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Login register intermediary of day of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian: Does backward Japan import Chinese sky empty missile the missile origin: such as R-73 of on 1000 Russia? Be not?2014-10-28 09:5 of north of the larva of a tapeworm or the cercaria of a schistosomeEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 1 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel [summary] China imported peace treaty of about 1500 R-77/RVV-AE respectively from Russia 3300 R-73.

According to Japan " the military affairs studies " date will report in October, primary problem: " world sky reachs main nation to the technical tendercy of empty missile apply and develop a condition " , the author is group of test of development of flight of militia of the aviation before Japan commander costal region handsome favour. Pick interpret to be as follows:

Aviation militia is in to ensure the aviation advantage of southwest, f-35A of generation opportunity for combat must fall in deploy, maintain sky is right the quality dominant position of empty missile.

Data chart: Russian-made R-73 missile

Sky is right empty missile according to use a field, with visual 20 kilometers are cannon-shot of inside and outside bound, can divide in be mix remotely short range. Long-range sky exceeds 200 kilometers to empty missile range, basically use at atttacking early-warning plane to wait.

Sky of the world's earliest intermediate range of means of active radar control and guide is American AIM-120(AMRAAM) to empty missile. It is develop on foundation of AIM-7M of means of control and guide of half active radar, produce at beginning a quantity 1987. Below the condition that carries missile of active radar control and guide, after missile begins active radar control and guide, attack plane can escape, and can atttack many targets at the same time, because this compares control and guide of half active radar,have an advantage.

Russia for antagonism AIM-120, the sky of R-77 intermediate range that developed active radar control and guide is right empty missile. R-77 appeared 1992, north call his AA-12 about.

After these missile, intermediate range missile used means of active radar control and guide entirely. And atttack the surviving rate of ability and attack plane to raise missile, improved anti-disturbance of electron of ECCM(of the biggest range mostly) the distance outside ability and defence area. Alleged the biggest range, it is to point to to taking an aim continuously but striking distance. The distance outside defence area is the distance of the attack plane when showing attack plane can escape and target aircraft, basically decide distance and decision of missile flight rate by the lock of missile. This value is greater, the surviving rate of attack plane is higher.

Be opposite in short range sky empty missile domain, the missile of Russia R-73(AA-11) air defence that appeared 1985 is the world the missile that boards to pass aeriform power control and thrust vector control the earliest to realize tall motility. Its leave an axis emissivity, when using a Dai Shi to be able to inspect facility, achieve losing 75 degrees for the center with nose. Alleged emissivity leaving an axis is to point to, attack plane is right beyond ahead the attack ability of the target. The emissivity leaving an axis of R-73 removed the AIM-9M of equipment high 1982 at western country considerably. R-73 is in on the century is to compare by German evaluation at the beginning of 90 time western missile is banner at that time generation.

To exceed R-73 performance, israel development went Python4(1993 to come to threw use) 1994, american development goes AIM-9X(2000 year begin a quantity to produce) , british development goes ASRAAM(2002 year devoted use) . Western country points out, go out in development can defy before the

missile of R-73, existing to be opposite for nothing between the Russia that applies R-73 and China and western country empty missile gap.

The short range sky that appears after R-73 is right empty missile, in emissivity leaving an axis and anti-disturbance of IRCCM(infrared ray) ability respect had marked improvement. Emissivity leaving an axis is already OK now can inspect facility through cooperating a Dai Shi, attack is located in the target aircraft with rear and quadrantal attack plane. Identify the infrared anti-disturbance ability such as target and bait, also get rising through infra-red image processing, and advanced infra-red guide the double wavelengh that leaves a head is changed.

The United States has begun a quantity to produce AIM-120 series newest model AIM-120D. Because turned to newest model, because this can export AIM-120C-7 of before one model. Compare with AIM-120C-7 photograph, AIM-120D extended range through improving navigation, through carrying global location system (GPS) , raised missile precision, increased athletic capacity through improving missile software, ECCM ability also got rising. In addition, AIM-120D still carried chain of two-way sex data, air man can master the missile after blasting off to lock up calm state and hit the target the circumstance, be helpful for a battle.

Newest model AIM-9X Block2 plans AIM-9 series formerly investment was used 2010, but be deferred on time. AIM-9X passes aeriform power control and thrust vector control, can realize 90 degrees to blast off from the axis, and after use all wears type to be able to inspect facility directly, can expand to 90 degrees of above. Additional, AIM-9X Block2 used data chain, enlarged effective limits.

The United States still issues generation sky to be opposite in development empty missile, the name is NGM or JDRADM, belong to embark with multipurpose weapon. This one conception ever was regarded as sky is right empty missile (AIM-120 and AIM-9) and sky are right ground missile (AGM-88HARM) one of succeed missile types, but development work was interrupted suddenly 2012 however, reason is, on the technology immature with cost exorbitant.

The meteoric BVRAAM that England develops Europe jointly and the ASRAAM that develop alone embark to go up in typhonic battleplan, and return preparation carry its to go up in F-35B battleplan. Meteoric missile had deploy England air man 2012.

Meteoric sky is to the target of empty missile, push way through using punch reaction engine, achieve rapidder than means of motor of the rocket before this flight rate, expand cannot escape area (NEZ) . Alleged cannot escape area, it is to show attack just is in when emissive missile after the dot, although target aircraft is mobile (face returns way far go) , the limits that also cannot escape. The intermediate range sky previously is right empty missile, also exist cannot escape area, but its range is narrower, was not regarded as to evaluate the index of missile function so.

The design target with meteoric the biggest to empty missile sky is, have exceed AIM-120A/B of 3 times cannot escape area. The biggest range of meteoric missile is in 100 kilometers above, as its capacious cannot escape the example of area, it can answer the target of the desert outside 80 kilometers effectively. The wing design of meteoric missile needs to do small to alter it seems that, cut its thin a few millimeter. F-35B/ shooting star predicts 2020 investment is used.

F-35 embarking AIM-9 is to use exterior embarking means, but if be ASRAAM, f-35B Block3 is OK airframe inside and outside carries two missile each.

The sky that Japan equips has AAM-3/AAM-5 of intermediate range AAM-4, short distance to empty missile. AAM-4(changes) be about to throw use, AAM-5(changes) in also be being developed. AAM-4 and AAM-5 attribute world current level on the technology.

The end that AAM-4 places when development is to not be defeated at AIM-120, finalize the design at 1999 year. The function characteristic of AAM-4 is, cannon-shot is further than AIM-120A, the concealment that missile gives out radio the gender is outstanding, ECCM capability is very high also. AAM-4(changes) the ability that is AAM-4 rises model, have development at 2002 year, plan 2014 year to undertake applying study in aviation total group. AAM-4(changes) , basically pass improvement area of control and guide, raised master surviving rate (be apart from through lengthening missile to guide the lock that leave a head is decided, lengthened) of the distance outside defence area, enlarged attack limits (raised what the horizontal stroke uses an end to answer ability) , raised ECCM ability and cruise missile to answer ability.

AAM-5 regards the succeed of AAM-3 as the type, developing a target is the AIM-9X that the R-73(AAM-11) that function exceeds Russia and United States are developing, finalize the design at 2004 year. The characteristic of AAM-5 is, pass aeriform power control and thrust vector control, have leave an axis high emissivity; uses means of infra-red image control and guide, the target catchs the F-15 after outstanding; is transforming ability and IRCCM ability to go up, through the head Dai Shi can inspect equipment to undertake operating. Now, japan is rising in the ability that develops AAM-5 model, namely AAM-5(changes) , plan 2016 year to list outfit militia. AAM-5(changes) guide through improvement leave a head, raised IRCCM ability and setting to identify ability.

Russia also carries headroom to be opposite in effort the function of empty missile. Sky of newest intermediate range is right empty missile RVV-SD, those who belong to R-77/RVV-AE(AA-12) is improved model, cannon-shot is farther, ECCM capability is stronger, it seems that before long hind use investment. What sky of newest short range belongs to R-73(AAM-11) to empty missile RVV-MD is improved model, guide through improving leave a head, cannon-shot gets outspread, IRCCM ability gets rising, emissivity leaving an axis also gets rising. RVV-MD has listed outfit Russia air force, and can be exported.

90 time ever designed the century on Russia the RVV-AE-PD that develops punch reaction engine to push way, regard the cannon-shot of R-77/RVV-AE(AA-12) as outspread model its. However, because national finance is difficult, development is deferred, still be in now lay aside condition. Nevertheless, the research activity that aims to increase intermediate range sky to play range to guiding for nothing still is continueing.

China is mixed from Russia the technology is obtained to help over there Wukelan, developing intermediate range sky to be opposite of empty missile PL-12, SD-10A(PL-12 improved model) wait for model with PL-9C. However, so far, the main sky that has not exceed the west and Russia on function is right empty missile. Allegedly, china imported peace treaty of about 1500 R-77/RVV-AE(AA-12) respectively from Russia 3300 R-73(AA-11) .

Now, there is a message to say on Chinese Internet, the intermediate range sky that China is developing way of punch reaction engine is mixed to empty missile leave an axis high the short range sky of emissivity is right empty missile. Although actual condition is unidentified, but its develop a state to be worth to pay close attention to.

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Login register clamour of element of ala of ultra-Right of Japan of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to want to slaughter in day Korea the person is mixed Chinese origin: ? Be not?2014-09-24 10:5 of north of the larva of a tapeworm or the cercaria of a schistosomeEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 3 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

Japan is current because do not allow,meeting in day prerogative citizen (abbreviation is in meet especially) the antiforeign words and deeds that waits for ultra-Right ala organization is warned by U.N. . 22 days, in meet especially a controller is basked in on the net go out to bring times advance with premier the riant group photo of 3, install the times relation with ultra-Right ala personage to become focal topic immediately.

Install times dew smile and add the group photo with shoulder to shoulder wood.

Occupy daily of LiTERA 22 of Japanese news website to, japan is in can close especially branch minister adds Mu Chongfu to be basked in on individual homepage on the west piece with bring the group photo of times. After having media and netizen discovery, this group photo is deleted quickly, but circulating on Japanese network scheme of check of homepage of the individual that add wood and the picture that Zeng Muxiu gives at that time. Photograph altogether has 6 pieces, adding the title that wood takes for the photograph is to installed times ge

ntleman to come on August 17, 2009 Osaka supports Osaka 7 areas. Among them a piece of photograph is to install times dew smile and add the group photo with shoulder to shoulder wood. Group photo lower part, add wood to be written technically still on (bring times prime minister) still writing down add wood this individual group small character.

LiTERA website says, japan can is will many especially slaughter the organization of at the mouth Japanese ultra-Right ala of Korea and Korea person announce. Japan because the activity of this organization is warned in what committee of the colour bar is eliminated by this year August by U.N. , japan of this committee requirement is eliminated be hostile to a speech. Install times before the instruction that just makes self-criticism be hostile to a speech before long, but be exploded to go out however now with in meet especially communication of ground of light up with pleasure. The report says, this kind of duplicity actually no wonder. In order to install times head a few from civilian the partisans begins before New Year from number, establish close connection with ultra-Right ala organization, use them to arouse the people, aid in the election from civilian party a helping hand. Japanese An Beixin cabinet just holds water before long, be exploded to give general affairs secretary in succession fast city early young plant, from civilian the scandal of the group photo of public figure of ultra-Right ala group that beauty of friend of rice field of chairman of party card attune and Japan support Nazi. These An Beige an associate in office, from civilian party curule after be being disclosed by media, appear personally cast aside Qing Dynasty to say with ultra-Right organization the personage is not acquainted, just be requested by them group photo, but LiTERA website thinks, these are excuse. " round-the-world times " the reporter is experienced in day instinct, in meet especially in recent years very active. In Tokyo new big long protect and Osaka crane bridge two Korean collect an area, they hold antiforeign parade for many times, shout kill in day Korea support of the people Korea person waits for catchword, in the attack object that day Chinese also is them.

Japan " Tokyo news " 23 days of reports say, parliament of Japanese Tokyo state-maintaineding city already took the lead in be hostile to a

speech to make the opinion book of relevant law through requesting a country to be aimed at, this opinion book will be referred how times loosen with law Wu chancellery the island is green. But relevant analysis personage thinks, although this opinion book is fulfilled,arrive in law, change Japan's long-standing antiforeign mood very hard also.

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Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

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England announces new visa measure closes to Sino-British travel development attracts visit of more China tourist... [阅读全文] 栏目:武汉桑拿夜网AH


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The reporter learned from China International airline a few days ago, next year of the world's seniorest plane of plane Boeing 747-8 rose in January will hold flying Beijing new York and course of Beijing san Francisco.

Country boat is the first operation of Asian the airline of this plane. From the acceding state at the beginning of October since boat, 747-8 has been mixed in Beijing Shanghai at present the operation on Beijing wide line. Country boat still will put in this plane on Jing Ronghang line at the near future.

Country this plane uses boat 4 cabin layout, set 365 in all a banquet, first-class stateroom cabin 12, business affairs cabin 54, super tourist class 66, tourist class 233. Boat orders th

e state in all 7 747-8 plane, will 2015 end in succession consign ends.

According to chief inspector of sale of Boeing company China Lei Ke gives birth to the introduction, boeing 747-8 is Boeing the newest generation product of 747 type. Machine height is 76.4 meters, range can amount to 14815 kilometers. The plane used brand-new navigation system

, can assist air man to choose more accurate flight path, below abominable condition stability takes off and land. With on the Boeing 747-400 photograph of generation is compared, 747-8 oily bad news and carbon discharge Boeing to reduce 10% above, noise level was reduced 30% . (Reporter Qian Chunxian)

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