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Argentina devalued considerably recently than all alone, a lot of electric equipment rip even locksmith go commodity price autograph, stop to sell a product even, importer people busy also autograph changing value, have shop proposal client 27 days to come again even, because they do not know Bisuoming,the day can be worth how many money. Such scene, had appeared in the crisis eve 2001 only.

Argentine government announces 24 days, begin from 27 days, allow an individual to buy a dollar to be used at deposit, reduce the income tax that the consumption outside buying dollar and credit card place collects beforehand. This one measure, mean people individual to be able to be used 9.6 buy a dollar than all alone.

Meanwhile, the Central Bank announces to begin from 27 days, tone compares accrual of all alone deposit on, aim to absorb the market to compare all alone superfluously, control inflation, prevent what choose without investment to collect blackmarket outwards than Suo Chong, for decompression of official exchange rate. Additional, a Central Bank again to market infuse intervention of 160 million dollar collects city, squelch parallel search rises situation is bad the dollar value that receive, but this is apparent with the Central Bank before today the decision is contrary to.

23 days, argentina ends guild views a decision, undertake intervention to collecting city no longer, people contrast alls alone the anticipation that continues to devalue warms up, official exchange rate go up for a time develop 1 dollar exchange 8.7 than all alone, 1 dollar involved black market that day rise 13 than all alone.

The media outside a few conditions thinks, a government announces 24 days to allow the people to buy the decision of the dollar, mean what the government begins to relax to was carried out two years in the past to collect city control policy. But local economy bound thinks to be not however such. Piniyaneili points out much · of Er of A of president of the Central Bank before Argentina, the government won't be unlocked collect city, this one measure aims shock market, dozen approach blackmarket dollar. Because dollar demand prep above furnishs, and Central Bank reserve is dropping ceaselessly, unlock the as good as that collect city at committing suicide.

In addition, the government allows an individual to buy a dollar, but the income that must declare according to the individual is undertaken examination by duty Wu branch, this and the measure as good as when policy of the limitation that collect city is being rolled out two years ago, people

of in the end still buys a dollar hard.

The scholar points out, governmental this action is for blow exporter waits to compare the psychology that all alone continues to devalue. Because foreground is ambiguous, many exporter defer settlement of exchange, goods of importer store up is waited for go up, governmental hope forces exporter through this action as early as possible settlement of exchange, increase dollar income.

Jixiluofu of Argentine economy minister expresses, a few industries think Rangbisuo is gigantic demote, this is governmental institute unallowed. Before this, market of Ceng Xiang of branch of Petroleum Company Argentina throws card of carapace of flower carry on one's shoulder 60 million buy a dollar than all alone, the government thinks its push price of dollar of high black market of purpose.

Exchange rate of dollar of the Argentine add that compare all alone steeps fall, cause money market to look in the world demote burgeoning country currency, affect Asia-Pacific and be issued to lower levels of European stock market, make the economic situation of investor reappraise developing country. In A hom

e, produce the effect that infers high price and inflation to anticipate possibly.

Management board of Argentine confederative and communal income will announce the states policy specific measure on executive government at 27 days, local business circles and people also go in the exchange rate that awaits 27 days situation, in order to define corresponding strategy. Accordingly, this round of policy adjusts A government to still remain to observe to economic influence.


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 Day intermediary: Japanese network puts pictures of a large number of act indecently towards pornography to exceed half the number to come from abroad site

According to report of Xinhua News Agency Burmese Ministry of Labour grows Wu Ang radical democracy of day and 12 Burmese whole nations is allied (civilian alliance) leader holds Shan Suji meeting high, can late cloth combines statement to say, both sides develops for Burmese stability and economy, agree to spread out collaboration.

Wu Ang radical and season of the element that hold hill high were in that day Burmese before the talk that the capital admires light to hold a hour. This is two people go up 25 days month to talk oneself, speak the 2nd times directly.


Say according to combining statement, "The stability of country of bilateral put up with, quiet spread out collaboration with development, show contented collectivity people is real the attitude of demand " , "This will be to last the constructive cooperation that democratic process, economy and social situation expand further... will prevent contrary sex point of view " .

Wu Jiaoshan of Burmese news minister compared inside the capital that day say on a press conference: "The angle that reconciles from the country considers, the government is handling civilian alliance issue in clever, careful ground, although it does not have lawful sex, but the government offers an opportunity to be national interest service to it. But the government offers an opportunity to be national interest service to it..

Civilian alliance is established in September 1988, because rejected

to be registered afresh last year, boycott election, in jural lose qualification of lawful political party.

"If civilian alliance hopes to participate in politics, ought to establish a lawful political party through formal order. Anyhow, the government is doing his best invite civilian alliance to join the whole nation to reconcile process. " Wu Jiaoshan says.

Hold Shan Suji high to be 66 years old, since 1989, suffer authorities 3 times to accusation breaks the law and be put under house arrest. Last year in November, hold Shan Suji high to put the get-off after expiring under house arrest recently.

After get-off, act of season of the element that hold hill high is careful, delicacy has critical government and vote. Burmese authorities appears win over by soft tactics is tough to hers footing, now and then criticism offers to her in national media, but the abroad outside allowing her to more free land travels and be interviewed hands in official, reporter and proponent.

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 American Secretary of State visits Vietnam be gratified to uphold territorial sea sovereignty to jump over in the gram

 Login register Argentina of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to e

xplode rambunctious does one China citizen die is supermarket of much home Chinese robbed origin: ? Qu Xian?2013-12-13 10:1Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 4 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

Mob loot supermarket causes panic

The net austral Fujian on December 13 dispatch from this month much tile of Er of family of the 2nd big city produces 4 days of Argentina since large-scale disturbance, the police goes on strike and fool incident of the shop that grab trade to begin to spread to Argentine whole nation.

This round fool grab agitation, supermarket of much home Chinese is affected. Hong Lei of spokesman of Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs expresses 12 days, via checking, citizen of a China dies unfortunately in disturbance. Fujian business Mr Chen home also was grabbed, shoot fortunately defend oneself, the gangster just was not rushed into.

Somebody is in network appeal

Grab Chinese supermarket to celebrate a festival

Mr Chen family has been in old overseas Chinese Argentina lived 20 old, they come from Fujian, the supermarket is run in place. Mr Chen still is vice-chairman of local Chinese labour union. Mr Chen is accepted 12 days when interviewing, express, argentina has ten Chinese about, chinese supermarket has many 8000, be grabbed now have many 50, this proportion is quite high. Mr Chen says, disturbance is not to be aimed at a Chinese, be in what place opens a supermarket however is a Chinese normally. The Chinese is bullied basically have 3 reasons, it is the language is no good, 2 it is legal consciousness not tall, 3 be can bear too.

Say additionally according to Argentine media coverage, someone says in gregarious media: "20 schedule of the day grab Chinese supermarket, lack cash, the president does not have a response again, argentine should rob a Chinese, spend a happy restful night. " additional, someone still cries piece " equational belongings " wait for catchword.

Argentina meets year end

Send beating episode high

Mr Chen says, before two days once, his home also was grabbed, but they were not rushed into, "Because we shot " , argentine now Chinese can say is everybody highs oneself, every Chinese supermarket has 5 guns at least. It is reported, although this round fool grab be not in the light of the Chinese, but be similar to the incident of large-scale smashing and looting last year for precaution, many Chinese supermarket owner begin consolidate shop, some is flat close close down.

China is stationed in Argentine diplomatic mission to express, in recent years, every meet year end is tall hair of case of A public security period, fool grab incident common occurance. Diplomatic mission already got in touch with local police, understand a situation, requirement place polic

e does his best belongings of person of protective China colony is safe, visit in fool the family member that the brethren dies in grabbing. (Late north of law of report of Xinhua News Agency is late)

Recommend read: Argentine Chinese supermarket is fooled grab merchant shooting defend oneself to be arrested (graph)

Philippine catch buckle 78 Chinese to check a passport to already had 52 people get-off [graph]

Read related: One Chinese factory of Italian produces fire at least 4 Chinese die Singapore commotion did not receive Xiamen of Zhangzhou of city of spring of Fujian of recreation of news of Chinese interpose news in incident reason investigation

Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored



[person of Malaysia happening be astonished rapes girl case by turns to already arrested 13 people] Malaysia media cover

age, this country is upper Ji Landan city produces be astonished person to rape girl
case by turns, the likelihood amounts to 39 people to rape two v/arc a person's status by turns to fasten the girl that mixes 17 years old for 15 years old, police already will arrest 13 suspects on May 30, be in chase personnel of other experience case.

Complete European Union of degree of Greek jail jam is worst ever sentenced 15 prison breaker innocent

 A Sade of · of Er of Syrian president Ba Sha is infrequent and open appear religious activity

 蓝色海岸698做几次Login register Korea of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to shoot balloon artillery shell to fall into Korea churchyard Han to be answered with K-6 emmagee shoot: of 40 hair origin? Be not?2014-10-11 09:5 of north of the larva of a tapeworm or the cercaria of a schistosomeEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 4 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel [summary] Han Jun uses K-6 emmagee to answer subsequently shoot 40 much hair, without Han Fang personnel is in this incident casualties.

Will report on October 11, the report will say Han couplet company on October 10, combine give advice this department 10 days according to Korea message, pair of face handbills that Korea used 14.5 millimeter to shoot group of citizen of Korea of machine gun face high to send out that day firing, know exactly about sth bullet falls into Korea churchyard, han Jun uses K-6 emmagee to answer subsequently shoot 40 much hair, without Han Fang personnel is in this incident casualties.

Data chart: Annual Korea folk group borrows direction of Korea of season wind direction to release the balloon of the handbill and food.

Korea combines give advice cadre to express, local time that day afternoon 2 when make, of Korea citizen group the large balloon to face handbill is in the face in plain county adds up to ripples of path thing capital city and its environs the one belt in water enters the space, be in later 3 when 55 minutes of Xu Ting come from face square 10 polyphony report of a gun. Han Jun afternoon 4 when the cartridge case that around garrison ground 50 minutes area of and other places discovers to Korea doubt is like the bullet that fires machine gun high to be shot with 14.5 millimeter, later Han Jun afternoon 5 when K-6 emmagee is used to answer after making Xiang Chaoxian 30 minutes undertake admonitory broadcast fired bullet of 40 much hair. Korea combines give advice cadre to express, han Jun still is maintaining high state of alert.

On the other hand, motion of Korea of freedom of organization of the person that Korea took off north that day disregards governmental opposition jointly, unite in hill of head of a huge legendary turtle of city of state of slope of path thing capital city and its environs looked into the parking lot near the stage to send out to Korea as scheduled 200 thousand pieces of handbill. They sent out to Korea with 10 large balloons the handbill, 1 dollar soft, disc and booklet, the large banner that has condemnation Korea system still is hanged on the balloon.

Korea unites committee to will express on October 9 to peace of Han o

rgnaization motherland, if Korea government allows civilian group to send out pair of face handbills, or it is the word that gives acquiesce to this kind of behavior, han will be immersed in the situation that cannot redeem afresh toward the relation, and the responsibility of all these is in
completely Han Fang.

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Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored


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