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According to Hong Kong east the net will report on July 28, when one man is working, Vietnam produces an accident to be stranded at freezer, hold to tenaciously by right of psychokinesis, be in finally 4 be rescued in the future, now already out of danger period recovering.

Plum of 23 years old of men bec

omes Vietnam southern part unripe (Mai Thanh Sang, transliteration) this month 19 days, the seafood com
pany freezer that works to them with 3 colleagues works, there is goods shelves to collapse during, among them two colleagues flee for his life in time, he and another colleague criterion are stranded among them, this name is stranded to work in the same place later at be rescued that evening, mei Chengsheng is buried by a large number of rubble all the time however.

Because the temperature inside freezer is low,amount to centigrade 0 22 degrees, during Mei Chengsheng is stranded, the body becomes very frail. Although the temperature inside the library picks up later,come centigrade 5 degrees, when the rescuer is searched also because temperature is too low, and need takes the activity outdoor 2 hours every. However, the Mei Chengsheng that is stranded remembers the child with the wife in the home and 1 many big month, hold on by psychokinesis. He once tried to drink fish glacial delicacy to melt the glacial water that come down supports oneself, consciousness ever also was lost for many times during.

Be stranded 4 in the future, the rescuer is in last week 3 (on July 23) rescue Mei Chengsheng eventually. Although the plum is become,give birth to the limb when be rescued serious frostbite, blood pressure falls to dangerous level, but now already out of danger period, recovering.


 Service of provide for the aged of att

ention spring city makes happy and senile living

The n

et austral Fujian rolls out special subject report, the form such as to in an attempt to, article, video, show fontal state filling career of neat provide for the aged is brief board, promotion provide for the aged is taken

 England proposes the man is too intense fall into ring the pond to search 3 hours painstakingly to find

Aobama will announce to hit ISIS plan air strike to add ground friendly forces to assist

 Dust rich pulls Liberia to virus grow like a weed did not come to several weeks or add thousands of new case

 Outside intermediary: U.N. will discuss on informal meeting " homicide robot "


 China is stationed in san Francisco to always get progress of case of house set on fire: Did not make terroristic investigation

Grenade of cast of training of Korea Marine Corps produces explosive accident to send 1 dead 2 injuries

 Login register Internet bar of beautiful Chinese of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to rob 200 yuan of administrators to be wounded by two men head origin: ? ?2014-01-15 16:2 of huge rock of discharge  contractionEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 9 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

Flying mainstream Internet bar is vestibular. (The United States " live abroad signs up for " / of the Song Dynasty is photographed)

According to the United States " live abroad signs up for " report, according to message of new York police, 12 days of before dawn 6 when 10 minutes or so, be located in Hanmierdu park highway of 6207 an Internet bar that the name is flying mainstream, be robbed by two men, in combat, the controller of the Internet bar is wounded by cateran the head, be wounded when the cash in contending for cash register with cateran at the same time arm. After cateran reaves 200 yuan, escape an Internet bar.

Offer closed-circuit television to show according to police, two men hold a brick to enter store in, not on the head that by defend oneself one brick makes in Internet bar administrator, immediately blood flows continuously. Victim of after the event goes to a hospital checking, had caused initiate a gender traumatic, even if is such, this cateran still undertakes to the victim cruel beat up, when another cateran walks along cash register place to lever cash register to take money forcibly, the victim is contended for desperately.

But right now cateran be ashamed into anger, the eye sees do not rob, the arm that grips cash register to the victim wildly has charge, bring about victim arm finally to be interrupted, faint antagonism, two cateran reave 200 yuan of cash from inside cash register, immediately decamp. Police thinks, two individual choices start work in before dawn time committing the crime is early certainly plan somewhat, know time of Internet bar before dawn almost unmanned inside, ability wait for one's chance commits the crime.

After the event, the male merchant that o

ccupies flying mainstream Internet bar expresses, he was absent that day the spot, just hear tussle is very intense that day, but when the reporter asks farther question again, do not wish to make overmuch reply to going to the lavatory. Lay dweller report according to around business, here the Internet bar is ferial the business is not thriving. Also did n
ot see a lot of stream of people are connected hereat. Reporter discovery, this Internet bar is different from common Internet bar, ten pieces of report inside inn have 7 only on cerebral desk, 8 computer, there are 2 foreign citizen of Chinese origins inside inn 2 Xi Yi's teenager is getting online, and the rest of the table is empty, a lamp leaves only inside inn, very weird.

This Internet bar that the name is flying mainstream is located in Hanmierdu the position that park ave approachs 62 markets, ferial belong to a case to send the ground more. Point out according to police, hanmierdu a park highway is the area austral cloth busy logical sequence main main street, circumjacent shop is various, economy booms, but also be " problem " highway. Because of burgalry of this car pilfer, into room rob case frequency hair, it is city alarm the key attention of 68 substation is street. Police expresses, substation adds a group already alarm force patrols this highway.

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Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored


The net austral Fujian dispatch Thailand armed forces is highest on December 16 commander Danasai Padimapula re

sult hold a press conference 14 days, appeal guard the government that premier flower plays a lead and opposition are reached reconcile, resolve the political crisis of at present in order to compromise with solidarity.
This is from Thailand new since the month on crisis of round of politics and street demonstrate activity erupts, the army makes known this position first. All of top commanding officer is in charge of Thailand armed forces sea land empty three armed services, it is nominal armed forces top director. But look with respect to the history, army commanding officer masters real power, have speech right most commonly. (New China)


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