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In report will occupy new network on August 29 Hong Kong " civil report " the website reports 29 days, libyan opposition arms with in the Li Bo that governmental army comes to in the capital day after day violent fight, cause a large number of personal casualty, soldier and innocent and civilian a field littered with corpses. But because be faced with inside city,lack water, be short of grain, impose the condition with fuel, insufficient medicaments, cannot handle accumulation mount

ainous body at all, erupt likely at any time pestilential.


Additional, libyan opposition " the whole nation transfers committee " express, because U.N. already plunged into phenanthrene government to implement international sanction to card, place lacks fuel, influence water and electricity supply, they already endeavored collect medicaments, but the government as a result of small partisan Kazafei army still be inside the city, working difficulty increases.

The report points to, lack of primary goods and materials of the place in Li Bo, hurried of eve of U.N. secretary-general Pan Jiwen asks each country to Libyan offer critical humanitarian goods and materials to help. British government the day before yesterday also announces to support place to suffer the people that war affects, expedite medical treatment personnel, supply medicaments and food.

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 [Summary] code name " anonymous person " hacker organization alleges 6 days they atttacked the United States to execute the law about 70 times the website of the orgnaization, it is a place for the most part among them of one class execute the law orgnaization.

Code name " anonymous person " hacker organization alleges 6 days they atttacked the United States to execute the law about 70 times the website of the orgnaization, it is a place for the most part among them of one class execute the law orgnaization.

Organization of hacker of this one international is day publish the includes email inside data that comes secretly from these orgnaizations go up in the network, they claim gross from them over there filch several with one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight byte plan data.

Arkansas Dimumeifeierde represents the police chief of a small town, the data of a few cases in be being investigated has been announced to be on the network.

Here media coverage says, the mail that divulge basically comes from Arkansas, Kensasi the office of a few police chieves that city, Missouri, close cc compares city and Louisiana city and other


The report of associated press points out, official of

a few police station is the thing that is informed data have things stolen in the after covering a telephone call gift that receives associated press.

"Anonymous person " hacker organization expresses in a statement, of a large number of confidential information divulge the polices that are sure to let American each district face all is broken, hope to announce with this execute the law the internal corruption that the orgnaization exists is substaintial, their communication reachs broken annulus threaten the ability of community.

This organization alleges the purpose of these actions is for retaliation.

The last ten-day of a month in this year July, beautiful limits of Ceng Zaiquan of FBI secret service is a few more inherent raid is carried out to act in the home of the member that be organized for this by doubt, meanwhile, british police also arrested this groups of a few member that weave.

With the month also the report points out, this orgnaization inbreaks north makes an appointment with constituent website and filch mass data.

Humble of Michael of company of American network security releases hacker findings report 2 days to say, the company discovered an extensive network atttacks the action, action time is as long as 5 years, hacker attack involves the whole world the computer network of 72 governments orgnaization and big company. The report says, as a result of the information of the range of attack, intensity and place experience, michael humble thinks " national action body " the organizer that may be attack activity. After the report is published, the west a few scholars and media point to spearhead China and Russia.

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Japanese government is planning tank of as joint as Turkey research and development to use motor, cooperate in order to enlarge the martial security between two countrie


Will disclose on November 12 according to Japanese news network, japan prevents small wild temple 5 allusion confirmed afore-mentioned informations on the press conference 12 days morning. He expresses: "Turkey respect hopes to begin all sorts of technology collaboration. "Turkey respect hopes to begin all sorts of technology collaboration..

The report says, osmanli Japan premier is visited to bring times advance once more at the beginning of this month 3, enlarging the intent that martial technology cooperates at when Turkey president talks, was being reached, and tank of joint research and development will become two countries with engine project of collaboration of first military affairs.

Japanese government hopes by two countries the tank of joint research and de

velopment can export the Three Kingdoms finally, in order to enlarge the development dimensions of industry of Japanese war industry. (Wang Huan of round-the-world network reporter)

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Turkey is abandoned buy department of defense of red flag system to say to should not wear blinkers

Is Turkey interested in Chinese landing boat again? Chinese production quoted price is low

Korea is sent to Han Fang " major proposal " offer to suspend martial hostility action

 Login register Romania of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian 24 years old does the man lose smaller part because of inductrial injury does the head still survive (graph) origin: ? ?2014-04-19 17:2 of huge rock of discharge  contractionEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 3 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel [summary] the doctor is save him, carry away broken skull and clot completely, his brain can rely on the skin to protect only.

According to England " daily Post " will report on April 15, romania man of 24 years old Aierweisi Romeo (ElvisRomeoLingurar) Ceng Yin is fair get hurt, lost smaller part head, but he lived to come down as before. Although life does not have anxiety, but Romeo or hope are OK undergo surgery, install skull of a false body. Unfortunate is, only 900 pound (add up to a RMB about 9368 yuan) operation expenses lets him be at a loss what to do, must abandon.

It is reported, romeo once was a builder, when getting hurt, he is tearing open change spot job in, abrupt however overbalance from 6 feet (about 1.8 meters) fall on tall scaffold. His head knock was in on the concrete ground of hard fact, left skull is bro

ken by shake at once. By urgent after sending toward the hospital, the doctor is the life that maintains him, be forced to take out the skull whole amount of disintegrate. Below the main rescue that protects personnel in cure, he is after a few days come to, do not be clear about very because of consciousness however, fail to sense oneself disastrous injury feeling. Till two week hind Romeo leaves hospital permissibly, him discovery of the ability when demolishing gauze became " pointed braincase " .

Because lost large area skull, almost whole head can rely on Romeo only thin thin skin will protect. For this, he cannot continue to work again, because stumble slightly,to him character is deadly. He can ask originally operation, install skull of a false body, but this needs 900 pound (add up to a RMB about 9368 yuan) operation expenses, and he however the burden does not rise.

A reporter Alex of 25 years old (AlexPrunean) interviewed Aierweisi technically, the tired out that made public him to the public and but. Alex says, this a year many before the accident that produces caused very serious sequela to Aierweisi. Doctor to save him, carried away the broken skull in his

head and clot all. Fortunately, he lived strongly to come down, but he still hopes can somebody extends aid, make him OK accept the operation that false body skull installs. (the exercitation compiles: Bi Yanting goes over a manuscript or draft: Zhu Ying library)

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