Sketch artist defends meme-sparking Tom Brady illustration

2021年11月26日 by 没有评论

Night net

null Is that Michael Jackson from the “Thriller” video? Is that the lovable alien from the movie “E.T.”? No. It’s Tom Brady, and the lady behind the now-famous courtroom sketch is plenty proud of her work. MORE: Tom Brady's Night net life in photos | Jersey Confidence Index, Night net editionFirst look at sketches from today's #DeflateGate hearing. Credit: Jane Rosenberg— Jim Armstrong (@JimArmstrongWBZ) August 12, 2015“I don’t tend to flatter people and make them look beautiful,” courtroom artist Jane Rosenberg told the Boston Globe Wednesday after her sketch of Brady at his Deflategate hearing in New York City caught fire on the Internet. Lovers of football and UGG boots everywhere are more accustomed to Brady’s all-American good looks, but Rosenberg’s corpse-like rendition of the four-time Super Bowl champion proved to be much more fun.“At least they can figure out which one is Tom Brady,” Rosenberg said. “That’s good, whether he looks good or bad. It’s not just a stick figure of a nobody.” Related News From draft to Deflategate: This is Tom Brady's Night net life Rosenberg said Brady spent much of the hearing with a scowl on his face while he checked his cellphone, which is yet to be destroyed. Rosenberg said Brady's courtroom demeanor explains his rendering in her sketch.“He hardly looked up at all,” she said. “Are you interested in what’s going on or what?”However, she does realize her latest work of art doesn’t do Brady, his cleft chin or flawless cheek bones justice.“I apologize for not making him look as good-looking as he is,” she told the New York Times.