Hey, it's raining dildos at Bills-Patriots

2021年10月29日 by 没有评论

Night net Someone in Buffalo hurled a dildo onto the field during Bills-Patriots.Uh did someone throw a phallus object onto the field? pic.twitter.com/1Vcqg4IwVM— Brandon Warne (@Brandon_Warne) October 30, 2016MORE: Live scores, stats from Week 8  Other possible world choices there: Someone flung a dildo, someone chucked a dildo, someone whipped a dildo.  "Hurled" just felt right. Someone hurled a dildo.When the next wave of "why are the Night net

's TV ratings down" stories come out, remember this occasion; if folks are so offended by players quietly kneeling during the national anthem, imagine how they'll feel about that. It's raining dildos!  🚨🚨🍆🚨🚨 pic.twitter.com/Wu3UIU9mJY— Henry McKenna (@McKennAnalysis) October 30, 2016UPDATE: We have our Zapruder film. You can see the launch in the upper-right portion of the video.Dildo launch from @hub_nation 😂😂 pic.twitter.com/nfL4tI9UVG— Dillon Hayes (@Dillon_Hayes) October 30, 2016The ref kicked it to the side, by the way. Probably smart not to pick it up. Never underestimate the #billsmafia