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Posted by Go to the Maldives on 03/05/2020

Wellness in the Maldives on Local Islands

Wellness in the Maldives on Local Islands

We all need to look after our well-being even when we are working in fabulous places. I travel a lot with my work, and I am lucky enough to travel to some wonderful places. But when you travel as much as I do, sometimes you forget where you are and ignore the natural wellness and beauty surrounding you.

I found I did this exact thing on my current trip to the Maldives. With my spa consulting and training business so busy, I didn’t take one moment to stop, breath in the beautiful sea air and enjoy the crystal-clear waters of the Indian Ocean.

Until my good friend and colleague Lubna, owner of Skin Candy Beauty in Male invited me for a spa afternoon at her spa. How could I say no to organic, hand made skin care products skilfully created by Lubna herself?

Under the Skin Candy store was a juice bar. So, before I ventured on my afternoon of renewed wellness, I decided to start with a delicious avocado smoothie and a seat across the road on the artificial beach to soak up the sun, sand and sea. I took a moment just to breath.

I am not the best spa client for most! My skin is very sensitive and I often have redness, reactions and heat from facials even the most sensitive of ranges. However, my skin candy treatments were about to change all of that.

My therapist was called Shadana and she was from Nepal. Shadana started with my facial which included a beautiful face and décolleté massage as well as four – yes four types of skin exfoliation. I was convinced with all this exfoliating that my skin was sure to react and become red after the treatment. However, it was quite the opposite with a beautiful balanced skin tone and feeling cleaner than it’s felt in a long time. My skin was steamed followed by extractions before a clay mask and oil at the end. What I love is the fact it’s organic and natural plus I had better results than from many cosmeceutical ranges I have tried.

Next part of my spa journey was a full body scrub. I’ve had many over the years and I do feel the benefits, but this scrub was the most thorough I had ever had – quite literally. I am very ticklish on my toes so it was a struggle at times to stop myself from twitching but Shadana persevered and exfoliation was achieved even between my toes!! It was their popular coffee body scrub that I experienced and I will be taking some back home to Ireland to continue using!

My final treatment of this beautiful journey was a full body massage. My muscles were pummelled and pulled into a deep relaxation state.

Every spa treatment finishes with a green tea over looking the artificial beach in Male which has beautiful views. Local island spa experiences are highly recommended with the team at Skin Candy, I can’t wait to return on my next visit and try more treatments and more products.

To enquire about the Skin Candy treatments and product range <<click here>>

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