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Posted 07/09/2019 in Spa Promotions

Instant Wellness with IV Therapy Coming Soon

Instant Wellness with IV Therapy Coming Soon

Refresh with our latest wellness therapy as soon as you arrive. Enjoy a boost of liquid vitality with a restorative IV Therapy session, selecting from a range of formulations to combat any ailment. Relax at the comfort of your house as your chosen IV Therapy infuses essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids into the bloodstream via intravenous drip. Combat jet lag, general fatigue, dehydration and a host of other complaints. 

Our original selection of treatments was designed with Deborah Alessi, CEO of Beverly Hills IV Therapy, based in California. Choose from sessions named Jet-Lag Booster, Hangover Cure, Immunity Boost, Fitness Recovery and Anti-Ageing Elixir, each with targeted vitamins and minerals aimed at replenishing and nourishing the body. 

Introduction California is all about beauty, health and longevity. This is why celebrities areflocking to Beverly Hills IV Therapy. Our specially formulated IV infusions help promote all aspects of wellness and beauty. Come and find out why we have taken Hollywood by storm! While on vacation, enjoy and rejuvenate. Do so, at our luxurious spa while receiving another treatment, or in the comfort of your own Villa. Also, ask about our IV packages.

What is IV Therapy? Most people are deficient in much needed vitamins and minerals. Everyone thinks they can correct this with multivitamins. Doing so will only help partly. IV Therapy replaces the missing nutrients, minerals and vitamins in a pleasant setting via an intravenous solution (IV). Our menu includes a wellness approach for several lifesituations.

What are the Benefits of IV Therapy? In most cultures today people push their bodies to the absolute limit. IV Therapy is crucial in addressing deficiencies at the cellular level. Unlike when vitamins and minerals are introduced via the digestive system, there’s no need to wait for our formulations to work. IV Therapy is delivered directly to the bloodstream and is effective immediately.

*Note: All procedures must be overseen by a licensed Physician

Does IV Therapy work? There is a growing body of scientific evidence documenting the efficacy of vitamin / nutrient IV Therapy. Plus, just ask our many happy clients.


IV Therapy Menu

Stay hydrated and tickle your cells with a B12 infusion. It's great for your brain and supports your immune system.

Continue to be beautiful. Maintain your skin and health with an ascorbic acid-based IV that will also give much-needed fluids. It will also give your body's collagen and hair a boost.

Start your vacation with a Taurine boost that will help with energy levels to get up and go.

GLOW: $195
Restore your glow by correcting the mineral imbalance we all have from life stresses. Go home feeling balanced.

Your hydration status is often overlooked as a cause for many symptoms. With a full day of fun on the beach, dehydration can occur. Hydration therapy can alleviate fatigue, stress, hunger, flush out toxins, moisturize the skin and support the immune system.

Kick your jetlag after a flight from Dubai, Moscow, Beijing or New York. Everyone will need to recover with this solution of vitamins, minerals and energy boosters. Either arrival or departure, enjoy your trip to the fullest.

A wee bit of extra time in the sun? Don’t be red-Be happy. The hydration and antioxidants in our sunburn IV will keep your skin and attitude healthy!

Need some help burning off those extra holiday calories? Our metabolism booster is just the answer. The combination of vitamins and taurine booster will get your basic metabolic rate ramped up and keep fat from being deposited.

IV Therapy MenuWEIGHT LOSS MAGIC: $315

Don’t want to be seen on the beach with love handles? Come get a weight loss infusion. Amino acids including Arginine help to reduce toxins and give your cells good nutrients. Also, with Taurine, digestion is improved and fats are broken down. This is the perfect start to a diet that works.

Boost your immune system to help fight whatever life throws at you. A high dose of ascorbic acid has been shown to fight off the effects of infections. Our proprietary blend of vitamins will get your immune system up and running! Also, great if you have a cold or flu.

The IV facial is a mainstay of our celebrity clientele. Start your vacation being beautiful inside and out. Rehydrate, replenish and restore with the Beverly Hills solution that includes antioxidants which have been shown to inhibit aging of the skin. Also, the vitamins and electrolytes aid in the anti-aging process. Lastly, high-dose vitamin C and glutathione will brighten your skin.

Ideal for the weekend warrior, to the pro athlete, or the active one on the beach. Hydration combined with electrolytes, vitamins, amino acids (protein building blocks) and more will assist in recovery and muscle building.

Many vital mitochondrial components decrease with age. Combining our NAD plus beauty booster with amino acids and brain phospholipids will help to establish brain and muscle youthfulness again. This also helps to treat sun-damaged skin, insomnia, loss of muscle mass, brain fog, memory loss, sagging skin, heart health, beer belly, bad liver, metabolic issues, ear function and chronic fatigue. NAD will make you feel youthful again. This treatment is 2 hrs long.

Why don't you try reflexology or a hair massage while having one of our IVs Please contact the spa for an in-villa IV.


$30 - Vitamin B12
$35 - Anti-inflammatory*$40 - Slimming Boost

$45 - Anti-nausea*
$60 - Anti-inflammatory Wonder Drug*$95 - Glutathione

Note: *Requires Physicians Permission

What does IV Therapy treat? IV Therapy is a safe and effective treatment for a wide range of modern health concerns,including stress and fatigue.

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