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更新时间:2022年01月18日 08:52

北京爱约派论坛The United States plans to be in deploy of Nanhai controversy maritime space many high speed is invisible battleship



According to Han Lian the company reports, the website of Korea information portal that Korea unites a ministry to open -- " Korea is connected " will debut formally on January 27, the website will offer Korea to common Korea countryman pertinent information.

Korea unites a ministry 23 days to express, "Korea is c

onnected " the Korea survey that will provide each fields such as politics, military affairs, economy, culture, society and Korea are newest the content such as map of information of tendercy, character, Korea.

In column of Korea general situation, include orgnaization of system of political concept, politics, influence and character, foreign affair activity, right the specific content such as Han strategy. In column of newest Korea tendercy, include Jin Zhengen to make public the content such as tendercy of mobile tendercy, Korea foreign trade. This website still will offer the Korea that includes Jin Zhengen inside the information of 292 core character, this is the content that Korea searchs hard in domestic and international other website.

Divide this beyond, in the Korea map that provides in the website, if search relatively famous place, the website will offer 2 peace keeping three-dimensional and video, if input " culture bequest " or " social infrastructure " wait for a keyword, relevant content can be examined on the map.

Korea unites ministry respect to express, "Korea is connected " it is one-sided ground provides the information related to Korea to the countryman not just, combine concerned information systematically however rise, let study the personnel of Korea and common countryman can be used effectively. "Korea is connected " public data is the main branch that is in charge of plan of pair of affairs of state -- the data that Korea unites a ministry to be accumulated for years. Korea unites ministry transfer 2.7 billion Han Yuan (add up to a RMB about 15.24 million yuan) the budget of above, begin compose to build this websi

te since May 2013.

 Login register army of Iraq of text of news of international of center of news of the network au

stral Fujian to say to will be in " inside 72 hours " liberate carry Kelite origin: ? Travel hill?2015-03-14 16:4Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 2 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel [summary] Iraqi army expresses, surround the army that raises Kelite to will be in " inside 3 days " liberate this city.

Data chart: Local time on March 10, 2015, iraqi A pulls Mu, iraqi army and commando recover are located in Salaheding to save metropolis to carry Kelite the A of city the east helps Mu city.

In report will occupy new network on March 14 report of dispatches from foreign news agency, iraqi army spokesman expresses 14 days, surround the army that raises Kelite to will liberate this city inside 3 days.

Ba Deer (the spokesman exert benefit of army of Popular Mobilisation of leader of Badr) commando organization, people who volunteer to fight in another country (Karim Al-Nuri) says, this army will be in 72 hours less than, will illegally or forcibly occupy the extreme that carrying Kelite to organize Mohammedan country (IS) armed element drives

out go out.

Popular Mobilisation army is in charge of lasting this 2 weeks to recapture carry Kelite the major minitary force of battle, in addition, still have Iraq force of governmental army, police, commando and tribe arm enlisted this campaign.

Iraqi government army 30 thousand soldiers are thrown at the beginning of this month, launch operation of large-scale military affairs, main goal is recover Sa amounts to the home town of Mu to carry Kelite. Mohammedan country was last summer occupational carry Kelite, this city has main strategy and historical sense.

Iraqi government army 11 days of as Mohammedan as extreme organization countries launch fierce battle local time, recapture town of military importance to carry big the city zone of Kelite.

Read related: " am I a singer 3 " does break out of an encirclement surpass Gu Juji by hole? Gu Juji am I a singer sheet of song of the 3rd season and rank 2015-03-21 " am I a singer " is Wang Fei of 2015-03-21 of time of final of list of player of total final of the 3rd season pregnant really? The netizen explodes makings have evidence (group plan) Xiamen of Zhangzhou of city of spring of Fujian of 2015-03-22 news recreation

Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

In report will occupy new network on October 13 outside intermediary report, american park police expresses, the step of Lincoln memorial hall often is used take skirt heart secretly. But, a man that the judge sentenced one name daughter of American to take female skirt heart secretly in Lincoln memorial hall however a few days ago is innocent, weigh him and did not violate privacy.

Come from Virginia city Sipulinfeierde's man Kelisiduofu Hengtekelifulan. He is filming the woman that takes on step was caught by the police at that time wearing.

Cleveland by sue in order to peep shade addiction, a lot of impertinent photographs that the police officer discovered to film one year in time in his mobile phone. But accept of Mai K

en of Juliet of judge of High Court of Washington special zone (Juliet McKenna) last month this case end a case, say the female should not expect to guard privacy in communal circumstance.

Judge McKenna expresses in her court decision: The photograph that these filming is not casual a brief survey, it is to reveal the picture in communal circumstance in fact, do not need what kind of effort to be able to see.

Can affirm from inside the response of the accused, the attitude of these females, bring about their private parts, include on them half hip, it is clear and visible.

These picture to other passerby character is visible.

Judicial documentation shows, show without evidence Cleveland was used film specially skill, the content that goes filming those are pleasant to the eye not to see in public eye shot so.

But the judge also points out: The accused films in public circumstance the female is worn painstakingly install or did not wear the action dispute that mounts limbs often lets a person be fed up with with trouble.

After Cleveland is arrested, police discovered 150 slide document inside the notebook computer on his car, every include picture of background of at least 30 pieces of skirt, similar perhaps picture.

The step that park police represents Lincoln memorial hall often is used undertake of all kinds activity of the addiction that peep shade, but o

vercome Li Fulan avoid the accusation of this one addiction that peep shade.

(Original title: Communal circumstance takes the man secretly skirt bottom is sentenced innocent be pointed to did not violate privacy)

 Rice of Chile female president rests before Er hopeful " 2 into palace "

 The the United Nations General Assembly decides by ballot cognizance Kelimiya the whole people is common cast illegimate


 Aobama, Cameron and Schmidt play to be patted oneself wittily on the memorial meeting (graph)

Chinese Department of Commerce discloses 17 days, city of tall tiger of minister of Department of Commerce joins an organization at Asia-Pacific classics is being attended 16 days in Qingdao (during APEC) trade minister is met, saw fierce of minister of Vietnam labour trade is brilliant about, bargaining burns serious and violent incident in course of study of the state-owend enterprise in jumping over by beating, the requirement just improves commerce investment climate further more, the canal has accused to concern an issue, for bilateral trade investment collaboration creates good atmosphere.

On May 17 midday, in the center of Guo Shengkun of minister of State Consul, the Ministry of Public Security and Vietnam Chen Daguang of mi

nister of committee member of the Political Bureau, the Ministry of Public Security communicates, the requirement just takes strong step instantly more, check stoutly all violent activities, p
unish severely beating illegal element, just be in in cogent protection the person worth that exceeds orgnaization, enterprise and personnel is safe.

Chen Daguang expresses, current, situation of Vietnam security of society tends stable. Just will take more strong step more, the each country that main protection includes China inside is in the safety that jumps over orgnaization, enterprise and personnel. (Xin Huazhong is new)

 Law one man overweights meet with Ying Hang " refus carries " change the train arrives at new York


In report will occupy new network on August 26 Mohammedan news agency reports Iran 25 days, meihemanpalasite of spokesman of Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs expresses, american the State Council supports terroristic year report is comical absurdity about Iran. He expresses to condemn to this, emphasize, american government is the biggest terroristic proponent on the world.

Meihemanpalasite expresses, mere United States explains with respect to enough to the absolutely support of Zionism political power, the United States is the biggest terroristic proponent on the world. He expresses, the investigation that

to base the organization founds, United States and his relation and United States come for years the support of terroristic to this organization, the day that proves this kind of behavior of the United States is terroristic evil phenomenon is exhibited inereasingly created a condition.

He points out, iran serves as terroristic the biggest victim, take seriously particularly with international society collaboration undertakes turning over fearing, iran all the time since emphasize all countries wanting be without discrimination ground and this kind of evil phenomenon to do a fight to regard as international duty and acceptance. Iran is pair of United States and western country in the double practice t

hat fears a problem going up instead the most principal criticism opponent.

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