These fan-made Super Bowl 50 split jerseys are the worst

2021年11月14日 by 没有评论

Night net SANTA CLARA, Calif. — Wearing a jersey to a game is fine. Wearing a jersey to the Super Bow

l of a team not playing in the Super Bowl is fine, too.But unless you are the parent of two players on opposing teams who happen to be playing in the same game, you should never — and I repeat — NEVER wear a split jersey. MORE: Matchups that will determine SB50 winner | Cam is getting taxedSplit jerseys are the worst.  The Worst. At Levi's Stadium on Sunday, just a few hours before kickoff of Super Bowl 50, there were not one, but two split Broncos-Panthers jerseys. No.— Troy Machir (@TroyMachir) February 7, 2016No. No.— Troy Machir (@TroyMachir) February 7, 2016Pick a side, people. It's not difficult. Also, this guy. You're not helping.Ugh.— Troy Machir (@TroyMachir) February 7, 2016