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上海花千坊1314Indonesian call Jin Zhengen nonattendance the Asian-African Conference the delegate austral You Jinyong is attended (graph)


 Service of provide for the aged of attention spring city makes happy and senile living

The net aust

ral Fujian rolls out special subject report, the form such as to in an attempt to, article, video, show fontal state filling career
of neat provide for the aged is brief board, promotion provide for the aged is taken


e of provide for the aged of attention spring city makes happy and senile living

The net austral Fujian rolls out special subject report, the form such as to in an attempt to, article, video, show fontal state filling career of neat provide for the aged is brief board, promo

tion provide for the aged is taken

The sound that occupies Russia will report on October 23, china is close to moon resource ste

p by step, it is the technology that equipment of space navigation of research and development returns the ground from the moon next. Will be in for this China the detector of the first experiment that oneself launch before on the weekend originally, it should undertake the month flies circling, return the earth.

Russia is in on 70 time had had the century similar visit month test. What China goes is the route that forefathers has taken, but not such it cannot be joined be in for oneself moon position and the competition to moon resource, alexander of academician of academy of sciences of Russia space navigation is enthusiastic Ciniyakefu thinks.

He says, those have fun at the country that gets aerospace resource in future, should consider this issue now. Build immediately for this must the technology is impossible. Want successive toward the advancement of this direction, 50 after arriving 100 years, when the necessity of occurrence moon resource, should get ready to take them to the earth. Be about to master these to be able to be close to to achieve these goal more of cours

e by the country of the technology of research and development those now.

China had learned to bypass month of flight, make oneself moon car is landed in moon face. It prepares to go further now, bring back moon soil for the earth, enthusiastic Ciniyakefu points out.

He says, on pair of month experiments by October the flight has crucial sense. China arrives from the moon in research the earth, enter moon orbit and the ballistics that break away from orbit and return the earth. China should master the skill that enters outer space with the 2nd cosmic. This perhaps is the central part of all experiments.

If succeed to fly to the moon and return the earth inside booked 8 day and night, so the complete technology chain that China will own the mankind to enter a month. Russia " aviation is panoramic " edit Xieergaifeilibenkefu to point out.

He says, the Chinese experiment duplicate Russia, meet with the United States 1969 - the experience 1972 finishs Chinese astronaut enter a month. This meeting gives China the possibility of self-approval. Europe and United States are developing minor planet and spark, and China will build permanent base in the moon. Can head for spark next, china has this plan, but this already was in 21 centuries end.

The report of the moon detail that the humanness place that is about to make master newly to lunar flight and Russia about China knows appears at the same time. The expert of bureau of Russian Federation spaceflight and academy of sciences thinks, russia researcher should resemble undertaking euqally in infrastructure of the extend on the bridge tower that builds first to the control of the moon. Mix in tellurian test site in moon base build depend on aviation illume, with earthly news report and the rich condition in the moon. And the best position that builds test site is antarctic.


U.N. Educational will announce on October 31, educational protects the 8th meeting of the committee between government of immaterial culture bequest to will be in Azerbaijan at the end of the year cling to the library is held, include Chinese reck

oning by the abacus inside 31 projects are chosen fully include " blame involuntary discharge of urine " catalog.

Reckoning by the abacus is undertake digital calculative for the tool with a

bacus a kind of method, be known as the 5th big invention of Chinese, already was included Chinese state form directory of immaterial culture bequest.

U.N. chooses list to say fully, reckoning by the abacus is the great invention of Chinese ancient time, companion experienced 1800 old long years as the Chinese, it manages with handy computational tool and distinctive number connotation, be known as " the oldest computer on the world " .

Up to now, educational of Chinese selected U.N. " blame involuntary discharge of urine " project gross already amounted to 37, become the world to go up selected " blame involuntary discharge of urine " the country with most project. Among them acupuncture of Kunqu opera, Beijing opera, traditional Chinese medical science, shadowgraph, paper-cut 29 include the mankind list of immaterial culture bequest, tradition of typographic, the Li nationality spins letter catch the craft that knit embroider to wait for 7 to include be badly in need of protecting " blame involuntary discharge of urine " directory, education of talent of succeed of Fujian puppet show plans to include " blame involuntary discharge of urine " outstanding practice register.


Philippine assault many survival one year by the typhoon still stay tent

Exceed strong typhoon salangane assault is Philippine had gone near one year, the job rebuilds to make progress in a few heavy disaster area after calamity slow, many victims still are in the stay in be being built temporarily, cause the dissatisfaction of a few people to the government. Presidential Beininiaoajinuo sansei defends 7 days, oneself are likewise anxious, rebuild nevertheless need time.

Last year on November 8, salangane assault is Philippine, cause 7350 people to die or be missing, millions person become destitute and homeless. After nearly one year, tens of thousands of survival still lives in the dangerous area of governmental incorporate into administrative areas, stay at tent, pallet hut with etc temporarily in shelter. These district future may be assaulted again by storm.

Afp report, although many victims still live in danger, the building of Philippine government rebuilds the job just just began. Last week, phenanthrene government is through an amount 160 billion than all alone (add up to 3.6 billion dollar about) comprehensive plan rebuilds after calamity. This one plan passes the evening of time, rangajinuo is criticized not less.

Although the building rebuild

s the job is slow, but a few important infrastructure of major stricken be hit by a natural adversity area and service had restored stage by stage. Associated press report, the area that gets salangane assault for the most part has restored the life to be supplied with water and the sources of energy, communication serves co
urse of study to had restored. Additional, before comprehensive program is passed, of the important infrastructure such as road, bridge and hospital rebuild the job has begun. Below the help that helps an organization in a few main international, philippine government develops vaccinal and vaccinal project, millions children is benefited accordingly. Additional, the government still supplies paddy seed to a few farmers. If aid of a few international organizes cite, A Jinuo says, make photograph comparing with the extensive go back to work after Indonesia encountered seismic sea wave makes a surprise attack 2004, rebuild Philippinely rate is rapidder. (Beijing youth signs up for)


 Now international news

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ister caddie of China of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to appear on the arm of the law first are 6 caddie well-trained is the action quick origin: ?  tries know well?2014-05-29 12:5Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 3 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

Sino-French caddie group photo

Attend 6 caddie of Chinese of the arm of the law

French caddie is in competition ground

French caddie is in competition ground

Original title: Chinese caddie appears on the arm of the law to communicate tennis Sino-Frenchly not to have national boundaries first

The French tennis ball that will fly contest on May 25 makes public contest to go up, the Chinese caddie with well-trained, quick action appears first. The caddie of they and France is the success of every match to run actively together, added red-blooded Chinese color for the arm of the law.

Tournament of annual the arm of the law, sponsor square metropolis to choose more than 200 12-16 in French each district year old the child holds the position of caddie, be in charge of the servive routine on competition ground, include to collect a ball, pass player of ball, service to wait, the success that is the arm of the law runs play main effect. On the competition ground this year, people first time saw the figure of Chinese caddie. The kit that their dress distributes to have Chinese ensign armband and French caddie run together go up in competition ground.

This the chief Yin Kai of Chinese caddie delegacy says, this is Chinese tennis is surpassed publicly (in net) 2012 implementation and the caddie of bay net communicate cooperative hind, in China Song Qingling foundation supports next cooperation that achieve with the arm of the law. He thinks, the project this year has special sense: "After January 2013, the arm of the law begins and our contact, it is OK to discover we and the cooperative mode of bay net are complete popularize on other vole match, so, we and the arm of the law built cooperation. Come this 6 caddie of France were last year in net when in be being carried by the caddie controller of the arm of the law.

Because this cooperates this,the project also is called ' in international communication plans net adolescent ' . Actually this year this project also is one of all sorts of communication projects that establish diplomatic relations Sino-Frenchly 50 years, this is the important matter on diplomacy not only, it

is a communication that waits for each respect in sports, culture to the child. It is a communication that waits for each respect in sports, culture to the child..

Come to the 6 China caddie of the arm of the law, 3 are the net in once was being participated in or the caddie of bay net, additionally 3 are to be participated in first. In France, the caddie this year is chosen is French tennis association from nine city in all in 3000 candidate, course primary election, groom, choose after appraise through comparison come out. Be in China, as in of the net hold, also begin derive abroad to choose the experience of caddie, to come this the choose of law caddie laid a foundation. Net sports popularizes a company to be in charge of the Yin Kai that overseas facilities develops saying in: "After cooperating with bay net, the net also begins to be besides Beijing in choose caddie, last year is 8 cities. That is to say, besides having cooperative school, we still are taking same standard to go at the same time other a few cities undertake the sea is chosen. Sea choosing is the child that arrives 16 years old in the light of 10 years old commonly. We were made about caddie primary quality is mixed one the film of basic skill, put on website signing up, there is the ground ball, video that gives the similar main action such as towel for player of ball, service inside. The each station that we choose in the sea sets choose scene, introduced the choose item of bay net, outside including to have the choose of main action, still have the choose of actual combat. Still have the choose of actual combat..

The Chinese caddie that the course chooses strictly people the passion that the bosom is putting pair of tennis ball comes to French Paris. While they are holding the position of caddie, still can the wonderful match that saw with one's own eyes watchs world-renowned tennis athlete, close quarters and they communicate, this is very rare opportunity to them. Chinese caddie Liu Yaning says excitedly: "The arm of the law is one of 4 vole, do caddie here, have a kind of environment that never has experienced, very excited! Ask here more professionalism, taller to the technical requirement of caddie, accomplish any movements best. After we came, got used to one end ground first, they taught distinction. They taught distinction..

Of course, chinese caddie should get used to the competition ground of the arm of the law or need makes great efforts, because of here most person won't say English, the judgment calls the score is French. For this, themselves looks for hang to remember all sorts of numbers are mixed quickly call the score means. And sponsor also just arrange them in as far as possible have meeting in English-speaking caddie group. A few the world come, chinese caddie and their France young associate people the knot issued friendship, often communicate, results is very much. Caddie Liu Yaning says: "Be in for example language respect, we can teach them Chinese, they also can teach us French. We always discuss the player that we like each other. Such experience can let me more get used to French of French environment, understanding, understand the technology of the arm of the law more, find difference, will improve henceforth. My ideal becomes tennis athlete namely, this I want after the arm of the law more effort, much exercise, lay good foundation. Lay good foundation..

6 caddie that come from China will serve 2014 the whole journey match of the arm of the law. Their strong and vigorous form on competition ground, showing the level of Chinese caddie and accomplishment, drew a young Oriental colour for the arm of the law. (International is online reporter Zhu Zenglan)

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Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

 India " Manjialian " date spark detector enters Martian path successfully

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