Roger Staubach: Cowboy's locker room belongs to Dak

2021年10月29日 by 没有评论

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null null Cowboys great Roger Staubach likes what he sees in rookie quarterback Dak Prescott.Even though Tony Romo could get back on the field, Dallas won't break Prescott's hot streak, and Staubach fully supports the team's choice. “The atmosphere is really good, and that’s what you want to do: Have a solid, good, we’re-going-to-win-this-game atmosphere,” the Hall of Famer and Cowboys legend told USA Today.“And that’s what they have right now. That’s the decision keeping Dak in there. They definitely want to maintain that atmosphere. The coaches feel that, and so do the players. Right now, it’s Dak’s locker room.” MORE: Week 10 Night net picks against the spreadStaubach likely relates to Prescott: Just as Prescott replaced the oft-injured Romo, Staubach replaced Craig Morton and led the Cowboys to some of their best years.With the Cowboys off to a 7-1 start under Prescott, Staubach said Romo must take one for the team and be OK with a backup role.“Tony wants to get in there, and he knows this is a good team. But I think he also knows the situation and is very supportive of Dak,” Staubach said. “Tony is a class act, and he is not going to let his personal desires jeopardize the team."If he came back and said, 'Hey I should really be in there,' I think there would be some players who would side with Tony and others would not. He’s not going to let that happen. He’s going to sit it out until they need him.”