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In report will occupy new network on March 12 Australia cite of abstruse feet net " Melbourne daily " report, 12 days in the morning, melbourne east the restaurant of the rich seafood that face the door of the area (conflagration of happening o

f Fu Long Seafood Restaurant) . Firemen is burned in tendril before be being built to periphery, control conflagration.

12 days of early morning are less than 7: 30 when, the restaurant of the rich seafood that face the door that is located in Whitehorse Rd of Box Hill area produces fire suddenly. Bureau of metropolitan fire control (the female spokesman Meg Rayner of MFB) says, they dispatched 50 12 fire engine, firemen go beat this conflagration. Look this fire is result it seems that part of this architectural housetop. In conflagration at 9: 15 the left and right sides is controlled after living, still 15 firemen continue to attack in the spot fire.

Camo74 of gregarious media user says, he sees blaze when 8 o'clock probably. We hear the alarm voice of as one falls, just see smother and blaze were risked later come out. But smog is not much, basically be interiorly it seems that it seems that. But a got-up affair is very fast with respect to take a sudden turn and become worse rapidly, that aerosol becomes bigger and bigger, thicker and thicker, also more and more choke person. Nevertheless firemen commanded igneous force very quickly now (controlle

d at 10 o'clock) there do not have what aerosol and blaze, but look to come out that housetop is burned already completely so that be out of shape.

It is reported, current fire cause still is not clear about. A firemen of MFB says: Of housetop of this fire result hind.

(Original title: House of one Chinese meal produces Melbourne conflagration Is hope 50 firemen are urgent put out)


 The Central Committee of Communist Party of China calls Laotian change the Party Central Committee to congratulate Laotian change party to hold water 60 years

 The sex after German doctor confuses many female patient is invaded or be raped and kinescope pretends to do a test

Kuala lumpur of China News Service Lu Hai of deputy secretary-general of Malaysia the Ministry of Communication will string cable on October 25 confirm, malaysia government did not receive Indonesian discovery doubt to appear the information of debris of plane of Ma Hang MH370.

Luhaiza attends MH370 24 days to seek the job when newest progress meeting, in the light of Indonesian the information that obtains MH370 debris expresses to media, the affinity of two countries can assure, once concern any messages at MH370 plane, government of Malaysia of Indonesian and sure immediate announcement. But at present Malaysia did not receive any informations.

Australian MH370 searchs for operation director Pidefoli to also say in same situation, although MH370 debris drifts likely Indonesian maritime space, nevertheless authorities did not receive Indonesian report and announcement.

Here media coverage, luhaiza expresses, discover in any places doubt is like the debris of MH370 plane, will be sent toward Australia to take a picture, reach be sent toward Boeing company to make identification.

She says, each just hope to search for the action to score gain inside short time, of boat resembling a law like seeking the operation.

Luhaiza points out, seek area range very wide, this also makes search for labour feel embarrassed to be finished in order to be inside short time.

Be in at present south the weather of the indian ocean gradually good, accordingly, we hope as own ship naval vessel and facility, can find debris at least, in order to find out the buy of place v/arc be on t

he throne of the plane.

Airliner of Ma Hang MH370 will fly to Beijing from kuala lumpur on March 8 this year couplet is broken in road, unit staff includes to share 239 people inside on machine. The plane misses up to now. The evidence that masters at present shows, the plane is in likely crash of maritime space of the indian ocean, still did not discover any trails up to now nevertheless.

(Original title: Equestrian government: Indonesian did not search

obtain MH370 debris)

 Login register sex appeal of Holand of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian temperamental policewoman photograph: Boots of leotard, cowboy and match a handgun (graph) origin: ?  tries know well?2014-09-02 11:3Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 1 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

Exposure of photograph of policewoman of temperament of Holand sex appeal: The handgun matchs between boots of tight jacket, cowboy and waist (graph)

International is online stalk of grain only: According to Germany " the picture signs up for " will report on September 1, boots of tight jacket, cowboy mixes white jeans, black the handgun between the waist, recently, dutch accident of a sexy and temperamental policewoman has his moment network, netizens express in succession, her figure does not lose any star completely.

It is reported, the beautiful face of this policewoman and aureate the MTV stage compere that long hair makes she looks as famous as Holand holds model concurrently Xierweimeisi (Sylvie Meis) unusual appearance resembles, and a lot of netizens think she ability is more sexy. A netizen expresses: She is fab sex appeal really, I can be captured by her if only. Another netizen expresses: If she wants to arres

t me, I won't revolt certainly.

The report says, inside a few short days, concern this policewoman left a message to achieve thousands of with the comment, nevertheless, people still cannot determine her status. At present foregone information is, this piece of photograph on the net films 2012, she is together with other staff at that time jeweller's robs the field survey of the case to obtain evidence.

The graph has his moment for the accident the policewoman of temperament of Holand sex appeal of the network.

The MTV stage compere with famous Holand holds Mei Si of model Xi Erwei concurrently (Sylvie Meis) , have one's moment as unusual as its appearance resembles policewoman.

The MTV stage compere with famous Holand holds Mei Si of model X

i Erwei concurrently (Sylvie Meis) , have one's moment as unusual as its appearance resembles policewoman.

Read related: Liu Yi loves female sit assist of netizen of doggie of the bosom on the ground: Shellfish very beautiful 2015-02-02 19 year old it is good that the man holds false gun to enter Holand studio threaten to find a place for 2015-01-31 of 8 place explosive assist alarm the hand is moved adjust traffic light to be an ambulance " open circuit " obtain a netizen to nod Xiamen of Zhangzhou of city of spring of Fujian of recreation of assist 2015-01-30 news

Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

 Service of provide for the aged of at

tention spring city makes happy and senile living

The net austral Fujian rolls out special subject report, the form such as to in an attempt to, article, video, show fontal state filling career of neat provide for the aged is

brief board, promotion provide for the aged is taken


 " world news signs up for " the editor in chief appears in court by eavesdrop scandal accusation be on trial be on trial

According to BBC report, heart of German the eastpart part is tired this the police of city expresses 29 days, they arrested a police of 55 years old, reason is he is suspected of murdering a man. German media reports, the police that is suspected of do violence works in the branch of legal medical expert of police, it is reported is handwriting expert.

Report, the victim's body is in Ger

many the Aierci of the eastpart part is a mountainous area by discovery. Police says, evidence shows, organ of part of the dead's body is eaten off. The dead is on Han Nuowei city before one's death, concerned respect reports to authorities he is missing for a time.

Police believes, the police of experience case and dead pass through a website that mistreats about the gender to get acquainted with on the network. The police of killing be accusinged had provided a statement made under examination to authorities, and guide investigation personnel be in a place to the body. Police expresses, there is the sign that is mistreated before the dead is dead, and meet with after be killed dismemberment. The local it is reported that buries a body belongs to the dead all.

At present not clear dead is be killed intentionally or imagine sport out of control and of get killed. German police expresses, the dead has the illusion that be murdered and is

eaten off all the time before one's death.

Germany also has produced similar case before this. 2001 shellfish favor · Yuergen Bulandesi by A bright · strides Wei Si to kill. Maiweisi eats off organ of the dead's part, but, bulandesi agrees with him to be done so before one's death.

 Whether is this page list page or home page? Did not find appropriat

text content.


According to report of Xinhua News Agency

The remains of 30 U.S. Army soldiers that raids the death in crashing

incident in Afghan helicopter predicts at American the eastpart part time will transfer the United States to help China city especially on August 9 much Buddha air base. American department of defense 8 days " accident " prohibit ceremony of homecoming of remains of media coverage soldier.

Media feels " accident " , it is the government before already relaxing 2009 because of Beilakeaobama's president the reportorial ban to soldier of U.S. Army of be killed in battle, whether can formulary media report remains homecoming depends on only be killed in battle person family member.

But this, the department of defense with " die soldier remains do not identify " for reject all media spots to report, approve only die toward much Buddha air base receives homecoming remains before soldier family member.

A statement says the department of defense, prang, soldier remains identifies hard, so, before still half-baked remains id

entifies, even if is to die the soldier's close kin also must not give media admittance reportorial right. Statement says, this " accord with policy of department of defense " , is not change policy.

This ceremony of homecoming of remains of U.S. Army soldier suffers media to pay close attention to quite, because 30 die,22 navy include in the soldier " seal " commando member, among them 20 people are belonged to " seal " the pickeddest in commando " seal " 6 teams.

30 American soldiers and arms of 7 Afghanistan special type and an interpreter are taken 6 days " Jinuke " when helicopter executes combat mission, arm by Taliban ambush, helicopter crash, 38 people die entirely.

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