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上海贵族宝贝龙凤Service of provide for the aged of attention spring city makes happy and senile living

The net austral Fujian rolls out special

report, the form such as to in an attempt to, article, video, show fontal state filling career of neat provide for the aged is brief board, promotion provide for the aged is taken



According to report of Xinhua News Agency, congo (gold) nati

onal railroad official confirms 23 days, a train is in 22 days this country area of the eastpart part is off the rails, cause at least 60 people to die.

This official s

ays, this freight train that heads for Muweineiditu by Kamina is near big bridge of cartoon Ge La off the rails. A survival says, accident nidus is the brae near big bridge, feel loco and railroad car are trembling at that time.

Congo (gold) one train is off the rails

Local media reports, because have remains of a few person that die by bodywork bury, have not gouge, accident death number will rise further.

Congo (gold) national railroad shows, accident reason may be train speeding. Railroad already expedited special accident board of inquiry to drive go to field survey.

 Inside Vietnam river head now high-key instead China because demonstrate activity is medium Yuexi is contended for dene

Japan " change fatigue assist " responsible to incident of assault of rocket of base of U.S. Army job

 Thailand crown prince will from dig down redemptive the individual private plane that confiscates by Germany

 Login register text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to pass Russia army to already controlled the Mi Yae in the gram: Won't be at war forever origin: ? ?2014-03-03 17:0 of huge rock of discharge  contractionEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 0 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

On March 2, an armed personnel is in Wukelanxinfeiluoboer patrols near the airport. Airport of Er of wave of Xin Fei collect shut territorial air recently. Have say without confirming an information, have armed member occupational the airport. Current, this airport already can be used normally.

Insecurity of Wu Kelan condition lasts. After afterwards black army will enter comprehensive guard on March 2, the action that the president when black overcomes Lan Lin overcame Limiya in Wu Kelan with respect to Russia army that day censures say, russian behavior is " apparent aggression and menace " . Beautiful Secretary of State acts in black military affairs with respect to Russia menace takes martial sanction, england, Germany, European Union wait for each to also express footing; each " relatively force " let Wu Kelan condition appear all the more stretchs tight closely. But chairman of Russian federal committee begins a risk to make known his position to say with respect to what the outside worries, between Russian black " it is brotherly country, won't be at war forever " .

Does Russian army control Kelimiya?

According to media coverage, on March 2, russia army had controlled the Kelimiya of the ministry austral Wukelandong, large quantities of fully armed soldiers appear in Kelimiya to the prefecture where the provincial capital is located downtown of Er of wave of Xin Fei collect.

Report, "The green military uniform that they wear does not have any differentiating to indicate, but they are communicated with Russian, it is Russia soldier apparently " .

In addition, the military vehicle that hanging plate of fleet of Russia the Black Sea is stationed in local main road, governmental building already was surrounded, main airport is shut. On March 2, russia army still surrounds the little camping ground of a Ke Lanjun of a few black, want the black inside to overcome; of Lan Jun demilitarization Ke Lanjun of a few black refuses, dan Ejun did not shoot.

Besides Kelimiya, at present Russia army is done not have in Wu Kelan the eastpart part other place appears, but, queasy condition of Wu Kelan still is in diffuse. Close Russia element holds hold a demonstration in city of Wu Kelan the eastpart part and south, a few demonstrate person enter local government building

to raise Russia national flag.

In Haerkefu (Kharkiv) , element of thousands of close Russia enters local government office building, the proponent that captures Lanxin government with one subgroup black produces conflict.

In Du Nie Ci is overcome (Donetsk) , thousands of demonstrate person go into the street they go to processional; local government building, change the Wu Kelan ensign that hanging originally into Russia ensign. Gubeileifu says demonstrate head: "We do not admit base complementary government, they are not lawful. They are not lawful..

Husband of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces of husband of coal miner handkerchief expresses, he supports Russia to undertake the military affairs intervenes. He says: "It is moment ends this kind of inordinate state, russia is our brother, I support Russian army. I support Russian army..

Wu Kelan is legionary and comprehensive guard

On March 2, tuerjinuofu is in the Wu Kelan prolocutor of responsibility of president of act on one's behalf highest pull amount to (parliament) express to media after the plenary session, he ever tried Beijing of general of president of

graph contact Russia and Jeff of premier Mei Dewei, but fail to succeed, acquired connection with Naleishenjin of Russian home Chairman Du Ma only. He criticises the behavior of Russia army is apparent aggression and menace.

Tuerjinuofu says, republic of the Mi Ya in Wu Kelan gram " the situation is very tight still " , according to his allegation, barback of area of the Mi Ya in gram of Russia army block, try to drive out the garrison that Wu Kelan armament is in place, he criticises this is apparent aggressive action.

Tuerjinuofu expresses, presently the behavior that any square trying that atttack barback of Wu Kelan army, will be regarded as " direct aggression of the fact " , he says, "Russian federal leader and Russia army will assume full responsibility for this " . He expresses again, ought to resolve conflict through peaceful way.

Yacainiuke of the premier when black overcomes Lan Lin on March 2 loudly disease breathes out: "(president of Russia congress approval is sent army) this is not minatory, this is the national declare war to me. This is the national declare war to me..

In the meantime, wu Kelan Security Council gives orders the army, want all soldiers to enter highest alert, the department of defense also receives an order, arouse 40 years old of all the following male man.

Yacainiuke expresses, "If general Beijing wants to become in two friendly neighbour -- the president that flames of war fires between Wukelan and Russia, then he is apart from this one target to have a few inches Yao only now. We had been close to warlike abyss. We had been close to warlike abyss..

Horse of chairman of Russian Federation committee is special Wei Yanke makes known his position 2 days, federal commission provided the legal basis that dispatchs troops to Wukelan for presidential general Beijing, but " brotherly country is between Russian black, two countries won't be at war forever " .

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Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored



According to joint company report, japan defends province official will disclose on August 20, this province already will buy Okinawa county and institute of Na Guoding government to have land of some and ministry of southwest of that country island certainly, build martial seat, the charge that buy the land and partial construction cost will be included to leave one-year budget staff.

With alleged " Chinese naval activity is increasingly brisk " for, japanese government will be passed in December last year " metaphase defends force reorganize and outfit plans (2011, 2015 year) " , write clearly among them " will be in deploy of southwest Zhu Dao is onshore the coastal and surveillant army of militia " . For this, the finance budget of this year moved about 30 million yen (add up to) of 2.506 million yuan of RMBs about, onshore militia is right also undertook investigating with ground of deploy of that country island.

Be apart from Chinese Taiwan island with that country island only 110 kilometers. The deploy ground in the plan is stood by with that country island most of area of good people of Xi Duanjiu department " Na Mu field " , the area makes an appointment with 125 hectare. This land is Ding government for the most part all, at present civilian enterprise puts in a suitable place to breed here about 60 oxen. Japanese defense saves plan general among them 15 use as to 20 hectare martial place where troops are stationed, deploy is here light-duty armed forces, benefit consumed learns the foreign ship that the maritime space of surveillant the East China Sea such as appliance and radar sails. Predict to a militia barracks and helicopter aircraft parking area will be built to wait in succession inside 4 years henceforth.

Can go up in the d

weller specification that will hold in July with Na Guoding, ding grows outer room to defend auspicious to express to will push this plan, expect army be stationed can drive local economy progress. But the sound that local dweller also gave out uneasiness and doubt, the dweller expresses, "Okinawa does not need base " . Support and object the opinion give tit for tat of deploy militia, the opinion inside Ding is skimble-scamble. Public opinion thinks, the way that seat of construction military affairs makes with respect to the decision before Japan defends the province forms unified understanding in place may cause sharp criticism.

Joint company analysis thinks, japanese government plans to be in Okinawa county and deploy of that country island are coastal and surveillant army, this action aims to aim at the China with marine increasingly brisk activity, fill Okinawa this island with the defense on the west " clear area " . Japanese government is in what the end of the year made last year " defensive plan outline " in, regard Chinese tendercy as first " the care item of area and international society " . On August 2, japanese ministerial meeting approves " defensive white paper " say further, china " can be considered as high-pressured attitude was placed on the problem that opposes with circumjacent each country "

. While Japan defends the province is emphasizing China browbeating, cogent advance the defensive posture that strengthens its southwest Zhu Dao.

It is reported, on the problem that strengthening posture of defense of southwest Zhu Dao, japan will watch the reaction of chinese mainland and Taiwan at the same time, begin at the same time deploy is light-duty armed forces. Japan defends the province returns a plan grading will wall to stone henceforth the average family that island and Gong Gu island send hundreds person dimensions newly (dogface) army, with enhancing the defensive power of southwest Zhu Dao further.

Here media thinks, so-called defense " clear area " pure belong to deceive oneself as well as others. With the martial actual strength that the United States is in our region, should not appear our region existence is defensive " clear area " of and so on " unwary " . Clearly, this is the excuse that Japanese army makes, just did not unite caliber with the United States beforehand, reveal a flaw that cannot justify oneself. Ancient have " casting sword is plow " say, but Japanese army is bought agricultural land is used at the military affairs, as good as at " casting is plowed for the sword " .

In recent years alleviation of taiwan strait situation, this year in July, japan also relaxed to seek the restriction of day to Chinese tourist. Japanese army acts wilfully however, wanton hype " China is minatory " , enlarge military expenditure expenditure to seek ground for its. Japanese media thinks, with its apply colours to a drawing " Chinese menace is talked " , the army is inferior to coming down military expenditure province, use after the calamity with short of money capital to rebuild.

Comment on

Liu Jiang Yong (Tsinghua university is contemporary) of assistant dean of international relation academy: The Japan end last year comes on stage new " defensive plan outline " , will defensive centre of gravity is transferred to southwest archipelago. The decision of this Japan army, show its are fulfilling plan outline stage by stage. Last in domestic economy low fan, below the setting with debt aggravating load, japanese respect still is reason with enhancing security, strive for defensive budget ceaselessly.

The deploy that Japanese defense saves, 100 is kill and do not have one benefit. Below the good state that carries peaceful development in relation of two sides of current taiwan strait, japan is not willing to see such situation however about the respect, still hitting " Chinese menace is talked " banner, meaning in turn into Okinawa be aimed at China " forward position " , violated Sino-Japanese two countries " each other does not constitute menace for partner, each other " , " the peace that supports opposite party each other develops " the mental connotation that strategic mutually beneficial concerns.

Such deploy, to Japanese home especially the development of Okinawa is likewise adverse. On the history, okinawa area has " bridge of ferry of 10 thousand countries " dream, it hopes to make the bridge with world friendly each country, make the island that peace flourishs. Not long ago, with Chinese communication to strengthen tourism of collaboration, stimulative Okinawa develops, the visa that Japanese respect still rolled out pair of China tourists designedly is new politics. But the destiny that Okinawa still cannot decide him, the base of the U.S. Army that be stationed in day that already had 70% originally is here centrally, now even " be bought " the land that comparative goes using as martial place where troops are stationed. This makes clear Japanese government the yearning to local people peace, desire that improves the life lacks a consideration.

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Login register Okinawa of Japan of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to hold " pointed cabinet a chain of islands (Diaoyu Island) development day " : of commemorative type origin?   ?2014-01-15 17:4Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 4 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

Data chart

Municipal government of wall of stone of Japanese Okinawa county was held 14 days " pointed cabinet a chain of islands (Chinese Diaoyu Island) development day " commemorative ceremony, advocate to Diaoyu Island " dominion " . Justice grand expresses Zhongshan of mayor of stone wall city, hope of stone wall town builds Diaoyu Island " the field of maritime go angling of Japanese and travel ground " .

On January 14, 1895, japan bright treat a government to hold ministerial meeting, the decision delimits Diaoyu Island " domanial domain of Japan " . Of Diaoyu Island " administration orgnaization " , parliament of city of wall of Okinawa county stone passed resolution on December 17, 2010, will serve as on January 14 " pointed cabinet a chain of islands develops day " .

According to the report, shared 300 more than person to attend this to commemorate a ceremony. Official of government administration of secretary of Japanese general affairs piece hill month and many congressman also attended this one ceremony.

In fact, chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs ever emphasized for many times, diaoyu Island reachs his the inherent territory that accessary islands is China from of old, this is clear on the history and legal principle. Japanese government is alleged " purchase an island " of complete dispute law, invalid, a bit cannot alter the historical fact of territory of Japanese embezzlement China, a bit cannot change China to reach its to Diaoyu Island the territorial sovereign rights of accessary islands.

Judge when

Japan should write what text book after all

Occupy Japanese media to reported recently, province of Japanese language department is considering to revise " study coachs essentials solves storytelling " , give lessons to write a guideline with schoolbook as the teacher, this manual asks each press Diaoyu Island it is Japan inherent territory writes text book. Japanese government this action ignores historical fact, incendiary countryman is contrary mood, become acute is contradictory. This as good as at deceive oneself, despise for international society place.

In recent years, japanese government absurd says Diaoyu Island is Japanese inherent territory, deny Sino-Japanese between reach with respect to Diaoyu Island problem " lay aside controversy " consensus. Now, bring times regime more become aggravated, try to deny this historical viewpoint writes text book, engraft next generation of Japan.

The Japanese youth nowadays, had not experienced warlike time, basically rely on the historical education of the school to preliminary understanding of the history. Just think, once accepted mistake history concept, how will Japanese youth get along with the people of Asian neighbour?

In fact, modification schoolbook and organized body of mind of country of pacify of pay homage to, make be exactly the same of new diplomatic security policy, modification constitution, it is the new way that brings times political power to open the history to back a car, it is its are militarism " renown " new game.

Last year December, language department saves schoolbook calibrating to investigate careful parliament to reform scheme through, the unified opinion that plans to get on the government in the history, domanial

problem is mirrorred in schoolbook. Admit the occurrence of the schoolbook of history of aggressive historical fact, deep introspection to prevent, language department province browbeats unexpectedly will not approve issue " disobey patriotic heart to teach " schoolbook. People can'ts help wanting to ask, what kind of text book should Japan publish after all? what should be record in annals?

Those who rejoice is, a few a man of insight of Japanese folk do not agree with the practice that brings times regime. Reputation of Liu ball university teachs tall to extend glad to say, of intros

pection history " does village hill talk " with " river tough talk " be also the unified opinion of Japanese government? Will develop an activity henceforth, drive more press will " village hill talks " write text book, let Japanese youth know the history.

Deny the history to be able to move stone to break his leg only. Install times political power to act wilfully on historical problem, deny and challenge afterwar international order, this will let Japan be in the condemnation of international society hard base oneself upon, lose the base that reconciles with Asian neighbour, what damage finally is him Japan.

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Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored


The intermediary outside occupying reports 4 days, the republic partisans of American senatorial Committee on Information will issue a statement, call the United States the CIA (the aggrandizement that CIA) uses interrogates skill, ever helped destroyed horror to assault plot, facilitated Benladeng is shot dead. The findings that this and the Democratic Party predict to will be published is disparate.

Senatorial Qianbulisi says, in affection bureau the information that gathers from inside these trials, conduce to in fact destroy horror to assault plot.

The report says, control the democratic partisans of senatorial Committee on Information, report according to predicting to also will announce its, say to include water punishment inside a series of in affection bureau technology, produce valuable information without the help, not was necessary.

The report that does not understand aspect of the Democratic Party at present will at when be being made public, because of Fan Yin of chairman of Committee on Information Si Tan expresses, government of abstruse Ba Ma

is opposite her put up with the report undertakes a few abbreviate pose a challenge.

Aobama expresses before this, during advanced president small Bush is in office, in affection bureau afflicted a few people, the United States did a few businesses that violate him viewpoint of value.

The republic partisans in the Committee on Information that join a courtyard and democratic partisans interrogate the opinion of skill not to agree with respect to alleged aggrandizement, republic partisans is investigated this from what boycott ginseng courtyard greatly.

On the other hand, the inv

estigation that joins a courtyard still encountered the obstacle of itself of bureau of the affection in coming from, last week, in affection bureau the member that admit its explore ever the investigation of senate of shocking monitoring United States to behavior of its cruel convict process, join courtyard assemblyman violent assail.

 上海贵族宝贝龙凤The United States does not admit Wu Kelan the eastpart part two states are general cast a result to say its meaning is making division


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