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Jing Sheng of NHK chairman Hu 's person met what take office as a press conference to go up with respect to its to comfort in Japan on January 31 how does formal apology make a speech related Fu. This speech causes day of domestic and international public opinion and the severity with in-house NHK to censure, cause professional crisis.

On January 25, jing Sheng of NHK chairman Hu 's person is in take office as express on the press conference, comfort the problem that install Fu " the mistake is below current moral intention " , but he claims however subsequently " the which state that has had a battle ever had associate army to comfort install Fu " , listed the name of France, Germany, return rhetorical question to say " why Holand still has red-light district now " .

Hu well next will " gun muzzle " aimed Korea, say " Korea says so that seem to have Japan only once impress comforts install Fu, want to grab money, claim for compensation namely actually. But this has been passed entirely " day Han treaty " solved, why bring up again of even old job " .

NHK is by Japan general affairs is saved administer broadcasting television orgnaization, full name is " association of Japanese send out " . Be Hu well of 70 years old to get the better of a person is information system tycoon " Japanese Unisys " the special adviser of the company. Hold the post of chairman newly at will be being nominated to be NHK December 20 last year, took office as formally January 25, lieutenancy 3 years. But there also is Japanese media exposure before this, Hu well is Japanese premier An Beijin actually person selected of 3 appointed a chairman.

This speech causes a mighty uproar of the public opinion inside Japan. Japan is the biggest grown Zhang Hong was in a secretary in charge of sth of opposition the Democratic Party on January 26 Tokyo expresses, this speech is impertinent, have deflection sex. This person does not have ego understanding to becoming the chairman of the NHK that has quite large force, express to will go up to investigate duty to its in congress.

Not only such, to comforting in always the problem that install Fu holds the Korea of severe manner, the speech that also gets the better of a person to well of NHK chairman Hu offerred intense criticism. Each party combined Korea the government and the public in succession on January 27 install the historical understanding of times government to make strong condemnation, each editorial of big paper also tries to this assail.

Connected NHK interior to also offer criticism to this speech. On January 28, NHK manages a chairman bank one man is managing Tian Jian the warning on committee says " must say, with respect to existence a variety of eristic problems state individual point of view, this is look down on the footing that regards Japan as a party to an undertaking of compose of communal extensive electric machinery " , the requirement tries to redeem reliance.

Below the criticism that falls aside, Hu well gets the better of a person 31 days to be on Japanese congress, comfort the problem that install Fu accepted ask for an explanation. Hu well gets the better of person " the regret tha

t the misunderstanding that I bring to giving authority and trouble express from the bottom of one's heart. I am very unaccustomed still to my identity. " he still expresses to will continue to hold the position of NHK chairman, "Will fulfil obligation henceforth, abide by the principle such as impartial, fair justice and free spee
ch as always to undertake broadcasting " .

Hu Jing Sheng's person theres is no lack of on 25 days of press conferences breathtaking language, still with respect to NHK in the future report policy says: "About the domanial problem of Diaoyu Island and Zhu Dao, advocate Japanese footing is of course clearly " . This character was conveyed will allude in the international channel that faces a foreigner domanial problem serves as first job.

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Russian czar value painted eggshell of gem of 200 million yuan of RMBs sees light again... [阅读全文] 栏目:东莞桑拿论坛2020


Service of provide for the aged of attention spring city makes happy and senile living

The net austral Fujian rolls out special subject report, the form suc

h as to in
an attempt to, article, video, show fontal state filling career of neat provide for the aged is brief board, promotion provide for the aged is taken

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Muhexinniaijieye of spokesman of Iranian chief procurator, judiciary says 28 days when accepting local media to interview, iranian judicial department was sentenced that day assassinated this country last year nuclear physics learns to teach Masudeali - assorted of way of profit of murderer Gu Mai capital punishment.

Muhexinniaijieye says, according to the adjudicative result of Mohammedan revolution court, law assorted is sentenced capital punishment. Law assorted is in A - after Muhanmodi is assassinated, be arrested, he is accused to make " start the war that is aimed at Allah " , " world scum of a community " wait for accusation. Iranian court had trial 23 days to him this month, law assorted confesses he ever obtained those who get Israel s

ecret service to aid financially.

In A - Muhanmodi is Iran before one's death nuclear physics of university of famous university Teheran learns a professor, in its door mouth encountered bomb makes a surprise attack last year in January, die on the spot. Iran censures western country n/med the process of preparing Chinese medicine assassinate incident this, bomb is by the United States and Israel secret service is found a place for.

In A - after Muhanmodi is assassinated, iran produces the explosion that the home learns in the light of nuclear physics since number to assault incident again. Last year on November 29, assorted of Iranian shellfish conspicuous carries university physics to teach Shaaliyali to be died by scamper in road going to work, feileiduiabaxidawani of home of a Confucian school of idealist philosophy of the Song and Ming Dynasties of another the name and description of a thing is in this school get hurt in another detonate blast, this person will begin to take up the post o

f Iranian nuclear energy to organize a chairman in Feburary from this year. This year July, iranian nuclear physics learns a Yi of Darius ceremony Sa to be assassinated in Teheran door mouth die.

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Install times hold day of Han head to chat with Piao Jinhui comfort the problem that install Fu still puts difference... [阅读全文] 栏目:武汉放水论坛


Pacific Ocean Tonga adds coastal waters region to produce 6 class earthquake to still report without personal casualty south... [阅读全文] 栏目:武汉夜生活网DF


Login register abundant of Fengyan of suspect of beautiful arson of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian 2 times to appear in court front courtyard careful did not allude: of mental problem origin? ?2014-01-16 15:3 of huge rock of discharge  contractionEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 1 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

Data chart: Local time on January 7, 1 day of evening are stationed in san Francisco to always get a house to spread benzine to burn to China this month the Feng Yanfeng of front door building is in the United States regional court of California of federal court north appears in court. The graph is the Feng Yanfeng picture of copy of spot of Vicki Ellen Bebringer of judicial painter Bai Lingge. China News Service sends Chen Gang to photograph

According to coverage of American Chinese network, local time on January 15 morning, san Francisco always gets Yan Feng of Feng of suspect of case of house set on fire to accept front courtyard careful the 2nd times. Its counsel for the defence offers to bail suspect, judicial answer needs more time to examine trial document.

Local time in the morning 9 when 30 minutes, feng Yanfeng v/arc be on the throne at ave of golden gate of san Francisco town 450 federal buildings the E court of 15 buildings appears in court. With appear in court first the situation is same, process of careful of whole front courtyard has a minute only. Suspect Feng Yan Feng wears gules convict to take, wearing crural chain, be taken the media reporter that public gallery looks around when the court, lower his head all the time later silent. The court matched a Chinese to translate for Feng Yanfeng, but one character did not send his whole journey.

This suspect counsel for the defence offers to bail on the court suspect, judicial answer needs more time to examine trial document. The case still pulls baud to examine by white · of Sa of judge Yi Li, suspect counsel for the defence is Sidifu · take an examination ofing pulls Er, the suspect did not allude i

n process of careful of whole front courtyard whether invigorative problem.

According to the report, next time sessional time is on Feburary 12.

Local time on January 7 morning, open a court session of court of district of California of north of American federal court tries China to be stationed in san Francisco to always receive proposal of house set on fire. Be suspected of be in new year's day is nightly the Feng Yanfeng of Chinese book man that is stationed in front door of san Francisco consulate general to spill benzine to ignite to China appears in court first, accompany by interpreter and lawyer, process about one minute.

Yan Feng of Feng of resident of city of force of the Supre

me Being obtained American green card 2004. New year's day is nightly 21 when 25 minutes, he is stationed in san Francisco to always get house front door to spill benzine ignition in China, cause lion of card of front door, national emblem, mark, stone and metope to be marred badly. On January 3, him Feng Yanfeng phones bureau of place urban police to confess his crime to be arrested, detaining now await judicial cognizance.

The file shows, feng Yanfeng is accused blame of two confederative criminal. The first accusation is arson, this accusation holds water, will be in with 5 years above comes 20 years the following term of imprisonment, amerce. The 2nd is to destroy blame of belongings of official of organization of the foreign government that is located in American churchyard, international, foreign country or officer guest in cold blood, accusation holds water, will be in 5 years of the following imprisonment, amerce.

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Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

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According to Japan " read sell news " will report on November 27, county of Japanese heart island produces bromatoxism event 26 days one case. 11 years old of boys and because 15 years old of girls are in the home edible box Zuo (a kind of balloonfish) toxic be sent into the hospital. Current, two people consciousness is sober, the illness improves gradually.

According to safety of heart island county door of Ministry of Public Health discloses, 25 days afternoon 7 when the left and right sides, two children are in onese

lf edible after the box Zuo that father catchs from inside the sea, wait for a symptom sorely at muscle of 26 days of m
atutinal occurrence whole bodies. 2 people immediately is sent toward the hospital to see a doctor, diagnostic result is informed 2 people medium because of edible box Zuo " balloonfish poison " . After the event, branch of sanitation of this county safety reminds everybody, non-professional had better not personally cooking this kind of fish.

Box Zuo is fish of sea of Zuo form eye, make an appointment with 25 centimeters endlong, bodily form becomes box state. Cover hard board all over. A lot of baby blue round spot distributing on maize bottom. The skin is poisonous, the flesh is avirulent. Distributinging Yuribenben the city is mid with Nanhai region. (Round-the-world net exercitation compiles: Ma Li goes over a manuscript or draft: Guan Chao)

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Beautiful intermediary says wild Tian Jiayan is elected as adumbrative Japan taxation to will increase further... [阅读全文] 栏目:上海花千坊419

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