Night net schedule 2019: Dates, times, TV channels for every game, week by week

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Night net null null null null null null null null null null null null null null null null null null null null null null null null null null null null null null null null null Clear your schedules for the next four months, because Night net football has returned, and now the games actually count.Following a month of a highly criticized preseason ripe with injuries, 80-yard fields and even a surprise retirement of one the the game's best quarterbacks, 32 franchises set forth on a quest to hoist the Lombardi Trophy at Hard Rock Stadium after winning Super Bowl 54 in Miami. As seems to always be the case, the Patriots are one of the favorites to win the Super Bowl again after claiming the title last year over the Rams. The Chiefs and MVP front-runner Patrick Mahomes will try to replicate his record-setting season in which he became the youngest player to ever throw for 50 touchdowns.Below is the full schedule for every week of the 2019 Night net regular season, as well as how to watch each game. 2019 Night net PREDICTIONSAFC EAST | AFC WEST | AFC NORTH | AFC SOUTHNFC EAST | NFC WEST | NFC NORTH | NFC SOUTHNight net schedule 2019: TV channels, live streamsBeginning with the Packers-Bears game on NBC, almost all games will be shown exclusively on the broadcast networks NBC, Fox and CBS. ESPN has exclusive rights to "Monday Night Football." Beginning in Week 2, Night net Network will carry every "Thursday Night Football" game with the exception of the three games played on Thanksgiving. Fox and Amazon join Night net Network in airing games on Thursday beginning Week 4."Sunday Night Football" games in Weeks 11-17 are susceptible to flexible scheduling and are subject to change. Three of five possible matchups currently listed with no time in Week 16 will be scheduled for Saturday on Night net Network.Nationally televised games on NBC, Fox, CBS and Night net Network can also be streamed live using fuboTV, which offers a free seven-day trial.Details of national coverage for each game are included in the tables below. MORE: Why the Cowboys are SN's pick to win Super Bowl 54Night net schedule: Week 1Thursday, Sept. 5GameTime (ET)TVGreen Bay Packers at Chicago Bears8:20 p.m.NBC, fuboTVSunday, Sept. 8GameTimeTVLos Angeles Rams at Carolina Panthers1 p.m.Fox, fuboTVWashington Redskins at Philadelphia Eagles1 p.m.Fox, fuboTVAtlanta Falcons at Minnesota Vikings1 p.m.Fox, fuboTVTennessee Titans at Cleveland Browns1 p.m.CBS, fuboTVBuffalo Bills at New York Jets1 p.m.CBS, fuboTVBaltimore Ravens at Miami Dolphins1 p.m.CBS, fuboTVKansas City Chiefs at Jacksonville Jaguars1 p.m.CBS, fuboTVIndianapolis Colts at Los Angeles Chargers4:05 p.m.CBS, fuboTVCincinnati Bengals at Seattle Seahawks4:05 p.m.CBS, fuboTVNew York Giants at Dallas Cowboys4:25 p.m.Fox, fuboTVSan Francisco 49ers at Tampa Bay Buccaneers4:25 p.m.Fox, fuboTVDetroit Lions at Arizona Cardinals4:25 p.m.Fox, fuboTVPittsburgh Steelers at New England Patriots8:20 p.m.NBC, fuboTVMonday, Sept 9GameTimeTVHouston Texans at New Orleans Saints7:10 p.m.ESPNDenver Broncos at Oakland Raiders10:20 p.m.ESPNNight net schedule: Week 2Thursday, Sept. 12GameTimeTVTampa Bay Buccaneers at Carolina Panthers8:20 p.m.Night net Network, fuboTVSunday, Sept. 15GameTimeTVArizona Cardinals at Baltimore Ravens1 p.m.Fox, fuboTVSan Francisco 49ers at Cincinnati Bengals1 p.m.Fox, fuboTVLos Angeles Chargers at Detroit Lions1 p.m.CBS, fuboTVMinnesota Vikings at Green Bay Packers1 p.m.Fox, fuboTVJacksonville Jaguars at Houston Texans1 p.m.CBS, fuboTVNew England Patriots at Miami Dolphins1 p.m.CBS, fuboTVBuffalo Bills at New York Giants1 p.m.CBS, fuboTVSeattle Seahawks at Pittsburgh Steelers1 p.m.Fox, fuboTVIndianapolis Colts at Tennessee Titans1 p.m.CBS, fuboTVDallas Cowboys at Washington Redskins1 p.m.Fox, fuboTVKansas City Chiefs at Oakland Raiders4:05 p.m.CBS, fuboTVChicago Bears at Denver Broncos4:25 p.m.Fox, fuboTVNew Orleans Saints at Los Angeles Rams4:25 p.m.Fox, fuboTVPhiladelphia Eagles at Atlanta Falcons8:20 p.m.NBC, fuboTVMonday, Sept 16GameTimeTVCleveland Browns at New York Jets8:15 p.m.ESPNNight net schedule: Week 3Thursday, Sept. 19 GameTimeTVTennessee Titans at Jacksonville Jaguars8:20 p.m.Night net Network, fuboTVSunday, Sept. 22GameTimeTVCincinnati Bengals at Buffalo Bills1 p.m.CBS, fuboTVMiami Dolphins at Dallas Cowboys1 p.m.Fox, fuboTVDenver Broncos at Green Bay Packers1 p.m.Fox, fuboTVAtlanta Falcons at Indianapolis Colts1 p.m.CBS, fuboTVBaltimore Ravens at Kansas City Chiefs1 p.m.CBS, fuboTVOakland Raiders at Minnesota Vikings1 p.m.Fox, fuboTVNew York Jets at New England Patriots1 p.m.CBS, fuboTVDetroit Lions at Philadelphia Eagles1 p.m.Fox, fuboTVCarolina Panthers at Arizona Cardinals4:05 p.m.Fox, fuboTVNew York Giants at Tampa Bay Buccaneers4:05 p.m.Fox, fuboTVHouston Texans at Los Angeles Chargers4:25 p.m.CBS, fuboTVNew Orleans Saints at Seattle Seahawks4:25 p.m.CBS, fuboTVPittsburgh Steelers at San Francisco 49ers4:25 p.m.CBS, fuboTVLos Angeles Rams at Cleveland Browns8:20 p.m.NBC, fuboTVMonday, Sept. 23GameTimeTVChicago Bears at Washington Redskins8:15 p.m.ESPNNight net schedule Week 4Thursday, Sept. 26GameTimeTVPhiladelphia Eagles at Green Bay Packers8:20 p.m.Fox, Night net Network, fuboTVSunday, Sept. 29GameTimeTVTennessee Titans at Atlanta Falcons1 p.m.CBS, fuboTVCleveland Browns at Baltimore Ravens1 p.m.CBS, fuboTVNew England Patriots at Buffalo Bills1 p.m.CBS, fuboTVKansas City Chiefs at Detroit Lions1 p.m.Fox, fuboTVCarolina Panthers at Houston Texans1 p.m.Fox, fuboTVOakland Raiders at Indianapolis Colts1 p.m.CBS, fuboTVLos Angeles Chargers at Miami Dolphins1 p.m.CBS, fuboTVWashington Redskins at New York Giants1 p.m.Fox, fuboTVSeattle Seahawks at Arizona Cardinals4:05 p.m.Fox, fuboTVTampa Bay Buccaneers at Los Angeles Rams4:05 p.m.Fox, fuboTVMinnesota Vikings at Chicago Bears4:25 p.m.CBS, fuboTVJacksonville Jaguars at Denver Broncos4:25 p.m.CBS, fuboTVDallas Cowboys at New Orleans Saints8:20 p.m.NBC, fuboTVMonday, Sept. 30GameTimeTVCincinnati Bengals at Pittsburgh Steelers8:15 p.m.ESPNNight net schedule: Week 5Thursday, Oct. 3GameTimeTVLos Angeles Rams at Seattle Seahawks8:20 p.m.Fox, Night net Network, Amazon, fuboTVSunday, Oct 6GameTimeTVJacksonville Jaguars at Carolina Panthers1 p.m.CBS, fuboTVArizona Cardinals at Cincinnati Bengals1 p.m.Fox, fuboTVAtlanta Falcons at Houston Texans1 p.m.Fox, fuboTVTampa Bay Buccaneers at New Orleans Saints1 p.m.Fox, fuboTVMinnesota Vikings at New York Giants1 p.m.Fox, fuboTVChicago Bears at Oakland Raiders (London)1 p.m.Fox, fuboTVNew York Jets at Philadelphia Eagles1 p.m.CBS, fuboTVBaltimore Ravens at Pittsburgh Steelers1 p.m.CBS, fuboTVBuffalo Bills at Tennessee Titans1 p.m.CBS, fuboTVNew England Patriots at Washington Redskins1 p.m.CBS, fuboTVDenver Broncos at Los Angeles Chargers4:05 p.m.CBS, fuboTVGreen Bay Packers at Dallas Cowboys4:25 p.m.Fox, fuboTVIndianapolis Colts at Kansas City Chiefs8:20 p.m.NBC, fuboTVMonday, Oct. 7GameTimeTVCleveland Browns at San Francisco 49ers8:15 p.m.ESPNNight net schedule: Week 6Thursday, Oct. 10GameTimeTVNew York Giants at New England Patriots8:20 p.m.Fox, Night net Network, Amazon, fuboTVSunday, Oct. 13GameTimeTVCarolina Panthers at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (London)9:30 a.m.Night net Network, fuboTVCincinnati Bengals at Baltimore Ravens1 p.m.CBS, fuboTVSeattle Seahawks at Cleveland Browns1 p.m.Fox, fuboTVNew Orleans Saints at Jacksonville Jaguars1 p.m.CBS, fuboTVHouston Texans at Kansas City Chiefs1 p.m.CBS, fuboTVWashington Redskins at Miami Dolphins1 p.m.Fox, fuboTVPhiladelphia Eagles at Minnesota Vikings1 p.m.Fox, fuboTVAtlanta Falcons at Arizona Cardinals4:05 p.m.Fox, fuboTVSan Francisco 49ers at Los Angeles Rams4:05 p.m.Fox, fuboTVTennessee Titans at Denver Broncos4:25 p.m.CBS, fuboTVDallas Cowboys at New York Jets4:25 p.m.CBS, fuboTVPittsburgh Steelers at Los Angeles Chargers8:20 p.m.NBC, fuboTVMonday, Oct. 14GameTimeTVDetroit Lions at Green Bay Packers8:15 p.m.ESPNNight net schedule: Week 7Thursday, Oct. 17GameTimeTVKansas City Chiefs at Denver Broncos8:20 p.m.Fox, Night net Network, Amazon, fuboTVSunday, Oct. 20GameTimeTVLos Angeles Rams at Atlanta Falcons1 p.m.Fox, fuboTVMiami Dolphins at Buffalo Bills1 p.m.CBS, fuboTVJacksonville Jaguars at Cincinnati Bengals1 p.m.CBS, fuboTVMinnesota Vikings at Detroit Lions1 p.m.Fox, fuboTVOakland Raiders at Green Bay Packers1 p.m.CBS, fuboTVHouston Texans at Indianapolis Colts1 p.m.CBS, fuboTVArizona Cardinals at New York Giants1 p.m.Fox, fuboTVSan Francisco 49ers at Washington Redskins1 p.m.Fox, fuboTVLos Angeles Chargers at Tennessee Titans4:05 p.m.CBS, fuboTVNew Orleans Saints at Chicago Bears4:25 p.m.Fox, fuboTVBaltimore Ravens at Seattle Seahawks4:25 p.m.Fox, fuboTVPhiladelphia Eagles at Dallas Cowboys8:20 p.m.NBC, fuboTVMonday, Oct. 21GameTimeTVNew England Patriots at New York Jets8:15 p.m.ESPNNight net schedule: Week 8Thursday, Oct 24GameTimeTVWashington Redskins at Minnesota Vikings8:20 p.m.Fox, Night net Network, Amazon, fuboTVSunday, Oct. 27GameTimeTVSeattle Seahawks at Atlanta Falcons1 p.m.Fox, fuboTVPhiladelphia Eagles at Buffalo Bills1 p.m.Fox, fuboTVLos Angeles Chargers at Chicago Bears1 p.m.Fox, fuboTVNew York Giants at Detroit Lions1 p.m.Fox, fuboTVOakland Raiders at Houston Texans1 p.m.CBS, fuboTVNew York Jets at Jacksonville Jaguars1 p.m.CBS, fuboTVCincinnati Bengals at Los Angeles Rams (London)1 p.m.CBS, fuboTVArizona Cardinals at New Orleans Saints1 p.m.CBS, fuboTVTampa Bay Buccaneers at Tennessee Titans1 p.m.Fox, fuboTVCarolina Panthers at San Francisco 49ers4:05 p.m.Fox, fuboTVDenver Broncos at Indianapolis Colts4:25 p.m.CBS, fuboTVCleveland Browns at New England Patriots4:25 p.m.CBS, fuboTVGreen Bay Packers at Kansas City Chiefs8:20 p.m.NBC, fuboTVMonday, Oct. 28GameTimeTVMiami Dolphins at Pittsburgh Steelers8:15 p.m.ESPNNight net schedule: Week 9Thursday, Oct. 31GameTimeTVSan Francisco 49ers at Arizona Cardinals8:20 p.m.Fox, Night net Network, Amazon, fuboTVSunday, Nov. 3GameTimeTVHouston Texans at Jacksonville Jaguars (London)9:30 a.m.Night net Network, fuboTVWashington Redskins at Buffalo Bills1 p.m.Fox, fuboTVTennessee Titans at Carolina Panthers1 p.m.CBS, fuboTVMinnesota Vikings at Kansas City Chiefs1 p.m.Fox, fuboTVNew York Jets at Miami Dolphins1 p.m.CBS, fuboTVChicago Bears at Philadelphia Eagles1 p.m.Fox, fuboTVIndianapolis Colts at Pittsburgh Steelers1 p.m.CBS, fuboTVDetroit Lions at Oakland Raiders4:05 p.m.Fox, fuboTVTampa Bay Buccaneers at Seattle Seahawks4:05 p.m.Fox, fuboTVCleveland Browns at Denver Broncos4:25 p.m.CBS, fuboTVGreen Bay Packers at Los Angeles Chargers4:25 p.m.CBS, fuboTVNew England Patriots at Baltimore Ravens8:20 p.m.NBC, fuboTVMonday, Nov. 4GameTimeTVDallas Cowboys at New York Giants8:15 p.m.ESPNNight net schedule: Week 10Thursday, Nov. 7GameTimeTVLos Angeles Chargers at Oakland Raiders8:20 p.m.Fox, Night net Network, Amazon, fuboTVSunday, Nov. 10GameTimeTVDetroit Lions at Chicago Bears1 p.m.CBS, fuboTVBaltimore Ravens at Cincinnati Bengals1 p.m.CBS, fuboTVBuffalo Bills at Cleveland Browns1 p.m.CBS, fuboTVCarolina Panthers at Green Bay Packers1 p.m.Fox, fuboTVAtlanta Falcons at New Orleans Saints1 p.m.Fox, fuboTVNew York Giants at New York Jets1 p.m.(Fox), fuboTVArizona Cardinals at Tampa Bay Buccaneers1 p.m.Fox, fuboTVKansas City Chiefs at Tennessee Titans1 p.m.CBS, fuboTVMiami Dolphins at Indianapolis Colts4:05 p.m.CBS, fuboTVLos Angeles Rams at Pittsburgh Steelers4:25 p.m.Fox, fuboTVMinnesota Vikings at Dallas Cowboys8:20 p.m.NBC, fuboTVMonday, Nov. 11GameTimeTVSeattle Seahawks at San Francisco 49ers8:15 p.m.ESPNNight net schedule: Week 11Thursday, Nov. 14GameTimeTVPittsburgh Steelers at Cleveland Browns8:20 p.m.Fox, Night net Network, Amazon, fuboTVSunday, Nov. 17GameTimeTVHouston Texans at Baltimore Ravens1 p.m.CBS, fuboTVAtlanta Falcons at Carolina Panthers1 p.m.Fox, fuboTVDallas Cowboys at Detroit Lions1 p.m.Fox, fuboTVJacksonville Jaguars at Indianapolis Colts1 p.m.CBS, fuboTVBuffalo Bills at Miami Dolphins1 p.m.CBS, fuboTVDenver Broncos at Minnesota Vikings1 p.m.CBS, fuboTVNew Orleans Saints at Tampa Bay Buccaneers1 p.m.Fox, fuboTVNew York Jets at Washington Redskins1 p.m.CBS, fuboTVArizona Cardinals at San Francisco 49ers4:05 p.m.Fox, fuboTVCincinnati Bengals at Oakland Raiders4:25 p.m.CBS, fuboTVNew England Patriots at Philadelphia Eagles4:25 p.m.CBS, fuboTVChicago Bears at Los Angeles Rams8:20 p.m.NBC, fuboTVMonday, Nov. 18GameTimeTVKansas City Chiefs at Los Angeles Chargers8:15 p.m.ESPNNight net schedule: Week 12Thursday, Nov. 21GameTimeTVIndianapolis Colts at Houston Texans8:20 p.m.Fox, Night net Network, Amazon, fuboTVSunday, Nov. 24GameTimeTVTampa Bay Buccaneers at Atlanta Falcons1 p.m.Fox, fuboTVDenver Broncos at Buffalo Bills1 p.m.CBS, fuboTVNew York Giants at Chicago Bears1 p.m.Fox, fuboTVPittsburgh Steelers at Cincinnati Bengals1 p.m.CBS, fuboTVMiami Dolphins at Cleveland Browns1 p.m.CBS, fuboTVCarolina Panthers at New Orleans Saints1 p.m.Fox, fuboTVOakland Raiders at New York Jets1 p.m.CBS, fuboTVDetroit Lions at Washington Redskins1 p.m.Fox, fuboTVJacksonville Jaguars at Tennessee Titans4:05 p.m.CBS, fuboTVDallas Cowboys at New England Patriots4:25 p.m.Fox, fuboTVGreen Bay Packers at San Francisco 49ers4:25 p.m.Fox, fuboTVSeattle Seahawks at Philadelphia Eagles8:20 p.m.NBC, fuboTVMonday, Nov. 25GameTimeTVBaltimore Ravens at Los Angeles Rams8:15 p.m.ESPNNight net schedule: Week 13Thursday, Nov. 28GameTimeTVChicago Bears at Detroit Lions12:30 p.m.Fox, fuboTVBuffalo Bills at Dallas Cowboys4:30 p.m.CBS, fuboTVNew Orleans Saints at Atlanta Falcons8:20 p.m.NBC, fuboTVSunday, Dec. 1GameTimeTVSan Francisco 49ers at Baltimore Ravens1 p.m.Fox, fuboTVWashington Redskins at Carolina Panth

ers1 p.m.CBS, fuboTVNew York Jets at Cincinnati Bengals1 p.m.CBS, fuboTVTennessee Titans at Indianapolis Colts1 p.m.CBS, fuboTVTampa Bay Buccaneers at Jacksonville Jaguars1 p.m.Fox, fuboTVOakland Raiders at Kansas City Chiefs1 p.m.CBS, fuboTVPhiladelphia Eagles at Miami Dolphins1 p.m.Fox, fuboTVGreen Bay Packers at New York Giants1 p.m.Fox, fuboTVLos Angeles Rams at Arizona Cardinals4:05 p.m.Fox, fuboTVLos Angeles Chargers at Denver Broncos4:25 p.m.CBS, fuboTVCleveland Browns at Pittsburgh Steelers4:25 p.m.CBS, fuboTVNew England Patriots at Houston Texans8:20 p.m.NBC, fuboTVMonday, Dec. 2GameTimeTVMinnesota Vikings at Seattle Seahawks8:15 p.m.ESPNNight net schedule: Week 14Thursday, Dec. 5GameTimeTVDallas Cowboys at Chicago Bears8:20 p.m.Fox, Night net Network, Amazon, fuboTVSunday, Dec. 8GameTimeTVCarolina Panthers at Atlanta Falcons1 p.m.Fox, fuboTVBaltimore Ravens at Buffalo Bills1 p.m.CBS, fuboTVCincinnati Bengals at Cleveland Browns1 p.m.CBS, fuboTVWashington Redskins at Green Bay Packers1 p.m.Fox, fuboTVDenver Broncos at Houston Texans1 p.m.CBS, fuboTVDetroit Lions at Minnesota Vikings1 p.m.Fox, fuboTVSan Francisco 49ers at New Orleans Saints1 p.m.Fox, fuboTVMiami Dolphins at New York Jets1 p.m.CBS, fuboTVIndianapolis Colts at Tampa Bay Buccaneers1 p.m.CBS, fuboTVLos Angeles Chargers at Jacksonville Jaguars4:05 p.m.Fox, fuboTVPittsburgh Steelers at Arizona Cardinals4:25 p.m.CBS, fuboTVKansas City Chiefs at New England Patriots4:25 p.m.CBS, fuboTVTennessee Titans at Oakland Raiders4:25 p.m.CBS, fuboTVSeattle Seahawks at Los Angeles Rams8:20 p.m.NBC, fuboTVMonday, Dec. 9GameTimeTVNew York Giants at Philadelphia Eagles8:15 p.m.ESPNNight net schedule: Week 15Thursday, Dec. 12GameTimeTVNew York Jets at Baltimore Ravens8:20 p.m.Fox, Night net Network, Amazon, fuboTVSunday, Dec. 15GameTimeTVSeattle Seahawks at Carolina Panthers1 p.m.Fox, fuboTVNew England Patriots at Cincinnati Bengalss1 p.m.CBS, fuboTVTampa Bay Buccaneers at Detroit Lionss1 p.m.Fox, fuboTVChicago Bears at Green Bay Packerss1 p.m.Fox, fuboTVDenver Broncos at Kansas City Chiefss1 p.m.CBS, fuboTVMiami Dolphins at New York Giantss1 p.m.CBS, fuboTVBuffalo Bills at Pittsburgh Steelerss1 p.m.CBS, fuboTVHouston Texans at Tennessee Titanss1 p.m.CBS, fuboTVPhiladelphia Eagles at Washington Redskinss1 p.m.Fox, fuboTVCleveland Browns at Arizona Cardinals4:05 p.m.CBS, fuboTVJacksonville Jaguars at Oakland Raiders4:05 p.m.CBS, fuboTVLos Angeles Rams at Dallas Cowboys4:25 p.m.Fox, fuboTVAtlanta Falcons at San Francisco 49ers4:25 p.m.Fox, fuboTVMinnesota Vikings at Los Angeles Chargers8:20 p.m.NBC, fuboTVMonday, Dec 16GameTimeTVIndianapolis Colts at New Orleans Saints8:15 p.m.ESPNNight net schedule: Week 16Sunday, Dec. 22GameTimeTVDetroit Lions at Denver BroncosOakland Raiders at Los Angeles ChargersBuffalo Bills at New England PatriotsLos Angeles Rams at San Francisco 49ersHouston Texans at Tampa Bay BuccaneersJacksonville Jaguars at Atlanta Falcons1 p.m.Fox, fuboTVBaltimore Ravens at Cleveland Browns1 p.m.CBS, fuboTVCarolina Panthers at Indianapolis Colts1 p.m.Fox, fuboTVCincinnati Bengals at Miami Dolphins1 p.m.CBS, fuboTVPittsburgh Steelers at New York Jets1 p.m.CBS, fuboTVNew Orleans Saints at Tennessee Titans1 p.m.Fox, fuboTVNew York Giants at Washington Redskins1 p.m.Fox, fuboTVDallas Cowboys at Philadelphia Eagles4:25 p.m.Fox, fuboTVArizona Cardinals at Seattle Seahawks4:25 p.m.Fox, fuboTVKansas City Chiefs at Chicago Bears8:20 p.m.NBC, fuboTVMonday, Dec. 23GameTimeTVGreen Bay Packers at Minnesota Vikings8:15 p.m.ESPNNight net schedule Week 17Sunday, Dec. 29GameTimeTVPittsburgh Steelers at Baltimore Ravens1 p.m.CBS, fuboTVNew York Jets at Buffalo Bills1 p.m.CBS, fuboTVNew Orleans Saints at Carolina Panthers1 p.m.Fox, fuboTVCleveland Browns at Cincinnati Bengals1 p.m.CBS, fuboTVWashington Redskins at Dallas Cowboys1 p.m.Fox, fuboTVGreen Bay Packers at Detroit Lions1 p.m.Fox, fuboTVTennessee Titans at Houston Texans1 p.m.CBS, fuboTVIndianapolis Colts at Jacksonville Jaguars1 p.m.CBS, fuboTVLos Angeles Chargers at Kansas City Chiefs1 p.m.CBS, fuboTVChicago Bears at Minnesota Vikings1 p.m.Fox, fuboTVMiami Dolphins at New England Patriots1 p.m.CBS, fuboTVPhiladelphia Eagles at New York Giants1 p.m.Fox, fuboTVAtlanta Falcons at Tampa Bay Buccaneers1 p.m.Fox, fuboTVOakland Raiders at Denver Broncos4:25 p.m.CBS, fuboTVArizona Cardinals at Los Angeles Rams4:25 p.m.Fox, fuboTVSan Francisco 49ers at Seattle Seahawks4:25 p.m.Fox, fuboTVAFC and NFC wild-card playoffs: January 4-5AFC and NFC divisional playoffs: January 11-12AFC championship game: January 19, 3 p.m. (CBS); NFC championship game: January 19 6:30 p.m. (Fox)Super Bowl 54: February 2, 6:25 p.m. (Fox)