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武汉夜网论坛HBLuo Jiahui carries dependant to touch Beijing to walk on say Sino-US collaboration perspective is wide newly


 Login register China of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to circulate example of haing Buddha school fastens fictional Hafotu: of origin of response of book house front? Be not?2014-01-01 13:3 of north of the larva of a tapeworm or the cercaria of a schistosomeEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 8 Http:// channel [summary] recently, jing of website of government of library of haing Buddha college leaves a message now: Somebody asks, the example of officer of haing Buddha university that where can you see fokelore is medium? To this, officer of haing Buddha university just expresses on its official net, these school example are false, example of so called school cannot see on Ha Foqiang, say alleged school example is fictional.

The school example about haing Buddha university is rife on Chinese Internet long already. Recently, jing of website of government of library of haing Buddha college leaves a message now: Somebody asks, the example of officer of haing Buddha university that where can you see fokelore is medium? To this, officer of haing Buddha university just expresses on its official net, these school example are false, example of so called school cannot see on Ha Foqiang, say alleged school example is fictional.

On July 16, 2013, a netizen is in haing Buddha library government-owned net leaves a message query: "I hear to school example can see on the wall that is in library of haing Buddha college, where can you see excuse me? " . This problem caused wide attention, the quantity that browse is as high as 140 thousand.

Administrator of library of officer of haing Buddha university expresses: "The school example about haing Buddha university is already rife on the net, be in China especially, but I can prove, ha Fo does not have example of so called school on any wall. Ha Fo does not have example of so called school on any wall..

This reply returns cite finally " wall street daily " the report November 15, 2012 says, student of new generation China comes from merely to the inspiration of alleged school example at a fraud about Ha Fo.

The net passes standard of haing Buddha school 1. Take a nap at the moment, you will daydream; And learn at the moment, you oneiromancy.

2. I am b

edraggled now, just about the person of die body's invocatory yesterday tomorrow.

3. feels too late moment, just is the earliest when.

4. does not pull the job now tomorrow.

When 5. study pungent it is temporary, the anguish that did not acquire is lifetime.

6. studies this issue, not be devoid time, lack hard however.

7. happiness does not discharge the place probably, but discharge the place successfully surely.

8. study is not life is all. But, since connect the one section of life -- study also cannot conquer, what can you still do?

9. is enjoyed please cannot evasive anguish.

10. tries hard conscientiously only, the flavor with ability successful savor.

11. everybody cannot succeed anyhow, it comes from proper ego management and perseverance.

12. time is in elapse.

The dribble that 13. drips now, will become the tear tomorrow.

The ground learns like 14. dog, the ground plays like gent.

15. does not go today, will want to run tomorrow.

The person of 16. investment future is, devoted to real person.

17. teachs degree to represent income.

18. is over one day too, won't come again.

19. although now, adversary also keeps flipping through page.

20. does not have hardships, obtain without place.

(Zhumalie of round-the-world network reporter)

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a Yinjiu to be shown China of equestrian fart culture circulates example of haing Buddha school fastens fictional Hafotu Xiamen of Zhangzhou of city of spring of Fujian of recreation of news of response of book house front

Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

 German premier Mokeer admonishs: Listening incident or influence from trade agreement

London local court adjudges Weisiminsite 2

days, the month is in on parliament about " world news signs up for " Lu Po of magnate of medium of the assault on hearing of phone eavesdrop case British man of Temoduoke Jonathan plum - Bowers, the put in prison that be sentenced 6 weeks. [Full text]
A man is in " " on the side edible place cathedral or cafeteria eleemosynary food. On July 31, two parties of American raise problem of debt upper limit to reach in last hour eventually consistent, avoid to appear thereby this country on the history first debt [full text]
The mysterious cirque that sonar scanning discovers reports according to China Daily reconnaissance of ocean of a west was a few days ago " the extraterrestrial ever visited the earth " the view found newest evidence. They discovered in the sea floor of Sweden and Finnish and attrib border maritime space [full text]
City of yokohama of the 2nd big city lets Japan two years ago the text book of history of elementary middle school that region uses partial area to be written by rightist party, the plan expands to whole town limits nowadays, make a decision on 4 days. Many orgnaizations and individual devote section of be religious Yo, [Full text]
The United States gets Kesasi the emperor western brings the city the one place of reservoir of the Fischer inside park of state of auspicious the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces is laky color is erubescent because of unusually dry weather,
Overcome heir more about silent " soap opera " had performed old, a few candidate after many rich play chess, alternate, the answer tends originally Anacreontic. Who knows scandal of one picket eavesdrop, your gut gives birth to variable suddenly, of this prolonged " kingship " contend for [full text]
Occupy dispatches from foreign news agency to report, mu Ba of the president before Egypt pulls a gram 3 days to be taken away by the hospital from conspicuous of sanded Mu Sha Yi, he will be sent toward Caire to accept judgement. Platform scale of Egypt country TV: "Is Mubalake being sent toward airport of conspicuous of sanded Mu Sha Yi by the ambulance? [Full text]
According to foreign media coverage, 3000 dollars are opposite offer a reward of a father of American California below daughter male friend " chase after kill your " , will be sentenced 7 years to imprison on August 1. It is reported, duominggesi is chased after kill daughter Samantha 33 years old male friendly division overcomes the black, last month [full text]
In wall street show of the nude that perform gets an actor to occupy outside intermediary report, morning of week early in the morning at 7 o'clock, wall street of division of new York banking still is in hazy in, a flock of men and womens go out suddenly to be here now. Next the thing lets everybody be surprised -- this group of people at the same time [full text]
Xinhua net Washington on August 2 report (reporter Ren Haijun) discovery of a new research, generation of sanded star of third of annulus of crude element of a kind of main antagonism is able to bear or endure highly of property of a medicine be able to bear or endure salmonella bacterium individual plant already was in much medicine global much ground " show a body " . French Ba Si? [Full text]
1 day, american vice president is done obeisance to enter meeting going abroad. According to England " daily telecommunications signs up for " the website will report on August 1, bai Dengzheng is in astute American vice president especially as diligent as this country bureau doing brushstroke to trade well: He an another place residence near oneself [full text]
"Kuciniezunfu " date is full-length: 306.3 meters of draft: 9.87 meters are fully loaded with displacement: 65000 tons of motivation: 4 steam turbine, general power 200000 horse power are the greatest speek of a ship or plane: 29 flights deck: 304.4 meters long, 72 meters wide personnel staff: 1960 [full text]
Day government comes on stage 2011 edition " defensive white paper " report of Wang Huan of round-the-world network reporter says according to Japanese media message, japanese government will come on stage in the morning on August 2 2011 edition " defensive white paper " , in the book of limits of marine to China pass in and out [full text]
German Ministry of Foreign Affairs will admit to drive out on July 31 Libyan halt heart a senior diplomat in diplomatic corps, but did not drive out publicly reason. Drive out the news of Libyan diplomat is the earliest by Germany " focus " weekly report, 31 days obtain Germany [full text]
Be faced with the appeal that cancels Australian naturalization written examination federally, because many immigrant are mirrorred, they cannot understand the problem on examination paper. Alliance of teacher of new administrative division appeals the government abolishs this is planted written examination, turn and use simple English oral method. [Full text]
Send small gain to send word to lyric nowadays becomes a lot of people to share and get the platform of information. Be in England, many assemblyman are joined " knit scarf " cavalcade, talk about politics,
live a little, lao the daily life of a family. Investigation of a website shows England, british assemblyman? [Full text]
An England businessman goes to dispatch of new wall bulletin Singapore goes vacationing, the end of a woman is held in nocturnal inn, the price that he should pay for this is a likelihood be sentenced to be imprisoned, amerce or whip punishment. Current, this England businessman already obtained bail, shack at place [full text]
Xinhua net Shanghai on August 2 report (the that the reporter has) although beautiful debt upper limit rises, avoid global economy and money market to bring huge impact, but beautiful debt upper limit rises or will push inflation of tall whole world for a long time, domestic company also is faced with subsequently [full text]
Italian coast posse will steal the discovery on ferry in a congested on August 1 25 stowaway bodies. They may be asphyxial inside cabin die, the body already began decay. Coastal posse cares about island of the island in apanage [full text]

 Nepalese president: China of be on friendly terms of the two countries in the Buddhist nun is great neighbour and friend

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 12 years old of girls of American are when classmate of disclose of knife of member of horrible story website 19 knives

Login register south Africa of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to complete the world successfully do first phallic transplanting operations donate origin: for the patient? ?2015-03-16 17:1 of huge rock of discharge  contractionEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 1 Http:// channel [summary] the penis that 21 years old of patients lost him in clumsy circumcision, original penis remains 1 centimeter to grow only.

The intermediary outside occupying reports 13 days, advancement of day of surgeon of a group of south Africa went the phallic transplanting operation of the first success.

The doctor that is opening general honest says, the operation is very successful, the patient is joy and health


This penis that 21 years old of pa

tients lost him in clumsy circumcision. He is gone when 18 years old circumcision, he has entered a gender at that time active period. This boy's former penis remains 1 centimeter to grow only.

The university teachs Sitailunbosi Andre Fandemowei (left) with Lafeike - solemn Sa (Rafique Moosa) announce, their world that finish operations of first successful penis transplanting. Picture origin: Afp.

In Sitailunbosi university and the operation that the surgeon of the hospital had Taigebao 9 hours are operated, receive for this patient on donate the penis that come.

Among them Fandemowei undertakes Andre of a surgeon normally nephritic transplanting operation, he says: This is much more god-given absolutely, blood-vessel has 1.5 millimeter wide, and can achieve in the blood-vessel in the kidney 1 centimeter wide.

This group was used a few by first the technology that development of facial transplanting operation comes out, in order to join little blood vessel and nerve.

The operation will have on December 11 last year. After 3 months, doctors say the patient is recovering quickly.

Nevertheless, patient transplanting has not restore whole sense after new penis. Doctors say, this may need time two years.

However, this man now already can pee, and have erect, climax and ejaculation.

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Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

 Han official: ? Does  of condition of allow of  of fellow admire palm receive award of laborious of  of awl of spade of  of Biao of  of Tu of bastinado of  Wei pleasant?

 武汉夜网论坛HBThe Ministry of Foreign Affairs: In square absolutely won't concessional humble square with any formal embezzlement kindheartedness reef


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