'Thankstaking' spirit by Josh Norman, Dez Bryant is embarrassing

2021年10月29日 by 没有评论

Night net Josh Norman took right it to Dez Bryant's face after the game. Dez Bryant took it right to Josh Norman's Twitter.All they did was take the spirit away from an Night net holiday tradition that was getting restored at the highest level, and take the attention away from their teammates who gave us a thrilling Thanksgiving afternoon game. MORE: Week 12 Power RankingsThere was no talking turkey. Norman and Bryant believed Dallas' 31-26 win over Washington was all about them. As much as a cornerback and a wide receiver can have a individual beef, raised in intensity by playing for archrival teams, it's still about the teams. They are veterans. They should get that. Especially when the spotlight and success of their teams are revolving more around rising young players. Yet there they were, making their confrontation a bigger story than all the game's big runs and passes, most of which didn't involve them.Norman had his wins against Bryant in coverage. Bryant had his moments, too. It wasn't even Norman vs. Bryant all the time in the game. It met right in the middle, where nobody got burned or owned, with 5 catches for 72 yards as Bryant's final line.But we should have expected that, with the history of these players, they'd work to keep their yapping part of our conversation.WEEK 12 PICKS: Against the spread | Straight up The story in Dallas is the rookie combination of quarterback Dak Prescott and running back Ezekiel Elliott, who are leading the explosive charge into the NFC playoffs. Bryant, even as their clear-cut best wideout, is the complement to that youth movement. As one of the young Cowboys' true veterans, he should be helping to lead, not setting a bad example.As for Norman, sure, he can have some of that swagger we see from top, well-paid corners around the league. It's part of their job description and persona, and what makes them fearless in tough shutdown assignments. But it hasn't been cool when Norman has totally lost his cool — just look at what happened against that other notable mercurial NFC East wideout, Odell Beckham Jr. The fun of fierce competition went away when Norman and Bryant took it too far.It was Kirk Cousins and his receivers that kept Norman's team in the game, not Norman or the defense. Accept the humbling, shake hands with respect and move on.Same goes for Bryant. There's his rookie quarterback walking off with the humility of a veteran despite all the great things he keeps doing. Bryant had a solid-but-modest game, and acts like he's made a major Norman conquest? Let it go.MORE: Prescott is best reason for Redskins to keep Cousins aroundThe Cowboys and Redskins played a clean, hard-fought game. Then you have Norman and Bryant going from a good-hearted feud to bad blood, with both playing their part in the escalation.And because we're hungry for controversy — it doesn't holidays off — it's something we have to eat up. But that doesn't mean we have to like it, or that it has to sit well in our stomachs. It's a sad cry for vindication and validation, with a dash of veiled threats.So much for the Thanksgiving spirit. Norman and Bryant were only thinking about

taking, and that's embarrassing.