Night net to announce future draft locations this week

2021年10月14日 by 没有评论

Night net null The Night net is expected to reveal its future draft locations this week with an official announcement coming as early as Wednesday at the conclusion of the league's spring meeting in South Florida, according to Night net Media.With Las Vegas already set to host the 2020 event ahead of the Raiders' first season in their new city, other finalists for the next one include Cleveland, Kansas City and Denver. In Ohio, the Greater Cleveland Sports Commission already is anticipating good news.“We’re proud to have partnered with the Cleveland Browns and several other local organi

zations to create a strong, competitive Night net Draft bid that highlights our region and celebrates our unrivaled football history as well as our rock ‘n’ roll roots,'' Greater Cleveland Sports Commission president David Gilbert in a statement, via "We have yet to hear whether Cleveland has been selected to host the 2021 Draft or a future Night net Draft. "However, we’re confident in our city and our proposal, and feel Cleveland has a great chance at securing this event. We expect to hear soon if our city will be awarded a Draft.”Night net Media noted that 20 teams bid on future drafts, and 13 of those organizations sent reps to scout the event in Nashville last month.A record-breaking 600,000 people descended on the Tennessee capital to attend the draft in April. In comparison, 250,000 people attended the 2017 event in Philadelphia.Furthermore, an average of 6.1 million viewers were tuned in at any given time as the draft unfolded, also a record.