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Posted by Go to the Maldives on 03/02/2020

How to Make the Best of Your Spa Day in the Maldives

How to Make the Best of Your Spa Day in the Maldives

Going to the spa is always a fabulous experience. Whether it is a regular occurrence or a once in a while treat, here are some top tips to ensure you make the most of your spa experience while on vacation

Digital Detox

First and foremost, you need to completely unwind so we don’t just recommend we demand that you switch off your digital devices and detox from the virtual world even for a few hours. I always tell my family, if they need me urgently, they can call the spa direct who will find me. Your emails will wait and believe me the latest gossip on Facebook will still be there after you have left the spa!

Arrival Time

Many spas have wonderful relaxation facilities like a pool, hot tub, sauna, steam room and much more. Make sure you bring your togs and make the most of this extra time. It’s included in your spa day so make the most of it. Additionally, by warming your muscles in the heated zones it starts your detox process, opens your pores and softens your muscles to give you an even more relaxing and beneficial experience. Also by arriving in plenty of time you can ensure you are ready on time for your therapist so they can give you the full time of treatment, if a guest arrives late and the therapist has a client straight after you, they can’t run over time.


Like being in a library, we need to use our ‘in door voices’! Speaking in a lower tone when you enter the spa to ensure you don’t disturb other guests but also it will allow you to calm down a little more.


When a therapist brings you to their treatment room and asks you questions about the information on your consultation form, make sure you tell them everything. This is your time to get exactly what you want out of your treatment. There’s no point in just saying you want to relax or ‘I’m only here because I got a voucher’ tell them about your aches and pains, tell then about the concerns of your skin – therapists have so much knowledge you might just learn something new!

Relaxation time

Along with your digital detox you also need a lifestyle detox. So slow down, don’t limit your time and take the extra time at the end of your treatment to lay, breath, sip fresh juice and enjoy healthy snacks. You will be able to feel the full benefits of your treatment if you give yourself extra time to absorb the oils and allow the detox to continue.


When a therapist recommends products based on the information you gave them during your consultation, take it on board. They are not there to ‘sell’ to you but to help you resolve issues you have told them you have. You can’t solve all your problems in one treatment (we wish we could!!) but if you continue your homecare advise then you will keep reaping the rewards of your gorgeous spa treatment.

Leave a review

Therapists love to know you have enjoyed your spa experience and no better place than on Trip Advisor or on their Facebook page. This not only shows other potential clients how good their spa experience will be but it also will get communicated back to the therapist and they love nothing more than to know you enjoyed your spa day and your treatment with them!

One Off or Regular

For some a spa day is a treat but if you can get to the spa more often then make sure you re-book before you leave. You are more likely to continue your wellness journey if you commit to another appointment before you re-engage with the outside world.

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