DeAngelo Williams is 'glad' the Patriots have problems

2021年11月13日 by 没有评论

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null null Steelers running back DeAngelo Williams has no sympathy for the Patriots.“I am glad they got problems. I don't care,” Williams told the Tribune-Review . “Everybody has their problems, and I am glad they have theirs.” MORE: Angry, vengeful QBs in 2016  If you're unaware, the Patriots' "problems" is really just one problem: Tom Brady. The star quarterback has accepted his four-game suspension handed down by the league, and will miss the start of the season for New England. Being without Brady for a month could be good news for the Steelers, who figure to contend for the AFC crown with the Patriots. If New England struggles in the first month, it could open the door for Pittsburgh. But Williams isn't buying any of that.MORE: Five ways Brady's suspension helps the Patriots  “I don't know why everybody thinks that affects us,” Williams added. “We don't care. You think Big Ben wants to beat a Brady-less team? That proves nothing to him.”