49ers’ Chip Kelly is NOT interested in your college job

2021年11月1日 by 没有评论

Night net null null null null Even as Chip Kelly's Night net coaching recorded dips below .500 and rumors continue to swirl that he will return to college football, sources close to Kelly told ESPN he will not return to his former Oregon coaching job or any other college job for that matter. The Niners suffered their seventh straight loss Sunday in a 41-23 blowout at home, dropping Kelly's record to 27-28 over 3 1/2 Night net seasons. Despite coaching a talent-depleted team, people close to Kelly told ESPN he's sticking with San Francisco through this challenging season. MORE: Aaron Rodgers calls out Packers after another lossCBS Sports reported Wednesday that many current Night net coaches think Kelly is going to head back to the college ranks at the end of this season. The Oregonian also speculated that if there were an opening at Oregon, Kelly could go back to the school, which is currently looking like a long

shot (3-6) to be bowl eligible.  "No. I'm the head coach of the San Francisco 49ers. So, not looking at anything else. I'm here," Kelly told reporters Thursday. Former football powerhouse schools Texas, Notre Dame and LSU could all be looking for a new head coach next season but Kelly seems content with his four-year, $24 million contract he signed with the 49ers in January.