a loss to occupy Russia by compensation of its relatives and friends to will report on November 3, beijing of Russia president general signed a law a few days ago, the loss that stipulates terrorist is caused by its relatives and friends. . .

2013-11-04 10:55 origin: ? Does  try know well?
Reckoning by the abacus is chosen fully include U.N. Educational " blame involuntary discharge of urine " catalog

U.N. Educational will announce on October 31, educational protects the 8th meeting of the committee between government of immaterial culture bequest to will be in Azerbaijan at the end of the year cling to the library is held, include Chinese reckoning by the abacus inside 31 projects are chosen fully include " blame involuntary discharge of urine " . . .

2013-11-03 15:21 origin: ? Salary  ?
Top-ranking city by second-class politician of England of national be a burden on: Make London independent

"London is a top-ranking city, regrettablly by second-class national institute be a burden on. " Londoner says for fun. As country of Yu Ying of London economy be far ahead other area, more or less does this fun have some of reason. Many scholars and politician are bolder the appeal. . .

2013-11-03 11:44 origin: ? Does salary  fine silk thoroughfare?
Beautiful 23 years old male hold a gun mow los angeles International Airport is sent 1 dead 7 injuries

Qian Qia of Anthony · of gunman Paul · (data photograph) 1 day, in International Airport of American los angeles, passengers await one man of American 1 day to enter los angeles International Airport in building of station of a boat, unplug the gun firings, cause death of a personnel that install check, . . .

2013-11-03 11:33 origin: ? Salary? is integrated
Sinuodeng finds the job to wish to go to Germany to assist investigation " listening door "

German congressman applies Telebeile and Sinuodeng (left) an assemblyman will say parliament of meeting Germany federal on October 31, he was in Russia capital Moscow and United States that day " prism " Zhe Aide of exposure of secret surveillant project Hua Sinuodenghui. . .

2013-11-02 15:52 origin: ? Salary  ?
According to England " daily Post " will report on November 1, british Dorsetshire an engineering company " Ji Luo indust
ry " roll out the name is " the racing bike in sky " (the vehicle of SkyRunner) . This volant car is known as " cross-country car? . . .

2013-11-02 15:35 origin: ? Blame Nao?
Han intermediary says Chinese mist haze waves increase sharply of sales volume of Korea guaze mask multiple

Korea business of operation of store of a network claims 1 day, this network shopping centers is the closest guaze mask and cleaner sale increase sharply are multiple, cause is the mist haze that comes from China assault Korea is mid. Korea part area is empty recently temperamental volume drops whether with China. . .

2013-11-02 15:29 origin: ? Does ㄌ of neck of ┍ of salary  Quan thoroughfare?
General Beijing assault checks maneuver of dimensions of combat readiness of Russian army nucleus to contend the United States and north are made an appointment with

Peisikefu expresses secretary of Russian president news, in general Beijing president the leader falls, the assault inspection that Russian army completed force of defense of force, empty to nuclear keep within limits sky, navy and long-range air arm a few days ago and drilling. Go one year, general Beijing gave orders to undertake for many times. . .

2013-11-02 15:06 origin: ? Blame?
Aobama drive " beast " exposure

Of the American president Aobama that be produced for the foundation with lorry structure and becomes a super and ballproof panzer that driving is a be worthy of the name. It is reported, whole journey of orgnaization of American secret service participated in the production production of this car. This Kaidilake " beast " president drove total accrete to produce 12, 5.48 meters long, 1.78 meters tall, the car hefts 6803 kilograms. Every value is as high as 1.5 million dollar. Place of integral automobile body includes steel, aluminous, titanium, pottery and porcelain and Kaifulaer with material, have powerful ballproof capacity.

2013-11-02 14:58 origin: ? Salary  ?
Iran weighs China " owe " because the United States is restricted,learned man of oily money of 22 billion dollar says

Iran " Teheran times " this country will be in charge of quote on October 30 plan and say if the vice president Luo Bake that the strategy supervises is special, china " owed " Iran debt of the oil of 22 b

illion dollar, natural gas. The report says, this one speech is worth Iran Mohammedan. . .

2013-11-02 14:43 origin: ? Be not north of the larva of a tapeworm or the cercaria of a schistosome?
Russia hand of bare of 80 years old of old people fights Great Bear is abandoned cliff miracle survives

Media of integrated foreign country will report on October 31, russia blocks Baerda Baerkaliyade an octogenarian Die old man met the area to rebuke only recently, barehanded old man lets look unexpectedly was like the ending that is without be concerned about to produce Jing day changeover. Herd of 80 years old. . .

2013-11-02 14:14 origin: ? ㄍ of discharge  felt?
One man court detonates Russia 3 grenade are brought about 2 dead 2 injuries

Occupy dispatches from foreign news agency to report, a man that malcontent court adjudicates will visit Ural area on October 31 a court, detonate grenade, cause oneself die with another person. Incident happens in distance capital Moscow the Kuergan of about 1600 kilometers. . .

2013-11-01 20:09 origin: ? Huge rock of discharge  contraction?


 Ambassador of figure of British Olympic Games breaks shop of mobile phone of patron wagon foray into rambunctious element

 Is beautiful Yi Zhan veteran hold: of exposure of detail of Dao Chuang the White House? Does Fu  drop  of  sauce Lang?

When Yanukeweiji of Wu Kelan's president is accepting TV station of Wu Kelan UBR 22 days to interview, say,

he does not plan to resign, also do not plan to leave Wukelan.

Yanukeweiji says, the event that produces in Wukelan since close period

of time is " coup " behavior. He expresses, the decision that Wu Kelan parliament carries is illegal, he won't above sign.

When speaking of the reason that assemblyman exits political parties and other organizations of area party parliament, yanukeweiji says, "They are had a plenty of did not hold to, the family that is oneself is anxious, some is a traitor " .

Yanukeweiji says, he will be exhausted can protect Wukelan to avoid at breaking up, stop to bleed. But he admits, he still does not know how to can accomplish this.

Assemblyman of political parties and other organizations of party of area of parliament of adviser of Wu Kelan's president, black installs graceful · Ge Erman to said that day, yanukeweiji is in at present city of black the eastpart part Haerkefu. (reporter Gao Chunxiao)

 Login register text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian does Aobama send the Yi inside letter Ha Mei " had shown " or exasperate Israel and: of origin of ally of other middle east? Qu Xian?2014-11-08 09:5Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 0 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

Dispatch will occupy the net austral Fujian on November 8 the United States " wall street daily " the website reports 6 days, a period of ten days of the middle of a month on American president Aobama ever negotiated with respect to Iranian nucleus and blow organizes Mohammedan country extremely (IS) matters concerned, the Iran that send a letter is highest cacique breaths out Meineiyi. Associated press is commented, although the letter ever also was sent to breath out Meineiyi before Aobama, but the communication between two people is very infrequent. Network of news of American cable television says, since Aobama appeared on the stage 2009 oneself, had shown actively at least two times to Hameineiyi.

Aobama and Hameineiyi

Does collaboration hit IS?

Although American government did not confirm this matter, but the personage that does not wish to disclose a full name confirms to media of other United States, aobama wrote this letter really.

" wall street daily " if reporting cite wins the public figure of relevant bulletin, say, aobama was conveyed in the letter in Iraq and Syria churchyard hits Mohammedan state armed is collective interest, but emphasize at the same time, any collaboration on this one problem basically will depend on Iran and Yi nucleus problem 6 countries (the United States, England, France, Russia, China and Germany) this month a comprehensive agreement is reached before 24 days of this one deadline.

Ernest of spokesman of the White House does not wish to confirm or deny afore-mentioned reports, claim he cannot discuss the private communication between president and foreign leader. But he reiterated beautiful square position on routine press conference, be in namely hit Mohammedan state on the problem, the United States won't begin martial collaboration with Iran, also won't share information.

Iran ever refused

Will announce t

o will establish an extensive the League of Nations this year in September in American president Aobama in order to smash Mohammedan state hind, hameineiyi ever made known his position clearly, reject to attack organization of this one extreme together with the United States, he calls American military affairs the action is to be interpose he is pragmatic Wu looks for excuse. Iranian respect did not send those who believe Hameineiyi to report a response with respect to Aobama temporarily.

Nevertheless, personage of a few messages thinks, aobama sends the middle east ally that believes Hameineiyi to did not inform the United States such as Israel this, the likelihood makes latter accurate. Republic party tells a reporter in a of United States Congress senior staff member, this causes a mighty uproar in congress hill, and may exasperate Israel and ally of other middle east, they had undertaken to the United States and Iran nuclear negotiation feels malcontent originally.

Senatorial Mai Kaien agreement writing and Linsaigeleiemu say republic party federal, aobama is sought let Irani

an help hit Mohammedan country to make a person cannot tolerate.

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 阿拉后花园When smuggling of man of Canadian foreign citizen of Chinese origin passes custom in trousers of 51 tortoises Tibet, hunt down